Glamour April 11, 2024



Brittany Mahomes dyed her hair bright red and looks completely different


Talk about a transformation!

Now the weather is finally warming up, so is our hair—and Brittany Mahomes is leading the charge.

The WAG extraordinaire, who’s best known and beloved for her long, luscious, and creamy blonde hair, debuted a shocking hair color transformation via Instagram: The 28-year-old, blonde for as long as we can remember, is now—gasp—a redhead!

And we don’t mean she got red highlights, went strawberry blonde, or chose a shade of auburn so discrete you can’t really tell it’s red without certain lighting. No, Mahomes committed to the redhead lifestyle. This red-hot take on shade is the perfect blend of cowboy copper and hot taki red: bold, bright, and a total one-eighty from her usual look. And honestly, it looks amazing.

“Feeling spicy🔥🌶️🤭,” Mahomes captioned a photo carousel in which she showed off her bold new shade. “Leave em on RED,” replied her punny hairstylist, Laurabeth Cabbott, who styled her hair for the photoshoot the former soccer player shared.

Mahomes’s followers are loving the new look. Many conveyed surprise and disbelief—“WAIT, WHO IS SHE?”; “Is this real life?!”—but most were simply gobsmacked at how amazing Mahomes looks as a redhead.

“Whoa I had to do a double take while on a walk with my pup!!!” another Instagram user wrote in a comment. “If this doesn’t make your eyes pop anymore than they already do….wowzas! Beautiful girl!!”

After dropping her new look, Mahomes took to Instagram Stories to share additional photos of the shade, snapping a sweet picture posing alongside her three-year-old daughter, Sterling Skye, in the mirror, followed by a Boomerang selfie.

In case you’re feeling inspired to go red ahead of summertime, you’re far from alone (BRB, texting my colorist). Fortunately, we do have some intel on how to get the look.

Mahomes’s shade is clearly tinged with hot taki red. Lauren Mildice, a colorist at Chicago’s Maxine Salon, who coined the name, says it’s a color you can personalize to your liking: “It gives off a different type of flare. With a murky volcanic blaze, your color will be soft yet powerful.”

Mildice also says that hot taki red is trending since it’s not as “strong” and neon-looking as a standard red or copper. To get the look, Mildice suggests ”telling your colorist you want more of a dusty volcanic color,” and staying away from neons. “The only thing about this color that you have to upkeep is the outgrowth,” she says. “You should be getting your color touched up every four to six weeks with this look.”

For a still warm but slightly more muted and auburn-inspired shade—otherwise known as cowboy copper—Shvonne Perkins, master colorist and lead educator at Madison Reed, suggests asking for a golden, copper toner without a brown base. “This shade looks best when it’s allowed to build off your natural dimension and just act as a tinted topcoat for the hair,” Perkins says.