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The Best Types of Bangs for Your Face Shape, According to Stylists


Best Bangs for All Face Shapes: Layered Curtain Bangs

“Curtain bangs are my personal favorite type of bang,” says New York City hairstylist Dan Williams. “They create softness and style to any look and they’re also much easier to maintain due to the length of the style, and they're perfect for any season and any face shape.” That said, Williams notes that with this length, he recommends styling them to the side and not forward so they remain parted.

Best Bangs for Round Face Shapes: Grown-Out Side Bangs

While grown-out bangs can be a hassle to trim, they're actually super flattering on round face shapes. “Long, grown out bangs look good on round face shapes,” says Raven Hurtado, a hairstylist at Chicago's Maxine Salon. “Long bangs are versatile, and when they move from side to side, it can help elongate the face.”

Best for Square Face Shapes: Long & Layered Bangs

Hurtado also recommends long layered bangs for people with square face shapes. “They help soften up features and are low- maintenance when it comes to styling,” she says. One easy way to get the look? Ask for a butterfly haircut!

Best Bangs for Rectangle Face Shapes: Straight-Across Bangs

“For individuals with a rectangle face shape characterized by straight lines and angular features, blunt or straight-across bangs are ideal,” says Rogerio Cavalcante, hairstylist at and owner of NYC's The Second Floor Salon. “These bangs emphasize the sharpness and structure of the face, maintaining a sleek and sophisticated appearance.”

His example? Anne Hathaway, of course.

Best Bangs for Oval Face Shapes: Long Side-Swept Bangs

“The oval shape features a blend of softness and structure. Long, side-swept bangs work best, offering a relaxed, effortless look that mirrors the oval shape's casual and harmonious essence,” says Cavalcante. “These bangs enhance balanced features without overpowering them.”

Best for Heart Face Shapes: Soft & Rounded Bangs

“Characterized by softness and curvy features similar to a heart, soft, rounded bangs are ideal,” says Cavalcante. “These bangs create a gentle frame around the face, highlighting their delicate and feminine attributes. The curved shape of the bangs enhances overall softness and allure.” Two heart shaped beauties who love the style? Zooey Deschanel and Reese Witherspoon.

Best Bangs for Square Face Shapes: Hepburn Bangs

“Micro bangs are definitely not for everyone, but they're most suitable square faces as it enhances and works together with their facial structure,” Williams says. Case in point? Zendaya's Hepburn bangs.

Best Bangs for Diamond Face Shapes: Texturized Micro Bangs

Williams also suggests micro bangs for those with diamond-shaped faces, but encourages texturizing them for an edgier take on the style. “This adds fullness with a lot of playful movement that’s suitable for most hairstyles," he says. Another bonus? “These bangs even look chic if you’ve missed your three to four week maintenance trim appointment since they’re much shorter in nature."

Best for Triangle Face Shapes: Short & Choppy Bangs

“Triangle face shapes often exhibit youthful and animated qualities. Short, choppy bangs are best, enhancing the playful and energetic nature of the ‘gamine type,’” says Cavalcante. “The irregular, piecey texture of choppy bangs adds dynamism and a touch of edginess.”

Best Bangs for Long Face Shapes: Swooping Side Bangs

According to Hurtado, side-swept bangs can soften features. “It shifts focus on your eyes instead of your forehead, and is perfect for long faces,” she says. It's a good thing they're trending (again)!

Best Bangs for Square Face Shapes: Wispy Bangs

“Layered, wispy bangs are great for square face shapes,” says Jenna Spino, a stylist at Maxine Salon. “These can be straight-across or curtain bangs, as long as they are textured they will soften the jaw.” One perfect example of how to wear the look? Jenna Ortega's edgy front bangs.

Best Bangs for Oval Face Shapes: Bardot Bangs

Forward-facing Bardot bangs are best for people with oval faces, says Williams. “They are definitely the focus of the haircut and do require more maintenance, but they can really be a game changer,” he says, adding that they're especially ideal if you have a larger forehead you want to cover.

Best Bangs for Heart Face Shapes: Texturized Blunt Bangs

“Traditional Blunt Bangs are best for people with heart-shaped faces,” says Williams, who notes that one especially chic yet edgy way to wear them is by texturizing them. “Texturized bangs are fabulous for those who are opposed to the look of a traditional blunt bang but enjoy the density with edgy texture."

Best Bangs for Low Hairline: Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs are still going strong. They're super versatile and wearable on most face shapes, but it helps to frame rounder ones, giving them a slimmer appearance. They're also ideal for low hairlines, according to Williams.

That said, they do require a bit of maintenance. Celebrity hairstylist Edson Ibarra uses a blow-dryer and round brush to keep bangs bouncy and sleek. “I love spraying and blow-drying Color Wow Dream Coat with a round brush,” he says. “It's perfect to seal to the hair. It has antihumidity properties that will help fight frizz and keep hair shiny and smooth.”

