Examiner January 3, 2012

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Wednesday January 3, 2012

Day Old Hair - do you dare?

Jackie Silver, National Anti-Aging Beauty Examiner

Day Old Hair (DOH) - should you or shouldn't you wait more than a day to wash your hair? Some women are blessed with hair that looks better after a few days sans washing, but for those who need assistance re-vamping the perfect coif that was created yesterday, keep reading.

Whether you plain old don't feel like a hair wash or find yourself rushing to work, sometimes there’s no time for a fresh style, but stylist Sanda Petrut has got you covered. In fact, she recommends purposely running around with DOH every now and again because it’s actually good for your hair. “Not washing your hair daily allows for the natural oils to develop, which gives hair plenty of movement, separation and sexiness.” It can make hair easier to style and save you time and energy.

Sanda's suggestions:

Looking to add mega-volume to seemingly lifeless locks? Before you go to bed, take your hair and lift it vertically to create a high ponytail on top of the head, making sure it’s not too tight. By sleeping with the hair up like this, you will create natural fullness and lift in your hairstyle the following day.

You can also add mousse to dry hair, fluff it until it dries and brush it out. The results are instant shine and fullness.

For longer hair, add more texture and body by using a 1½-inch curling iron and curling random pieces. You can also re-blow dry hair using a large round brush.

For short hair, tuck the hair behind the ears and then change the direction of your bangs.

Looking for laid-back, yet sexy “beach-y” hair? Before going to bed, mist your hair with water and create loose braids. In the morning, undo the braids and brush it gently. If you have bangs, mist with water and re-style them.

Want more wave? Just use a big curling iron, 1 inch to 1 1/4 inch.

Got another night on the town? Part your hair down the middle and start braiding your hair on both sides of the head towards the back, twisting the braids into a nice bun and then leave the ends sticking out. This simple, no-fuss style is easy to put together, yet will elegantly polish off any evening look.

Sanda Petrut is located at Chicago's Maxine Salon. Long-haired clients love her precision cutting and respect for structure. She pays great attention to shape and balance. "I like styles that have texture, move freely but keep their shape for a long time and are easy to maintain," she says. A stylist for 18 years, Petrut excels at Japanese thermal straightening. Clients also love her elegant updos. She has studied with the Redken Academy in New York.