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Gorgeous Medium-Length Haircuts For Fuller Faces


A great haircut can change not only how you look but also how you feel about yourself. We've likely all heard before that different hairstyles look better on different face shapes. Still, how many of us actually know which cut is best for our face shape? There are plenty of trendy haircuts we want to try or new and unusual cuts and colors we may be itching to experiment with. When it comes time to embark on new hair, though, taking your face shape into consideration can really help to transform your look for the better.

Those of us with full or round faces are pretty lucky; according to Southern Living, round faces tend to look younger and even kinder and more open. When it comes to the haircuts that look best for us, though, some will make our favorite features pop, while others may fall flat. We've compiled a list of all the medium-length haircuts that will make us look and feel like our best selves.

Wavy and blunt

Whether you've got wavy hair or you just know your way around a curling wand, a blunt lob can look great when framing a full face. This option is one of the least choppy or edgy on our list, so if you have an aversion to layers and aren't a fan of fringe, we highly recommend this choice. When paired with loose waves and tons of texture, a blunt bob or long bob (AKA lob) gives you volume and shape while still looking effortless. 

Shoulder length and curtain bangs

Per You Probably Need a Haircut, middle parts aren't always ideal for fuller faces. That said, curtain bangs are a great way to make a middle part work for a full face. Plus, they're totally 'in' right now. Opt for a length that just touches your shoulders to make sure that this voluminous style doesn't weigh you down. The bang shape will shape your face and help to accentuate your cheekbones while the extra volume lightens up your face. 

Long bob just below the chin

Zendaya recently revealed her new bob on Instagram, and of course, we all want to follow in her fabulously fashion-forward footsteps and chop our hair just below the chin. Founder of Laced Hair Extensions & Laced Salon, Lacy Gadegaard, explained to Real Simple, "Any kind of lob or blunt cut can help bring asymmetry to your face, giving it an appearance of a more defined chin and jaw. If you wish to elongate your face and draw attention to your chin, try having it cut just below your chin." 

Blunt bangs

You've probably noticed that bangs of basically any kind have been all over the runways and Instagram over the past few seasons, per InStyle. What you may not know, however, is that this is a perfect trend for those of us with full faces. Hairstylist at Maxine Salon in Chicago, Illinois Shelly Aguirre, explained to Real Simple, "Bangs can draw attention away from the jawline, which is the widest part of the face." The shape that bangs create will, instead, draw focus to your cheekbones and your eyes. 


If you keep up with beauty trends, you know that the modern shag is undoubtedly the haircut of the moment. This is good news for folks with round faces because shags fit them flawlessly. According to Nunzio Saviano, owner of Nunzio Saviano Salon, "A medium-length, shaggy hairstyle accented with side bangs that hit at the cheekbones is a great look for a round face. The layers give volume at the crown and the height on top of the head works to balance out facial features and give it an elongated look (via Real Simple). 

Strong side part

Sure –– the once-labeled "cheugy" side part gave way for the modern middle part over the past few years. According to Glamour, though, side parts are making a triumphant return. This is great news because deep side parts help to add much more volume than a middle part, as well as asymmetry, both of which work particularly well for a round face (via Real Simple). To achieve the perfect deep side part, line a comb up with the outer corner of your eye to form your part. 

Face-framing layers

With the revival of '90s and Y2K trends "The Rachel" haircut of "Friends" fame is back (via Grazia). The Rachel haircut has been updated for 2022, but one component remains, and that's lots of face-framing layers. For round faces, face-framing layers are ideal. Hairstylist and teacher at The Hayah Beauty Style Network, Daarrius Peace, told Real Simple, "We're not trying to hide the round, but frame the round so people can be happy and look good at whatever form of roundness their faces may take. Anything that creates fringing or layering around the face will achieve that." 


You may think that when it comes to finding the right hairstyle for your face shape, the cut is more important than the color. Often this is true, but two-tone hair can frame your full face in a way that's just as transformative and fitting as the perfect cut. Per The Right Hairstyles, the right placement of two-toned hair can do just what contouring makeup does, but around your face, rather than on it. Add a little bit of lightness surrounding your face for the perfect contour. 

Lightened and teased bob

No matter what face shape you have, whether volume in your hair will help or hurt your overall look depends entirely on where it is. While certain types of volume can make your face look wider, a sleek bob paired with some teasing at the scalp will elongate your face and give the illusion that it's not quite as wide or round (via The Right Hairstyles). A bob that falls just below your chin with some teasing up at the scalp can change your face shape entirely, and lightened hair will add brightness.

