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The Best Blonde Hair Colors to Try This Second 


From honey highlights to platinum.

Blondes might be known for having more fun than brunettes or redheads, but you know what isn’t? Deciding on just one shade when there are so many blonde hair colors to choose from. From platinum blonde and champagne blonde to dark roots with Playboy-inspired gold, it can feel impossible to keep up with every different trending hair color—especially when celebrities seem to change their their look every other day.

That said, if you’re already blonde, you might be getting bored of the shade, possibly even wondering if you’re all out of blonde hair colors to try. Or maybe you’re looking for a more low-maintenance look, like dirty blonde, lowlights, or low-key balayage. Whatever the case, you’re in luck: We asked hair experts all about their favorite blonde hairstyles, how to choose your best shade, and what it takes to maintain the look. Here's what they had to say.

The best blonde hair color for your skin tone

Finding the best shade of blonde for your skin tone might seem intimidating, but all you really need to do to figure it out is identify whether you have a warm or cool undertone. “Generally, people with warm undertones look best with warm blonde shades like honey and golden blonde,” Abby Haliti, French balayage and color expert and owner of NYC's Abby Haliti Color Studio, tells Glamour. Warm undertones usually have yellow, peachy, and/or golden tones in their skin. “Those with cool undertones, like pink or blue, tend to suit cooler blonde shades like platinum or ash blonde,” she says. Other things to consider, Haliti adds, are your eye color and natural hair color.

“For personalized advice, it's best to consult a professional hairstylist who can assess your skin tone and help you choose the most flattering blonde shade,” she says.

Blonde hair maintenance and upkeep

To maintain your blonde look, be sure to visit the salon every six to eight weeks for touch-ups and glosses (unless you prefer the overgrown root look, of course). As for preventing brassy tones at home? “Use a purple shampoo and conditioner specifically designed for blonde hair; these products help neutralize brassy tones and keep your blonde color looking fresh,” Haliti says. “Look for ones that are sulfate-free and gentle on the hair.”

Nicole Lucero, a colorist at NYC's Mahogany Grace Salon, agrees, suggesting washing blonde hair in cool water to help keep the color from fading and using a hair mask once a week. “Protect your hair from UV rays by wearing a hat or using a leave-in conditioner with SPF, and always use heat protectants when styling with hot tools, as heat damage can also cause brassiness,” she says. “Avoid chlorine and salt water, as they can also cause discoloration. Regular trims and toners can help keep your hair healthy and prevent the hair from looking dull.”

Lucero recommends Bumble and Bumble's Illuminated Blonde Tone Enhancing Leave In as a blonde-preserving leave-in conditioner and heat protectant, R+Co Sunset Blvd Blonde Shampoo and Conditioner for brass-preventing shampoo and conditioner, and IGK's Offline Hydration Mask for at-home blonde hair care.

Now that you're an expert in all things hair color, keep scrolling for the 33 best blonde hair color ideas, according to stylists, and get ready to screenshot.

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Chantilly Blonde

Leave it to Beyoncé to inspire yet another blonde hair trend. “Beyoncé is working this milky white blonde double process, and platinum is back,” says Lauren Mildice, a colorist at Chicago's Maxine Salon. “This soft, sweet vanilla Chantilly is best on warmer skin tones to make the bright blonde pop.”

Beyoncé was first seen with the shade at the premiere of Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour (don't worry, we'll get to Taylor Swift's blonde momentarily). Created by Beyoncé's go-to colorist, Rita Hazan, the look stemmed from Hazan's desire to give Beyoncé's hair more depth and contrast. “Chantilly blonde is still blonde and bright, but with contrast and warmer tones,” she previously told Glamour. As for what differentiates Chantilly blonde from other variations of the shade? “It's a creamy blonde with a little warmth to it: Think buttercream-ish.”

Glam Blonde

“This soft highlighted golden blonde will heat up your summer,” says Mildice. “With a soft root smudge cascading down to the butter blonde, your summer hair color will not only be low-maintenance but hot!”

She especially recommends the shade for anyone with a natural dark blonde color or light brown. “Glam blonde works best on people with fair to tan skin tones,” Mildice says. To get the look, tell your colorist you are looking for a buttery or soft golden blonde with a light root smudge. “You want it to be a soft transition from your natural color,” she says.

Honeysuckle Blonde

According to Reneìe Valerie, hair colorist and director of R+Color Education, honeysuckle-toned, dimensional blondes highly sought-after choice for blonde lovers. “We can expect to see their popularity grow even further this year,” she says. As for why people love it? “This trend is favored for its ability to infuse hair with a radiant shine, making it a timeless and glamorous option for many.” To get the look, Valerie recommends using R+Color in shade Honeysuckle.

