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12 Best Silk Pillowcases for Silky-Smooth Skin and Hair


Hit snooze on frizz and ward off fine lines.

Waking up with smooth hair and skin sounds like a truth reserved for fairytales or rom-coms, but the best silk pillowcases can get you closer to that dream. If you roll out of bed with frizzy hair and red grooves etched across your face, take it as a sign it might be time to upgrade to a silk or satin pillowcase.

Many bedding brands are hip to the potential beauty benefits of silk (or silk-like) pillowcases and offer a wide selection to keep your skin and hair smooth. With that in mind, we've rounded up some of the best silk pillowcases to help you get a feel for the transformative qualities of these bad boys. Read on to check out the 12 best silk pillowcases the web has to offer.

Best Overall: Slip Pure Silk Pillowcase

Why It's Worth It: Even if you've only gotten a few hours of shut-eye, the best-selling Slip Pure Silk Pillowcase can help you fake a full eight. Given the benefits of silk pillowcases, warding off wrinkles, bedhead, and sleep creases may also be in store for you. It comes in a dozen colors, like pink, navy, and black, so you're sure to find something that suits your bed.

Editor Tip: For the full luxury experience, pair your pillowcase with a matching Slip silk scrunchie (an Allure editor favorite) or sleep mask.

Momme: 22 | Colors/Patterns: 12

Best Machine-Washable: Lunya Washable Silk Good in Bed Pillowcase

Why It's Worth It: Some silk pillowcases are high-maintenance, must be hand-washed and air-dried, and require extra TLC on laundry day. If you're anything like us, that isn't quite so ideal for your schedule. Thankfully, this 100% silk option feels velvety soft to the touch and is machine-washable (on a gentle cycle). You can even tumble-dry it, which is a rare treat for this genre of pillowcase.

Editor Tip: It only comes in a queen size, so upgrade your pillows ASAP.

Momme: N/A, not noted on site | Colors/Patterns: 1

Best on Amazon: Fishers Finery 25 Momme Mulberry Silk Pillowcase

Why It's Worth It: Considering it is one of the few pure Mulberry silk pillowcases featuring long-strand silk threads, the Fishers Finery 25 Momme Mulberry Silk Pillowcase is among the best buys. It utilizes the cooling, breathable textile to make hot sleepers happy and to protect hair and skin from concerns like breakage, breakouts, split ends, you name it.

Editor Tip: The envelope flat is extra-large, which keeps your pillow snug and secure while you sleep.

Momme: 25 | Colors/Patterns: 13

Best Budget: Bedsure Satin Pillowcase

Why It's Worth It: One of our top picks is Bedsure's Satin Pillowcase, which has a jaw-dropping 304,000 reviews on Amazon, 73% of which are five-star reviews (cue the "oohs" and "aahs"). And the price is super easy on your wallet since they're made of 100% polyester satin — and you get two pillowcases. If that doesn't convince you, how's this: The top reviewer says: "All I know is I shower and style my hair at night, and after sleeping on these, my hair looks freshly blow-dried the next morning."

Editor Tip: Being that it's satin and not technically silk, there's no momme weight measurement.

Momme: N/A, made of polyester | Colors/Patterns: 37

Best Color Options: Blissy Mulberry Silk Pillowcase


Why It's Worth It: The Blissy Silk Pillowcase will elevate your sleep, skin, and hair routines while looking fabulous on your bed. Each pillowcase is made from 22-momme silk and is available in a delightful number of colors and patterns, like tie-dye, plum, and bronze. This pick also has a hidden zipper closure that ensures a snug, budge-free fit on your pillows.

Editor Tip: Once it's time to clean, there is no need to hand wash. You can pop this washing machine-friendly pillowcase in your next laundry load and tumble dry on low.

Momme: 22 | Colors/Patterns: 51

Best for Your Buck: Quince 100% Mulberry Silk Pillowcase

Why It's Worth It: Quince is known for its high-quality goods without the markup, and this washable pillowcase is no exception. Its mulberry silk is hypoallergenic and naturally temperature-regulating to help keep you comfortable at night, and the zipper closure means it won't slide around while you sleep.

Editor Tip: You're getting a lot of bang for very few bucks. It feels super luxe and smooth for its price.

Momme: 22 | Colors/Patterns: 12

Best Cooling: Brooklinen Mulberry Silk Pillowcase

Why It's Worth It: Brooklinen is home to some of the best bed sheets on the market, and you can count this 100% mulberry silk pillowcase from Brooklinen as a favorite, luxurious member of their lineup. It's one of the best cooling pillowcases, thanks to its 22-momme count and envelope closure that allows for airflow and helps keep both your hair and skin smooth. If you need a self-care boost, go ahead and pick up a silk eye mask from the brand, too.

