Cosmopolitan June 7, 2023



The wixie haircut will be the hit of the summer - only for the truly brave


The hottest hairstyle of the summer has arrived, which is none other than the hot wixie! 

he summer hairstyle fashion is really diverse, you can find exciting hair colors and cool styles. There is no doubt that the hottest hairstyle of the season is clearly the short wixie , which is just thatwe recommend it to the truly brave!


Its name may sound like the title of a cartoon at first, but it is actually a very oneabout hot hairit's about The style is a new pixie, which is much more shape-shifting than the well-known classic. 

This cut is a restyled pixie cut with longer side and back lengths that flare out with soft layers

said Amy Abramate, creative director of Chicago's Maxine Salon. 

It is no coincidence that the wixie has become very popular now, as short hair has recently become popularappears more and more often on the catwalks. In summer, especially many people choose shorter versions, and the wixie gives you security for those who would not dare to try a pixie. In the case of the hairstyle, the strands are longer on the sides and back, which provides more possibilities for styling. 

The wixie hairstyle is relatively easy to distinguish from other pixie-inspired styles, since in this case the parts close to the ears and the strands at the back are longer. The trend is gradually conquering the world of stars, Emma Corrin, the popular actress of The Crown, for example, has already tried it. 

The biggest advantage of wixie is that it can be formatted very easily. The strands do not have to be exactly the same, the sloppy effect can come. Unruly strands are not a problem for wavy hair.