Brushed Blonde

Taylor Swift's soft blonde shade is also trending (no surprise there). According to Mildice, the base starts with a cool acorn-like brown. “That color sweeps its way down into a subtle blonde,” she says. “Sometimes less is more, especially if you had blonde in the past and went brown. Combine the two! You always have to overdo it with deep browns and white blonde pieces.”

To get the look, Mildice suggests asking for a light faded sombré (or soft ombré), starting with a light brown at the roots and fading to soft blonde end. “Tell your colorist that you would like to see a little bit of that dimension in the midshaft of your hair to make it gradually blend without being ombré,” she says. “The benefit of this color is its less maintenance, so you can go without needing a color refresh for at least eight weeks or more, depending on how frequently you cut your hair.”

Cream Blonde

Warm shades might be trending, but don't go sleeping on soft and creamy tones, like what Mildice calls “coconut milkshake blonde.” Featuring delicate blonde baby-lights toned with a creamy soft blonde finish, it's no wonder this look is trending.

“This whipped and seamless color creates a coziness yet a brightness to your hair,” she says. “The graceful transition from the root smudge creates a gentle grow-out.”

Almond Lowlights

If you're looking for something a little more low-maintenance, consider a sultry almond blonde. As seen on Sydney Sweeney at the 2024 Vanity Fair Oscars Party, the Old Hollywood–inspired shade was created by celebrity hairstylist Jacob Schwartz, and is a master class in how to use lowlights to your advantage.

To create the look, Schwartz strategically left out remaining highlights around her face to accentuate her new haircut and added dimension and depth with almond blonde lowlights. You can also DIY with Schwarzkopf Blonde Hi Lift in shade Almond Blonde.

Neutral Platinum Blonde

“Some are tired of the ash; some are over the gold. How about an in-between?” says Mildice, who says that you don't need to sport an ashy shade to eliminate brassiness.

Many are loving this dusty, neutral blonde. Beyoncé, Cardi B, Megan Thee Stallion, and many more celebs are doing this neutral platinum blonde. This changes the game for many platinum clients, when they normally feel they have to choose between cool tones or warm tones for their gloss. By staying neutral with the tone, it better suits everyone’s complexion. Upkeep is every four weeks. Tell your colorist that you are looking for a neutral platinum 10N.

Honey Highlights

We've already seen lots of honey highlights as of late, with Ciara, Selena Gomez, Keke Palmer, Kim Kardashian, and Rihanna all wearing the dye job. And considering how good it looks, it's no wonder so many beauty lovers are following suit.

“This look is usually achieved in a combination highlight and lowlight service,” says Perkins. “In order for the shade to look multitonal and complex, it’s important to leave plenty of lowlight or background pigment in the hair to keep it toasty and ‘bronde’ as opposed to fully blonde. This shade can be either warm- or cool-toned. That will be up to preference.”

Old-Money Blonde

According to Chase Kusero, cofounder of IGK Hair Care, golden and warm shades of blonde are taking over the salon. One of his favorite takes on the trend? “I love a nice buttery blonde that gives a healthy old-money look,” he says. “For upkeep, two great golden shades in the IGK Permanent Color Kits are Almost Blonde and Olsens—these are a great way to achieve the same look at home. Or, if you’re looking for something more temporary, try the IGK Color Depositing Mask in the shade Honey Please.”

He also loves using IGK Expensive Clear Gloss Top Coat to give your hair “the ultimate shine, so your hair is always looking expensive and healthy.”

Blurred Roots

Can't stand redoing your roots every month? You're in luck. “The trend that will continue to dominate highlighting in 2024 is low-contrast grow-out,” Madison Reed master colorist Shvonne Perkins tells Glamour. “While the money piece and chunky ’90s highlights made an appearance in 2023, the general aesthetic will remain a soft, blurred grow-out line that stays away from visible stripy grow-out.”

Barbie Blonde

Few colorists can say they've created Barbie's signature blonde shade, but Jacob Schwartz can: He's responsible for the shade Margot Robbie wore throughout the Barbie press tour. Barbie blonde is bright but sun-kissed with high-dimension gold hues woven throughout (hence his hashtag #spunwithgold). To ensure the perfect Barbie hair color, Schwartz used BlondMe All Blondes Rich Shampoo and Conditioner.

