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These Instagram-Worthy Short Hairstyles Are Cinch To Recreate


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If the endless photos of celebrities with short hair have convinced you to book an appointment with your stylist, you’re not alone. According to Instagram and TikTok, swingy bobs and razor-sharp pixies are some of the trendiest looks. With that in mind, the platforms are brimming with short hairstyle ideas and tutorials. Getting a stylish haircut can be fun, but as Jasmine Rilington, hairstylist, licensed cosmetologist, and founder of The Glam Room, shares they’re also practical. “These hairstyles provide low maintenance with less shedding and less dandruff,” he says. Even more enticing are various styles and accessories to play with.

Justin Toves-Vincilione, professional hairstylist and Authentic Beauty Concept advocate agrees: “Cutting your hair short, while liberating, can also cut down styling time,” the expert says. “With less hair to style, you can focus more on your outfit and makeup.” Plus, even with a shorter length, there is still extreme versatility. The styling options are endless, and with a few expert ideas, you can easily liven up your look.

Whether you’re in the market to cut your hair or want to update your already short ‘do with a fresh new twist, ahead, TZR spoke to a couple celebrity hairstylists to get the top insights on how to style short hair. Some of these looks only take five minutes, while others are a great glam moment with a bit more effort. Regardless of your skill set, you’ll be able to create a fun style with their expert tips and tricks. They’ve even shared the products, tools, and hair accessories needed to achieve each one.

Super Short Bob

Versatility is one of the most appealing elements of a bob. Recently, super short variations have become a popular choice. In a sea of chin and shoulder-skimming options, this version feels fresh. But it’s also easy to style and requires just a handful of products and tools like a small rounded flat iron and a smoothing spray.

Rubber Band Design

It’’s easy to fall into a hair rut when growing out bangs. This rubber band hairstyle is a fun way to shake things up. It features sharp parts and two bubble ponytails for a sleek feel. The key to nailing this look is having the right tools. Luckily, they’re easy to find and are affordable. Look for a rat tail comb with a metal end to ensure your parts are precise and clear rubber bands for a modern take.

Roller Set Curls

Bouncy curls aren’t just for long hair. On short lengths, they have a retro feel that’s sultry and timeless. Even better? You don’t need to use hot tools to achieve this look. Instead, opt for a set of velcro or plastic rollers. Wear them overnight to get a tighter curl, then simply tousle your strands in the morning.

Ribbons & Bows

Hair bows are back big time. Although they’re often added to ponytails, they’re just as alluring with shorter hair. This simple look uses satin ribbons to create an eye-catching hairstyle. But what really sets it apart from others is the length. Instead of short and cute, the bows have shoulder-grazing tails that give them an ethereal feel.

Pixie With Micro Bangs

A chic it-girl pixie haircut works year-round. At first glance, piecey micro bangs may look hard to master, but they are actually a great way to highlight your facial features while still looking polished. The key to keeping this style feeling fresh is ensuring that the strands have texture, but don’t feel weighed down.

Wavy Bob

Ideal for bobs, Toves-Vincilione recommends using Authentic Beauty Concept Nourishing Hair Oil in place of water to perfect this wet look and a soft bristle brush to sharply glide hair back. You’ll want to keep a couple hair clips and bobby pins on hand to make sure the hair is secure.

Cropped Curls

In between braids or twists, it’s a good idea to let your hair breath from being tightly tucked away. If you’ve been thinking of going shorter for more healthy hair overall, this cropped cut is the perfect option. Not only is styling short curly hair a breeze to do but it will also give your strands a break from hot tools, but it’s a low-maintenance look that requires simple products for upkeep.

Mini Bun Top Knot

Casual and chic, this style can easily be achieved with products and items you likely already own. A simple but sturdy hair tie will do the trick, but what really makes this look pop are the slight waves that lightly fall from the mini bun. To keep it looking polished, mist with a light sea-spray that also adds shine.

Side Part Slick Back

Without a doubt, the grow-out period is the worst part of haircut. But this slicked-back style is an easy way to look put together in a snap. Whether you choose to secure your strands with a basic hair tie or opt for a stylish barrette, the key to nailing this style is a gel that holds well and delivers a naturally glossy finish.

