MSN January 4, 2024



The 10 Biggest Beauty Trends for 2024


2024 has arrived! And if you want to get a head start on the beauty trends set to dominate the year, there’s plenty to discover.

After learning about the latest viral skin-care craze, you can delve into the world of creative makeup and hair trends, where artistic expression is taking center stage. Of course, you’ll also want to discover the color of the year, the go-to nail polish hue of the moment, and how A.I. technology is revolutionizing the beauty service industry.

Below, find everything you need to know to stay ahead of this year’s beauty trends across hair, nails, makeup, and skincare.

Skin Streaming

Skin streaming is a new trend that involves streamlining your skin-care routine to three or four essential products. “We’re seeing more people become skin minimalists as they don't have as much time at home to do 10-step routines,” says Hannah Zaborowski, executive trainer and advanced practice esthetician at Face Foundrie, emphasizing that multi-benefit products have become very popular.

Alicia Yoon, skin-care expert and founder of Peach & Lily, says aside from saving time and money, skin streaming can also potentially prevent over-exfoliating or using competing active ingredients that are too harsh on the skin or minimize the effects of each of the ingredients. All in all, a win across the board!

Honey Blonde Hair Color

Thanks to Rihanna for fueling its popularity, honey blonde will dominate the hair color landscape in 2024. According to Richy Kandasamy, a colorist and vice president of R+COLOR Development and R+Co Collective member, the hue, which supplies a touch of golden radiance, works best on a light brown or dark blonde natural base. Honey blonde also particularly suits individuals with cool skin tones and neutral complexions, with medium to light eye color.

Peach Fuzz

Peach Fuzz has been crowned Pantone’s color of the year for 2024, and we’re excited to see a wave of peachy products hit the shelves, especially in the makeup realm. This warm, subtle hue is universally flattering across skin tones and perfect for blush, eyeshadow, and lips.

According to celebrity makeup artist Natalie Dresher, adding this color to your next glamorous look is simpler than you may think. She recommends incorporating blush tones and peachy shades in the eye crease. “I would use MAC’s Shell Peach eyeshadow with a warm brown, like MAC’s saddle eyeshadow, to deepen the outer lid,” says Dresher. “Rim the eyes with MAC’s Teddy eyeliner, then apply a peach blush, like MAC’s Melba, along with a warm bronzer.”

’80s Pixie Haircut

The ’80s pixie cut continues to stake its claim for the cropped look. Shelly Aguirre, a hairstylist at Maxine Salon in Chicago, explains the cut is short on the sides and back and slightly longer on top — usually with short, wispy bangs styled to the side. This playful hairstyle showcases individuality and exudes confidence, adding an edgy twist to any look with its layers and textured edges. Aguirre emphasizes its versatility, stating that it can be worn messy or neatly styled, making it perfect for various occasions.

'90s Makeup

“We are beginning to relive the iconic ’90s makeup trends, and I am here for it!” says celebrity makeup artist Sarah Redzikowski, who draws inspiration from the iconic stars and supermodels of the decade. “Frosty eyes and lips certainly defined the era, and we can’t forget about the heavy lip liner —  a bold statement that redefined lips, adding that edge to a pout. Of course, brown lips truly capture the essence of the ’90s, and thin brows were the epitome of chic.”


“The balletcore trend is inspired by what ballerinas wear,” says celebrity makeup artist Emily Gray. Think: soft pastel colors reminiscent of ballet costumes and shades of pink, white, and cream in both matte and shimmery finishes. 

Balletcore emphasizes subtle yet impactful touches, with a focus on enhancing natural beauty. “I have seen the trend done very naturally and slightly more glam, but in general, to replicate a balletcore look, you’ll want to use lots of blush in either cream or powder,” says Gray.

Jellyfish Haircut

Get ready to see even more interpretations of the Jellyfish haircut, the viral look characterized by its resemblance to the underwater creature. According to celebrity hairstylist and texture specialist Sophie Gutterman, the look is essentially two distinct haircuts intentionally disconnected. “The top section features a bowl cut that frames the face, while the bottom section consists of long layers,” explains the stylist. “In 2024, I think women who are young and more mature will want to try out this playful cut because it’s something different that lets you express yourself in a way that some other cuts don’t allow.”

A.I. Beauty

The market for Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) in beauty and cosmetics is already a multibillion-dollar business. Experts forecast its continued rapid growth, projecting it to exceed $13 billion by 2030. One example of where things are headed is Clockwork MiNiCURE, the first fully autonomous polish change robot. Get ready to witness more companies rolling out robots to make services like manicures and eyelash extensions quicker and cheaper. 

Blue Everything

Blue is a captivating and versatile color that can be worn in various shades, from vibrant electric blues to softer pastel shades. According to Olivia Van Iderstine, the VP of content and creative at Olive & June and the brand's resident trend expert — blue will dominate the manicure scene, particularly at the beginning of the year through spring. 

Blue mascara, liners, and eyeshadows have also been picking up steam for achieving an attention-grabbing look. “Blue makeup isn’t just a color; it’s a statement with endless possibilities, so make it uniquely yours!” says Redzikowski. “Add a pop of electric blue to your lashes with the YSL Lash Clash Extreme Volume Mascara in Electric Blue. Create a bold wing with ONE/SIZE by Patrick Starr Point Made Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner Pen in Bossy Blue. Or embrace a baby blue eyeshadow by applying Glossier’s Skywash Liquid-to-Powder Sheer Matte Eyeshadow Tint in Pool.”


With its enchanting oceanic vibes, mermaidcore is a captivating beauty trend that’s not going anywhere. “Mermaidcore makeup embodies whimsical, luminous, and fairy-like tones that reflect and play with light. It can be a sparkling eyelid, highlighted cheek, or glossy lip,” says makeup artist and beauty educator Nicky Posley.

On the hair front, Olya Ludina, a stylist at IGK NYC, says the mermaidcore trend incorporates a wet-look finish, mermaid waves, accessories with pearls or seashells, and fishtail braids that give off tide-slicked vibes. “Anyone can pull off a mermaidcore hairstyle; it’s all about being creative and channeling the ocean vibes, pastel colors, and accessories,” says Raven Hurtado, a stylist at Maxine Salon in Chicago.