Yahoo January 9, 2024



Chantilly Blonde Hair Is In, According to Beyonce’s Hairstylist


It's the perfect buttery blonde.

The Queen B has spoken, and her new “chantilly hair” color is the latest shade to rock this season. After five months of traveling for her Renaissance tour, Beyonce graced the red carpet at the premiere of Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour with her new ‘do—a creamier, warmer dimensional blonde than her classic blonde locks. 

Rita Hazan, a celebrity hair colorist, is the mastermind (and namer) behind Beyonce’s newest “chantilly hair” color. Below, we cover everything you need to know about this new color that’s sure to be a trend this season, from how to get it, how to maintain it, and more. 

What is chantilly hair color? 

Beyonce’s latest “chantilly hair color” would be considered a creamy blonde with a little warmth and buttery finish. “It’s bright enough to be blonde, and toned down a bit to give more of a vanilla creamy vibe,” explains Kimberly Ruszczyk, a hair colorist at NYC THE TEAM.

While anyone can wear the chantilly hair color, it might not look great on specific skin tones. “I would say that the chantilly blonde hue would look best on anyone from lightly tanned skin to a deeper color,” explains Lauren Mildice, a color specialist at Maxine Salon in Chicago. “If you are fair-skinned, this may not be for you—since the color is so bright, it may cause you to look washed out.”

Both brunettes and blondes can achieve chantilly hair—folks with naturally black or red hair might have a harder time with this color. “Brunettes can enjoy the easy blend from brown to blonde with the slight warmth, helping to create flow from dark to light without any harsh lines,” explains Ruszczyk. “Our blondes can enjoy a fashion moment without commitment, as they can have fun with toning their locks. Toning blondes is a fun way to enjoy a hair color trend with the ease of washing out with a little time.” 

How to ask your colorist for chantilly hair color

First off, make sure to bring in a photo (or two) of the hair color you are trying to achieve. “Tell your colorist that you’re looking for a creamy, soft neutral platinum shade,” suggests Mildice. “This can be booked as a ‘bleach and tone.’”

If your hair is on the darker side, you’ll want to lighten your base a few shades, which will naturally add warmth. According to Meaghan Phelps, a colorist at SDSH Salon, the most important aspect of achieving the chantilly look is to keep the dimension, so using a few highlights and/or lowlights is important.

How to maintain chantilly hair color

According to Phelps, chantilly hair should be a fairly low-maintenance hair color. “If you and your colorist decide to lighten your base to achieve this look, you might go to the salon every six weeks for that,” she says. “If you are just doing highlight/lowlight, you can typically go several months before you need to refresh.”

It is important to properly nourish your hair after going through a dramatic lightning process like this. “Blondes can experience more dryness than brunettes, so it’s vital to have a good mask/conditioner,” explains Mildice. You’ll also want to pick a color-safe shampoo. 

As with any newly highlighted hair, glosses are recommended to give that creamy, warm seal. “The good news for chantilly color is that oxidation will be your friend, as you don't need to fight the oxidation,” explains Ruszczyk. “Color-safe shampooing will help preserve the shine and tone.”