Amy Abramite, Creative Director, Salon Educator and Stylist

Amy Abramite, Stylist, Creative Director, Maxine Salon Chicago

As Maxine's creative and educational director since 2004, Amy runs the cutting and styling program. She was part of the Kérastase T.E.C.H. and Shu Uemura Artistic Teams as an educator for five years. A stylist since 1998, she specializes in everything, whether it's cutting hair, styling with flat irons and curling irons, blowouts, bang-taming, special occasion updos and Japanese thermal straightening. Amy has been featured in Allure, W, Glamour, Marie Claire, O the Oprah Magazine, Lucky, Shape, Sophisticate's Hairstyling Guide, Chicago magazine, CS, Michigan Avenue and at,,,,, and

Where did you start your career? I love hair just as much as music. I started playing guitar in rock bands as a teenager, and I unofficially began my career "cutting my teeth" on my bandmates in high school. I would do their hair for photo shoots, videos and live performances, and I realized my passion for the craft. For me, their image was just as important as the music. I was having so much fun doing it, I enrolled in cosmetology school to learn how to do it professionally. 

What has been your career high? My ultimate dream was always to make it to New York Fashion Week to work with models and designers, and see my work walk down the runway. It's the most important fashion event because of its global influence how the press views fashion in the form of clothing, hair, and makeup. I've had the honor of working under lead stylist Odile Gilbert's team representing Kerastase for Theory, The Row, Rachel Zoe, Rodarte, Thakoon, Jason Wu, Monique Lhuiller, Phillip Lim, Jill Stuart, Adam, Suno, Libertine and Creatures of the Wind. 

What is your hair specialty? I specialize in cutting, styling and blow-drying hair. I also enjoy working with hot tools and special occasion styling.

What do you do in your free time? I have a serious case of wanderlust, so I'm always planning my next trip. I love exploring the world and different cultures, and believe travel is the best form of education a person can receive.

Any celebrity clients? I don't like to kiss and tell, but I adore doing musicians. In my opinion, they are the only people that speak the absolute truth.

Who is your style icon? David Bowie. He was uncompromising in his vision and his style was worn with absolute confidence.

What is your biggest secret? My biggest beauty secret is my blow-drying technique to eliminate cowlicks in bangs. I teach all my clients how to do it. It’s simple, and only requires a paddle brush and a blow dryer. If your bangs look good, typically the entire style looks good.

What is the hair care product you can’t live without? Hairspray is my desert island beauty product. With hairspray, a good cushion brush, an elastic band and a few bobby pins, I can create just about anything.

Amy's haircuts are $140.00

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5.0 Stars

Amy is Awesome

Receptionists were welcoming as usual. Amy is awesome, she is sweet and pay are thin to what customer says and also holds a good conversation with her customer

Yelp Posted on 7/21/2019 by Sharon W.

5.0 Stars

There are hair stylists, and there's Amy

There are hair stylists, and there's Amy....she's a true master. Being from NYC, I've been to many well known salons and I've never had a better stylist. She can look at any picture you show her, analyze and nail it. She's also the bang whisperer. Anyone with bangs knows it can go really wrong, really fast but not in Amy's hands. She listens, airs on the side of caution and ensures I always leave with exactly what I have asked for. I don't think I've written a yelp review in years, but when someone is that good, you just have to pay it forward. Happy Haircut.....

Yelp Posted on 3/13/2019 by Michelle A.

5.0 Stars

I always feel like a new person!

After appointments with Tina and Amy, I always feel like a new person! Since moving out of the Chicago area, I appreciate them even more as they now have to fix someone else's attempts to maintain my color and give me an up-to-date cut. Tina is an extremely talented colorist and she knows just how to give me a natural look with a bit of a boost. She listens to my concerns and then tells me what she'd like to do to make sure we're on the same page, but truthfully, she's so good there's no need to ever change what she recommends. Amy is a mind reader - I just vaguely tell her what I want to change about whatever cut I got from someone else and she gives me a new style that works for my face and my hair - then she gives me lessons on how to create the look myself. The staff is great and they all work together to accommodate my limited availability whenever I get back to Chicago. I've been to salons from Beverly Hills to New York and DC - Tina and Amy are my favorites!

Yelp Posted on 11/5/2018 by Ali K.

5.0 Stars

Amy is wonderful!

Amy is wonderful! I had gotten a terrible haircut a while back and she's been helping me grow it out and fix it for about a year now. She's been giving me great advice on how to maintain it, how to grow it out and even pointers on what I can do with the baby hairs I'm getting in post post partum. The salon is on the pricer side but definitely worth the price. The stylist know what they are doing!

Yelp Posted on 10/3/2018 by Disha M.

5.0 Stars

The best thing about me? My hair.

The best thing about me? My hair. I'd give my colorist and Amy Abramite a thousand stars from the sky if I could.

Yelp Posted on 05/28/2016 by Colleen T.

5.0 Stars

I always go back to Maxine

I have been going to Maxine for 8 years now. I have tried other places for convenience and let's be honest, to occasionally save a buck or two, but at the end of the day, I always go back to Maxine...mainly for Amy! She is fantastic!!!! I can't say enough about her. She is now the creative director of the salon. She styled my hair for my wedding 7 years ago, and even though my cuts are always simple and straightforward, she never steers me in the wrong direction. The whole salon has a top notch ethic. There is never any B.S. tension among the stylist, you know typical salon drama. The whole place is serene, polished, clean. Every detail is perfection. Let's just put it this way, if the same receptionists have been there for 8 years, the staff is treated well, and it shows in the overall experience. Don't waste your time trying other places, Maxine is the best!

Yelp Posted on 12/04/2013 by Sharon M.

5.0 Stars

Amy Nails it Every Time

I've been going to Maxine for all of my hair needs for about four years. Super white and pristine interior, a swanky robe, yadiyadiya, I don't care, I just want nice hair. I'm extremely picky about my coarse, wavy, super thick hair, and Amy nails it every time. Her cuts are precise and even though I'm not a stylist, I can tell that she utilizes techniques that are out of the ordinary. As someone who has pretty much always had very long hair, I used to always walk out of salons with my hair in the same long layers. Not the case anymore. I tell Amy that I want something slightly different every time I see her, and she always delivers. More volume on the sides but not in the back, blend my grown-out bangs, blunt ends within my layers. Oh, and she never accidentally cuts off 5 inches when I said I wanted a trim. I also love to pick her brain about hair stuff-- I now have a home arsenal of products and tools that work really well on my hair. She's also done, hands down, the best thermal reconditioning (Japanese straightening treatment) that I have ever had. And I've been doing it since I was 12. She left my hair super silky and straight without any sign of damage. I'd get this done by her every 6 months if I could afford it. I've had my hair cut by a few other people at Maxine besides Amy, either before I tried her or when she is out of town. I feel like the general level of talent is definitely above other places in the city, but Amy still takes the cake. Rivkah gives super bouncy, Victoria's Secret-y blowouts.

Yelp Posted on 08/29/2013 by Marisa A.

5.0 Stars


I have been going to Maxine's Salon for more than ten years. Amy is AMAZING, and I will never leave her. Yes, the haircuts are expensive, but she is totally worth it. I tried going to another, less expensive salon once, and hated it. I will never stray from Amy again. I highly recommend her for Japanese straightening or a hair cut. She is also so sweet with a really great sense of style.

Yelp Posted on 07/04/2011 by Ivy L.