Honey Golden Blonde

Honey golden blonde is perfect for transitioning from summer to fall and is relatively low-maintenance for people with medium brown and blonde hair. “Honey gold hair is a warm, golden blonde shade with hints of honey and caramel tones,” says Lucero. “It's a perfect combination of natural and bright hues that can perfectly complement any skin tone, and it's versatile enough to work for both summer and fall.” Its rich vibrance also brings warmth and radiance to the overall look, she adds.

Balayage Blonde

“When selecting the perfect shade of blonde, I prefer using the modern technique of balayage for highlighting the hair,” says Haliti. “Balayage allows for a variety of blonde shades, creating a beautiful blend. It works particularly well on a blonde base, enhancing individual strands and adding movement.” Haliti's favorite take on balayage blonde is a light golden base and bright pieces of Balayage highlights, as seen on her client Olivia Palermo.

Raw Blonde

“Hair lifted to the lightest shade of blonde without using a toner is very popular right now,” Alex Brownsell, celebrity hairstylist and cofounder of Bleach London, tells Glamour. “The maintenance for this bleach is low, but the key is to keep the roots fresh. A color top-up at your salon or at home every five to six weeks is a must, as waiting longer can cause banding and turn the raw color into yellow, ruining the effect.” Brownsell suggests Bleach London Silver Conditioner for maintaining the look. (Also of note? This looks so cool with short hair.)

’90s Blonde

Nineties blonde is back, baby! “A nod to the ’90s, this bright blonde is achieved with lots of highlights and is left ‘untoned’ to give a slightly raw, bleached look,” says Tom Smith, celebrity colorist and Evo Hair creative director. “Thanks to modern hair care, this color can be achieved while keeping the hair in tiptop condition, which is important to keep this looking like an intentional fashion choice.”

Expensive Blonde

One of the most popular takes on blonde is expensive honey blonde, which counts Jennifer Lawrence as a fan. “Expensive honey is a warm blonde hair color trend that looks and feels expensive,” hairstylist Jennifer Korab says. “Expensive honey has a redder and browner undertone, creating a multidimensional and rich-looking hair color.”

Champagne Blonde

Temperatures may be rising, but hair color shades are cooling down, says Gregory Patterson, celebrity hairstylist and DIY expert for Sally Beauty, pointing to champagne blonde as a prime example. “We’re looking at very cool tones, but the good kind—think very cool, smoky, oaky ash blonde,” he says, pointing to Ion’s 6A Dark Ash Blonde as a prime example of what we’re now calling a chardonnay-inspired cool blonde.

Blended Contrast

Emily Boulin, hairstylist and Sally Beauty DIY color and styling expert, points to blended contrast blonde as an up-and-coming trend. “It’s natural, softly dimensional, on the higher scale of hair levels,” she says of the shade. To get the warm blonde look, she suggests using Wella Color Charm Honey Blonde 10GV. This look also looks works well as creamy blonde balayage paired with a darker root.

Icy Platinum Blonde

Since hair colors are cooling down, it’s no surprise we’re seeing so many more icy blonde and platinum blonde colors. “Hair colors, just like anything else in beauty and fashion, go through trends, and hair colors and styles usually ride next to fashion trends,” Patterson says of the bright blonde tone.

Sun-Washed Blonde

Hazan also created Beyoncé’s summery blonde shade, which she coined as sun-washed blonde. She says her inspo behind the look was end-of-summer hair: “When you spend all summer on the beach and the sun and salt water give you the ultimate color,” Hazan says. To get the look, she “lightened her natural color three shades, then customized where I wanted to place the highlights.”

Butterscotch Blonde

Prepare to see butterscotch blonde everywhere. “Deep blonde will be trending, with butterscotch blonde taking the cake,” Perkins says of this buttery blonde. “This rich, balanced color allows for a beautiful golden depth, instead of an icy pop.”

The best part? It’s so easy to DIY. If you’re starting with a light blonde base and looking to add richness, opt for Madison Reed Color Reviving Gloss in Prosecco. “When golden is present, violet tones are key for keeping color balanced,” she continues. “To maintain the color, choose the ColorSolve Shampoo and Conditioner flavor best suited for your personal hair needs and add the Color Depositing Shot in Blonde for toning and vibrancy.”

Subtle Ombré Blonde

If you’re tired of high-maintenance shades or want something closer to your natural color, you’ll love the ombré balayage aesthetic. “Less is more with a subtle ombré look,” says Perkins. “It draws inspiration from ’70s style icons and features a solid root with grown-in, sun-kissed blonde highlights weaved throughout the mid lengths and ends.” Perkins suggests lightening your ombré hair with Madison Reed’s Light Works Balayage Highlighting Kit.

