Byrdie December 11, 2023



Beyoncé's Bouncy New Layers Are a Rare Hair Switch-Up


We've never seen her with this cut.

It's safe to say that 2023 has been the year of Beyoncé. Thanks to Renaissance and the subsequent tour, movie, and social media takeover, we've all fallen more in love with the icon than ever before—putting on our chromed-out best, blasting every song like it just came out, and obsessing whenever a new look dropped. And, luckily for us, another one just did.

Over the weekend, Queen B posted an Instagram carousel showing off her latest futuristic chic look, and gave us a peek at a brand-new hairstyle we have never seen on the star. 

Along with an all-gray, rhinestoned pinstripe suit, Bey debuted face-framing U-shaped layers that added even more drama to her silver blonde hair.

The recent color change already switched up her look, and the bouncy layers gave her a bit of a '90s feel and put all the attention on her face. Pin-straight from root to end, the strands around her face formed an extended 'U' that gave the front of her hair a permanent bounce. The face-framing strands were flipped inward, grazing her skin and jewelry, giving a serious "I'm the boss" attitude to the whole ensemble..

Hairstylist Evalyn Lopez Benoit previously filled us in on U-shaped layers, saying that "By creating face-framing layers for this cut, your stylist has instantly given your hair movement and a beautiful contour to highlight any face shape," which Queen B is living proof of. "Rather than having hair fall at just one length, the angled U-cut will give you maximum bounce and movement," she added.

Hairstylist Raven Hurtado also previously told us that the U-shape cut "removes weight and bulk and gives lift towards the front [to look] less boxy on thick hair," which is exactly how the final product for the star turned out.

Considering Beyoncè's hair looks just as long as usual, this may not seem like a big change. However, across multiple years and dozens of shades of blonde, the star usually keeps her hair at one consistent length throughout—with minimal layers, tapering, or face-framing. Though she always looks stunning no matter what, we have to say we love the change for her.

She finished off the look with some heavy accessories (literally). She had two diamond chokers around her neck that matched the rhinestone suit and her silver, all-chrome sunglasses. When outside, she threw on a fluffy white fur coat and a chromatic silver purse. She added the slightest bit of shimmer to her eyelids to complete the ensemble.