Best for Round Face Shapes: Sideswept Fringe

If we had to give out awards, side bangs would definitely win most popular, but they're especially flattering on round faces, which are soft around the edges and often wider in the cheeks. “Sideswept fringe is a go-to for a round face,” says Reyman. “The angle of the bangs creates more length in your face and thus a more oval shape.”

Best for Round Face Shapes: Blunt Micro Bangs

Typically, blunt bangs (or straight-across bangs) get a bad rap if your face is round. Here's a hack: You can still get in on the look with micro bangs, which are short and leave ample space between the fringe and your brows. This visually elongates your face more than classic blunt bangs would, and they work better if your face has softer features (looking at you, oval and heart-shaped).

Best for Square Face Shapes: Long, Layered Bangs

“If you have a square jawline, a long, layered fringe can help to soften and balance your features,” says Reyman. (They can also help thin hair look fuller.) If you're not into the straight-across, choppy bangs look, he notes you can also opt for ’70s-inspired curtain bangs, which are a little more effortless to style.

Best for Square or Oblong Face Shapes: A-Shaped Bangs

Bangs are all about illusion. This is key for square or oblong face shapes, which tend to be wider at the cheeks and more angular, especially around the jawline. “A soft A-shape works best for women with square faces,” says Suave Professionals celebrity stylist Marcus Francis. “The tapered ends create angles, which help to soften your jawline and bring attention to your eyes.”

Best for Square Faces: Birkin Bangs

Named after actor Jane Birkin, whose signature look was feathered fringe, Birkin bangs help to soften the sharpness of a square face.

Best for Heart-Shaped Faces: Baby Bangs

If you want to pull all the attention to your eyes, go for a fun pair of baby bangs. For a softer look than traditional blunt micro bangs, have them hit in the midline of your forehead, and ask your stylist to keep them feathery. 

Best for Heart-Shaped Faces: Crescent Bangs

Emily’s–er, Lily's—iconic bangs had us eyeing our scissors. The cut is flattering on most but especially so for heart-shaped faces, which are wide at the top and draw to a point at the chin. Reyman recommends a soft, crescent-shaped fringe (i.e., longer at the outer edges and slightly shorter in the middle). The long, feathery ’70s-inspired look is on trend, says Marissa Marino, stylist at Nine Zero One Salon, who once cut a similar hairstyle on Selena Gomez.

Best for Heart-Shaped Faces: Wispy Bangs

Wispy bangs adds an air of ease to a cut. If you have a straight to wavy hair texture, you can get away with rough-drying and running out the door. On a heart-shaped face, like Anna Sophia Robb's, these bangs look incredible with a grown-out pixie and short haircuts.

Best for Oval-Shaped Faces: Bottleneck Bangs

Oval face shapes were basically made for bangs, but the bottleneck version in particular can look especially good. They're typically shorter in the middle and gradually gain length down the sides to frame the eyes perfectly. Think Bardot bangs but with a modern twist.

Best for Oval-Shaped Faces: Medium Bangs

Since oval face shapes have more freedom, you may as well take advantage and go for more daring styles. Medium bangs are a touch longer than micro bangs but should shouldn't hit your brows. “It's a nod to retro but looks futuristic and clean,” says Reyman. The style works great especially for curly hair types and curly bangs, since they play up the texture and piecey-ness.

Best for Oval-Shaped Faces: Softened Blunt Bangs

If ever there were a celeb who you couldn't imagine without bangs, it would be Dakota Johnson. If, like her, you have an oval face, you can pretty much go for any style you like, but a pair of blunt bangs will be extra flattering. “Soft, blunt bangs cut straight across visually flatter oval faces,” says Francis, also noting that they can draw attention away from an elongated mouth and chin.

Best for Long Face Shapes: Grown-Out Bangs

Not only are they easier to manage, but longer, grown-out bangs are the most flattering on long face shapes. You have the space to work with, plus cropped bangs will only make your forehead look longer. Go for a cool pair of parted bangs like Rihanna's. “Keeping the fringe line low right around your eyebrows is best,” says Reyman. In other words, no need to trim your bangs more than every couple of months.

Best for Long Face Shapes: Angled Side Bangs

With a long face, which typically has a higher forehead, you have a lot of area to work with—so you can be strategic about which parts of your face you want to draw attention to. Think of it as framing your face. “Creating a diagonal angle on your face will help keep people's eyes focused on your center features, like your eyes and lips, instead of your forehead or the lower part of your face,” says Francis.

Best for Long Face Shapes: Face-Framing Bangs

Super-short bangs can look disproportionate on a longer face, but bangs in their “awkward” growing-out phase can actually be just right. Face-framing curtain bangs cut just at the jawline will help take the focus off an extended face shape.