Behind the Chair on Paper April 2012

Behind the Chair on Paper

Monday March 12, 2012

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Preventative Measures

"During New York Fashion Week, most models walk multiple shows per day and run from show to show. It's not uncommon for a model to arrive from the previous runway, and sit in my chair with a nightmare of extensions and globs of messy glue in her hair. Because time and resources are limited backstage, I have to quickly remove the glue and leave as little residue as possible. Most of the time, there's no running water backstage for a shampoo. Instead of using glue remover, I learned to use Kerastase Resistance Volumactive Volume Expansion Spray to break down the bonds. It works quickly, leaves the hair feeling hydrated and clean, and has a much nicer fragrance than a typical citrus scented remover. I spray it directly onto the glue and massage the area for one minute. The extensions and glue slip right out of the hair, and I'm amble to seamlessly blow-dry for the next style."

Amy Abramite of Maxine LTD, Chicago, IL