Editor Tip: While it feels cool to the touch, it's also insulating — so it'll still feel cozy and warm in the winter.

Momme: 22 | Colors/Patterns: 8

Best Low Momme: Tuft & Needle Silk Pillowcase

Why It's Worth It: Keep friction-induced hair damage at bay with the Tuft & Needle Silk Pillowcase. As its name suggests, it's a pure Mulberry silk pillowcase that feels oh-so-smooth to the touch and is available in standard and king sizes. What makes this pick stand out is that it's machine-washable — just make sure to read the care instructions to find the proper washing settings and a reminder to air-dry it.

Editor Tip: As with all of Tuft and Needle's offerings, it comes with a 100-night trial period in case you don't love it.

Momme: 19 | Colors/Patterns: 2

Best High Momme: Parachute Silk Pillowcase

Why It's Worth It: This 25-momme mulberry silk pillowcase is cloud-soft and feels buttery to the touch, and the silk fabric will never lose its smooth feel no matter how many times you machine-wash it. Since Parachute's pillowcase features a thicker type of silk, it's more durable than other options and has great longevity — as long as you follow the care directions. Like many of the best silk pillowcases, it's sensitive-skin friendly and available in king and standard sizes.

Editor Tip: It's Oeko-Tex certified, meaning no harmful chemicals were used throughout manufacturing.

Momme: 25 | Colors/Patterns: 2

Best Pattern Options: Kitsch Satin Pillowcase

Why It's Worth It: One of our favorite hair accessory brands entered the hair-care game with a cute satin pillowcase designed with 100% satin polyester so that you can wave goodbye to frizzy friction and tangles. It has a convenient zip closure and can help keep you cool overnight. This thing comes in a ton of fun, limited edition patterns (hello Harry Potter print), making it a great gift for the teen or tween in your life.

Editor Tip: It has a 600-thread count, which lends it its soft, silky texture.

Momme: N/A, made of polyester | Colors/Patterns: 20

Best Breathable: Cozy Earth Silk Pillowcase

Why It's Worth It: The Cozy Earth Silk Pillowcase is an Allure editor favorite because it is made of 100% long-strand Mulberry silk, which regulates temperature and is more breathable than other fabrics. It's hand-washed for extra softness and treated with aloe vera to keep it smooth and give it a cooling sensation long-term.

Editor Tip: It doesn't come as a set, so you'll have to spring for two for a queen- or king-sized bed.

Momme: 22 | Colors/Patterns: 3

Best European-Style: Casaluna Standard Solid Silk Pillowcase

Why It's Worth It: Made with 100% silk, this Casaluna Standard Solid Silk Pillowcase is super soft, and its lightweight feel means an extra comfy beauty sleep. The European-style closure successfully conceals the ends of the pillow (instead of leaving the sides of it wide open, like traditional US-style pillowcases) so that it looks tidy and stays in place through the night.

Editor Tip: It has a satin weave for a soft, satisfyingly slippery feel.

Momme: N/A, not noted on site | Colors/Patterns: 6

Frequent Asked Questions:

What are the benefits of silk pillowcases for your hair?

Dermatologists advocate for the benefits of silk pillowcases for several reasons. "Night is the best time to repair skin, so it makes sense that so many innovations are happening right now in this field," says Rebecca Kazin, MD, a board-certified dermatologist at Icon Dermatology and Aesthetics in North Bethesda, Maryland. Since we spend up to one-third of each day asleep, why not make the most of these hours?"

Rex Jimieson, a colorist at Maxine Salon in Chicago, previously told Allure that he recommends using a silk pillowcase (or, silk scarf) to reduce friction on the hair." Friction, he noted, is one of the leading causes of "manual damage" that leads to split ends and breakage — especially on damaged and color-treated hair.

Are silk pillowcases good for your skin?

In addition to helping out your hair, silk pillowcases offer benefits to your skin. New York-based board-certified dermatologist Debra Jaliman, MD, previously told Allure that cotton pillowcases can cause skin creases via "the skin crunching against a pillowcase and breaking down collagen and elastic tissue," which can lead to fine lines and wrinkles. Silk pillowcases, however, are a much gentler option. Additionally, silk pillowcases are much less absorbent than their cotton counterparts, which helps lock in the moisturizer and serums you put on before bed.

What is momme?

To keep it simple, momme is the measurement of silk's weight. A lower momme, like 19 momme, tends to be lightweight and has a lower price point, while a higher momme is considered high-quality silk and tends to be more durable.

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For our review of the best silk pillowcases, we enlisted the help of multiple editors, writers, contributors, dermatologists, and stylists — who spoke to silk pillowcases' hair and skin benefits. Testers considered performance across four primary categories: texture, experience, value, and momme (where relevant). For more on what's involved in our reporting, check out our complete reviews process and methodology page.

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