New York Post December 13, 2023

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Why are people cutting their hair to look like a jellyfish? ‘Edgy’ trend divides social media


I don’t think you’re ready for this jellyfish-inspired hairstyle.

The jellyfish cut — which entails lobbing off the top layers of your hair into a cheekbone-brushing bob while leaving the layers underneath long and tentacle-like — has become the hottest hairstyle on TikTok, amassing over 34 million views on the hashtag, #jellyfishcut.

“This look is trending because it’s a gender-neutral style and it’s very edgy, artistic and creative,” Raven Hurtado, a stylist at Chicago-based Maxine Salon, recently told Glamour. 

“It’s like having short and long hair at the same time.”

This dynamic, bob-mullet hybrid is “perfect if you want to experiment with color” or “show off your personality,” Hurtado added.

Mari Trombley is one of the daring trend’s most prominent faces, regularly showing her 126,000 followers how she styles and dyes her bi-level hair.

“I had a character, Yuna, from ‘Final Fantasy’ growing up, and I always fancied her hair,” the TikToker told the New York Times.

“She has, like, a blunt bob and a long braid that goes down to her ankles. Being half-Japanese and growing up in Japan part-time as well, I grew up seeing the hairstyle pop up on other anime characters.”

But not everyone shares the same enthusiasm for the bold ‘do — on TikTok, users debate whether the look is “ugly” or “edgy.”

“I’m all for doing what you want but there is a difference between something being quirky and just plain ugly,” one critic snarked underneath a hairstylist’s clip of their client’s jellyfish haircut and color.

“Looks like when a kid gets ahold of the scissors and cuts their own hair,” quipped another.

Trombley encouraged people to break boundaries and switch up their personal style.

“You can change what you look like tomorrow if you wanted to, and it’s entirely up to you,” she told The Times.

The jellyfish cut is the latest divisive cut to emerge recently, following the pageboy cut and “Pulp Fiction” Uma Thurman-esque micro bangs thanks to the recent ’90s fashion revival.