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How To Get A Perfectly Bouncy Ponytail With TikTok's Claw Clip Hack


Whether you're looking for makeup hacks, hair tips, DIY home décor ideas, or just to kill time, TikTok has you covered. Providing entertainment to "over 1 billion users" in "over 150 countries," according to Wallaroo Media, the world's most popular short-form video-sharing app has a never-ending collection of videos for you to feast your eyes on and learn something new. And when it comes to hair hacks, there's certainly no outage. In fact, we could double down on that statement and say that claw clip hacks in particular are wildly popular.

The hashtag #ClawClip has collected almost 2 billion whopping views, thanks to the return of Y2K trends, which brought the trendy hair accessory with them (along with butterfly clips, headbands, barrettes, and scrunchies, obviously). Regardless of your hair type, texture, and length, there's a #ClawClipHack to help you out, with that hashtag alone racking over 545 million views. The versatility of the claw clip can elevate any look, and that's especially true when it comes to achieving a perfectly bouncy ponytail.

The flip and claw clip hack is the perfect way to achieve a voluminous ponytail

If you're looking for a hot new ponytail style to up your hair game, look no further than your trusty claw clip. The "flip and claw clip" hack on TikTok creates a full and bouncy pony. The results are stunning. Lifestyle vlogger and influencer Skye Wheatley, @skyemareewheatley on TikTok, posted a video hinting that the style also gives a natural "facelift."

In the video, Wheatley slicks her hair into a medium-high ponytail with a subtle middle part. Feel free to create whatever ponytail works for you, whether that involves slicking everything back or leaving your bangs down. Next, she separates the hair at the top of the ponytail to create a small opening and tucks her strands underneath. This is the "flip" part of '"flip and claw." Finally, Wheatley secures her claw clip under the ponytail at the base of the flip, to give the look volume.

You can leave it there or take it one step further, like Wheatley, who used a hair shadow to give a fuller appearance along her hairline. According to Yahoo, hair shadow is a popular Korean beauty trend that makeup lovers in South Korea have been incorporating into their hair routines for ages. You can even use an eyeshadow that closely matches your hair color! Or, skip that step and finish the look with an all-over spritz of hairspray for a long-lasting hold.

Does the flip and claw clip hack work on short or fine hair?

TikTokers with gorgeous, Rapunzel-esque hair often share videos depicting the flip and claw clip hack, which may prompt those with short or fine hair to ask if it will work for them. Content creator Lexi Larson AKA @itslexilarson put that question to the test with her TikTok video. After trying the hack out on her fine shoulder-length hair, she confirms it might not work since she doesn't have enough hair to cover the clip fully.

Many TikTok users commented that the look is cute, and perhaps she needed to use a smaller clip since the one she applied to her hair was rather large. And there might be truth behind that. Chicago-based hairstylist Raven Hurtado told Huff Post, "Depending on the hairstyle, small claw clips (one to two inches) are ideal for finer or shorter hair, half-up half-down hairstyles, and updos." 

A TikTok video shared by #Hairtok contributor @alyssarayelee may find that to be true, with her video captioned, "Can confirm the viral flip and clip ponytail is cute on short hair too!!" In the video, she used a small clip while demonstrating the flip and claw clip hack. The results? A perfectly bouncy ponytail. Sure, it might not be as long and flowy as those with bellybutton-length strands, but it's proof that, with the right clip, anybody can rock a cute claw clip hairstyle.