Curtain Bangs

Looking for a quick update to your short cut? Add a wispy curtain bang. Though usually matched with longer styles, short hair with bangs can be just as appealing. For a fresh twist on a grown out pixie cut, these sweeping pieces in the front will open up the face and highlight your eyes. To get the best style, give them a quick blow dry with a suitably sized round brush or use velcro curlers overnight for a fluffy look in the morning.

Boxy Curly Bob

There’s a reason the bob haircut transcends time. With its versatile, face framing shape, it’s flattering for almost every face shape and hair texture. Take this boxy version of the cut that’s ideal for curly hair. For this type of hairstyle, keeping frizz at bay and shine consistent is essential for summer. With that in mind, try adding a curl activating and hydrating hair serum to your wash day routine and finishing with an oil for glossy look.

Mixie Cut With Micro Hair Clips

Adding hair accessories is one of the easiest and most playful ways to change up your look. And micro hair clips are great for hybrid short haircuts like the mixie because they draw just the right amount of attention to your length, adding flare to all textures. For additional fun, smooth the hair with a lightweight oil before placing the clips in.

Finger Waves

Pin curls are another stellar option for short hair according to Amy Abramite, creative director and stylist at Maxine Salon in Chicago. Also known as finger waves, they are small curls that lay flat against the head for a defined frizz-free style. To execute at home, the pro suggests investing in a leave-in cream and working it through damp hair. “Separate hair into individual coils by twirling them around fingers,” she says. Next, press curls against scalp and secure with small clips and air dry. Lastly, remove clips and keep curls in tact.

Beaded Bob

As statement-making as cascading braids are, the braided bob is a stunning breezy and lightweight short style. Not to mention this style air dries dries well after the pool or beach without the hassle of tangles, tools, or a lot of time, according to Abramite. To update the look, add some beads in for a more playful aesthetic.

Retro High Pony

“Ponytails are the easiest [updo] but that doesn’t mean they have to be basic,” says Priscilla Valles, Los Angeles-based celebrity extension expert. You can quickly liven up your short hair look with a sleek ponytail extension with flipped ends for a bold and romanic look. “A subtle flip adds a flicked texture to the layers for shaggy effect,” Abramite tells TZR. Yes, it’s semi preppy but it’s also a beautiful tribute to popular ‘90s beauty trends, giving you height in the front and volume on the sides.

To style: create volume and texture by adding paste on damp hair with hands. “Apply paste throughout hair with fingers by lifting at the root area and flipping out ends for separated details,” Abramite continues. Next, air dry hair and scrunch to break up product for soft definition and shine. To finish, gather hair into a high ponytail and comb to neaten edges. Secure with a hair tie. If you want an extra flip, spritz hair with high protection so it’s slightly damp and with a round brush, blow dry hair to add more flick to the ends.

Pearl-Framing Hairline

Typically swirled and curled, edges are all the rage, but this year, pearl accents are doing all the talking. Whether you are going to an event or just interested in playing around with your cropped look, secure pearls down with pomade or strong-holding gel for a unique and eye-catching effect.

Space Buns

Worn on Marsai Martin, Yara Shadid, Lizzo, and more, space buns are a trendy look worth trying. “Space Buns have always been a fun fusion between Y2K and E-girl, but this season they’re getting a major edit,” Toves-Vincilione tells TZR. “Ditching the flirty and casual vibe of the past, 2023’s space buns will be runway ready, sleek, and sophisticated.” And while creating space buns for short hair isn't as seamless as those that have eight inches or more, rest assured that as long as you have the right products space buns are possible for short hair.

To style, twist two pigtails into buns and secure with two hair ties. The expert recommends Solid Pomade for a snatched look and Working Hairspray for a lightweight hairspray that will perfectly control flyaways and stray hairs.

Headband Glam

Sometimes, trying out a new hairstyle can be overwhelming, which is why accessories are a seamless way to update your short hair in no time at all. Try pairing your cut with a padded headband for a chic style that works for office meetings, brunch, and everything in between. Add a slight flip to your ends for a retro feel. As for products, Rilington recommends mousse for molding the hair before getting it into your desired look and oil sheen to add shine.