Honey Wheat Blonde

“There’s no doubt that brown hair has been a huge color trend in recent years, with many celebrities opting for a natural (even if it’s not their own natural) hue,” says Brownsell. “We have seen many blondes becoming more beige, with many people opting to keep their blonde but tone it down to something that could pass as natural.” Examples of the phenomenon includes caramel blonde and honey wheat, which can be created using part Just Like Honey, part White Heat, and part Instant Coffee.

Playboy Blonde

Hairstylist Nicholas Taylor has noticed an uptick in Playboy-inspired “bunny golden blonde” as of late. “The ‘ash blonde’ is going to be less relevant and we are going to be seeing more gold and honey tones,” he says of the bright baby blonde look.

Sandy Beige Blonde

If you want the perfect blend of ashy and creamy sandy blonde hair, sandy beige is calling your name. “We are seeing more beige blondes, as opposed to those bright buttery tones,” Jaclyn Curti, hair colorist and extensions specialist at Eva Scrivo Salon, tells Glamour. “Think Amanda Seyfried and Jennifer Aniston, who are the epitome of that sandy, beige blonde.”

Rose Gold Blonde

For a cool take on golden blonde hair, Boulin suggests trying the Ion Bright White Creme Toner Strawberry Milk. “It adds a hint of strawberry and rose gold to your blonde shade for those wanting something a little unique and out of the box, while still maintaining a natural look,” she says.

Face-Framing Blonde

If you prefer rocking a darker shade, you can get the blonde aesthetic with high-contrast colors. “This lux light brown and blonde look is the pigment mix of the moment,” Brownsell says of the two-tone blonde-on-brunette look. “This coffee brown is the perfect color for sectioned styles like Charlie XCX Gemini hair, and half and half or Dua Lipa peekaboo stripes.” (Another example? Skunk stripe hair.)

You can achieve this at home using semi-permanent dye like Bleach London’s Instant Coffee Super Cool Color, says Brownsell, and make the blonde pop with face-framing baby-lights. But the best part? It’s super-low upkeep, as it looks just as chic while growing out.

Strawberry Blonde

If you want go warmer but aren’t quite ready for pink, consider opting for strawberry blonde, or medium blonde with red undertones. “The perfect way to nail this color is with our Radiant Hair Color Kit in Genova Red and refresh the color at home with Color Therapy Mask in Zucca and Color Reviving Gloss in Cannella," says Perkins.

Warm Honey Blonde

Looking for a dark blonde hair color? Good news: Taylor has also also noticed a surge in warm blonde and honey blondes. “I predict deep honey blonde is making its comeback; Chris Appleton just did a honey blonde on Kim Kardashian and I’m obsessed," he says.

Snow White Blonde

Another creamy, cool blonde is snowy winter-white blonde. To get the look, Boulin suggests mixing Icy White and Snow Cap from Ion Color Brilliance Bright White Creme toners for the ultimate white blonde tint.

Apricot Bronde

If you’re looking for something a little more bold than strawberry blonde hair but slightly less drastic than neon pink or mushroom blonde, Perkins suggests golden apricot “bronde,” which features a light brown base with apricot golden and red tones woven throughout. “A touch darker than strawberry blonde, this color will beautifully warm up your skin tone and complement a natural makeup look,” she says.

Dip-Dyed Tips

“Multihued hair are taking off more than ever,” Brownsell says. “Acid tips on crisp blonde hair is a striking yet low-effort look. We have had many requests at our West Hollywood Bleach Salon for mixing natural shades with bright greens, blues, purples and pinks. Clients toying with the idea of a fun color but not wanting to commit to a full head."

The key to nailing it is to keep the overall look grounded in your natural hair base tone to make the other colors pop, Bronswell continues. You can easily DIY the look with Bleach London’s Total Bleach Kit and conditioning Super Cool Colors.

Mushroom Blonde

Last but certainly not least is mushroom blonde, which is the cool and ashy version of “bronde” (assuming apricot is a bit too warm for your taste). “I love the idea of using mushrooms to describe the tone of the hair color,” says Joel Warren, celebrity colorist and founder of the Salon Project. “They have so many different tones of beige and gray that are hard to describe. These tones evolved from the gray and silver trend to a slightly more natural look. The combinations with highlights and lowlights gives a beautiful modern look.”