Yahoo June 12, 2024



Katie Holmes Just Gave a Masterclass in Brunette Highlights for Summer


Looking for summer hair inspo? Katie Holmes has got you covered. The actor turned director, beauty icon, and graphic tee connoisseur has done it again, turning heads with yet another legendary hairstyle and corresponding shade.

Holmes gave a masterclass on how brunettes can shake things up for the summertime, debuting a fresh take on her usual brunette shade with face-framing caramel highlights. Also known as brownie batter brunette or soft-frame espresso highlights, this look elevates deep natural brown hair with highlights and balayage, weaving dimension throughout the hair with hazelnut, caramel, honey, and brond tones.

“It’s a soft, rich brown-toned face frame; a mixture of teasy lights and balayage creates this simple yet luxurious appearance,” Lauren Mildice, a color specialist at Maxine Salon, tells Glamour. “This is an amazing change for brunettes, since most feel they have to add blond into their hair to create dimensions or a new look.”

Holmes and her go-to colorist, Gina Gilbert of New York City’s Marie Robinson Salon, pulled it off seamlessly, while her waist-length mermaid waves, created by celebrity hairstylist DJ Quintero, showed off the beautiful and bold dimension perfectly.

Holmes’s summertime shade, which she gave fans another glimpse of before hitting the red carpet, is right on trend. According to Mildice, hazelnut and caramel highlights are on the rise for brunettes in particular.

“The contrasting colors make a bold dimensional look on such a classic technique,” she says, describing the look as strong hazelnut brown color paneled throughout the hair with burnt hazelnut lowlights along with contrasting light blond pieces creating a glow of fun. “It’s a paneling technique with strong ribbons to create a whirling pattern with her back-combed hair structure,” she explains.

Holmes’s new look is also a cool new take on brownie batter brunette, which stars like Mindy Kaling and Camila Cabello have worn lately too. And you can see the dimension even better when her hair is straight.

“This hair color trend has soft blond money piece and a few highlights around the face,” says Jennifer Korab, hairstylist and owner of Renaissance Salon & Spa, who coined the name. “It can also have some softer blond pieces throughout the hair while still maintaining mostly the rich brunette look.”

If you’ve been influenced (I know I have), here’s how to get brownie batter brunette yourself: “Ask for a rich brunette hair color at the salon, like a chocolate or caramel, accompanied with a soft balayage and subtle money piece,” Korab says, noting that you should follow up with an all-around glaze. If you prefer a more highlighted finish, Rancilio recommends emphasizing that you want a “dimensional” brunette with face-framing highlights.

In terms of upkeep, Korab suggests using a color-care hair-care system, such as Pureology’s Hydrate Shampoo and Conditioner. “This shampoo and conditioner are color-safe, sulfate-free, and have anti-fade complex to help protect from fading,” she says. “I also love Kerastase Chroma Absolu Hair Masque; this mask is great to preserve the health of your hair, keep color vibrant, and enhance shine.”

Finally, if you’re unsure how to style your brownie butter brunette, both stylists agree: It’s practically begging for beach waves, as proved by how incredible Katie Holmes looks.

“I love to style this color with a soft beach wave or a loose wave,” Korab concludes, as waves show off the shade’s show-stopping dimension. Blow-dry your hair and style with a curling iron, or simply spritz with sea-salt spray and let it air-dry. No matter how you wear it, brownie batter brunette is breathtaking and perfect for warmer temps.