Below-the-shoulder beachy waves

According to The Right Hairstyles, sometimes choosing the right haircut for your face shape is all about finding the length that goes best with the natural texture of your hair. Beachy waves can give you an effortlessly cool look, but for a round face, wavy hair can create too much volume when it's too short and look too heavy when it's too long. A medium-length haircut that falls just below your shoulders is a perfect length for a wavy look. 

French bob

The French bob has to be one of the most classic medium-length haircuts out there. It's both edgy and carefree, low maintenance, and statement-making. Sure, not everyone can pull off this chic look, but if you have fuller cheeks, this cut can totally transform your face (via 365 Gorgeous). This hairstyle looks sleek and streamlined for folks with naturally straight hair, and this is how most of us think of French bobs. That said, according to RUSSH, this cut creates a lightness that may add to any natural waves and curls.

Wispy bangs with short layers

As we know, bangs are not only trendy and cool, but they're a perfect pairing with a full face. Per The Right Hairstyles, wispy bangs are a bit uneven and less perfectly polished than some other bang styles. Celeb stylist Nubia Rëzo explained to Real Simple, "Wispy bangs are such a trend right now because they are a low-maintenance take on blunt bangs, which can be more difficult to style and require more frequent salon visits." Add in some short layers, and you've got a perfectly framed face without too much styling effort.

Honey highlights

A fresh cut is a great way to totally change your face shape. Yet, if, like many of us, you'd rather keep the scissors away from your strands, there are still plenty of options. Adding some honey-colored highlights to your medium-length hair is a great way to draw attention to your eyes and shine the spotlight onto your favorite facial features (via The Trend Spotter). Adding some waves around your face can also add depth to your new highlights and help to frame your face without cutting off your tresses.

Messy comb-over

If you're not a fan of bangs but still want some added interest and volume to frame your face, a comb-over is a cool and easy option. When we say "comb-over," we're not talking about how your uncle covers his bald spot. Think more along the lines of Lucy Hale's piecey, deep-parted bob (via Stylecaster). Per The Right Hairstyles, go for a length that just touches your collarbone. Give yourself that deep, messy part, and don't be afraid of volumizing and texturizing your locks.

Asymmetrical lob

Even if you've considered many different haircut options, chances are you haven't thought of going with something asymmetrical. Well, let this be your sign to make your hair a little off-balance. According to The Trend Spotter, asymmetrical long bobs are considered "dynamic haircuts," and this means that they can make your face look like it's 2/3 as wide as it actually is. The differing lengths draw the eye to different parts of the face, and it gives your hair a modern edge that we love. 

Asymmetrical curls

Asymmetry isn't just for straight hair. Often when we see the asymmetrical lob, it's styled to be pin-straight and angular. This definitely makes for a sharp, sophisticated, and even slightly edgy look. Yet, an asymmetrical medium-length cut can be for curly girls, too. Healthy natural curls will add volume and interest to your long bob, and the asymmetrical cut will give you a unique and unexpected edge to your tousled 'do. That off-center look will pair perfectly with your volume to complement your face shape. 

Side undercut

If you're interested in something a little extra on the edgy side, the side undercut is an option that will work perfectly with your face shape. Shaving or buzzing off your hair on either side can slim down the look of your face (via The Trend Spotter). Plus, this cut gives you a lot of versatility, as you get the benefits of a short cut while still being able to style and pull back the top part of your hair. 

Curly fringe

There was a time when folks with naturally curly hair felt the need to steer clear of bangs. Those days are gone, much to the joy of curly gurls with full faces. Celeb stylist and Biolage curl specialist, Cynthia Alvarez, explained to Harper's Bazaar, "Curly bangs are definitely a popular and flattering way to wear curls and explore a new style. Ask your stylist to cut your curly bangs when your hair is dry. This will help ensure that they don't accidentally get cut too short. Curly bangs tend to be more flattering this way." 

Side bang bob

Side bangs are a great way to reap the benefits of bangs for your round face without needing the upkeep and styling of most other bang types. Per The Trend Spotter, a bob with side bangs and some short, choppy layers can seriously complement a full face. The slant of the side bangs will make your face look divided on an angle which draws attention diagonally to your face and makes it look more angled and less circular. 

Platinum and perfectly straight

While many recommended hairstyles for fuller faces are built around natural curls or fun, flirty waves, plenty of us have naturally straight locks or just find straight hair to be an easier way to style. Our advice if this sounds like you? Consider going platinum blonde. We know, it may sound intimidating, but icy blonde hair is 'in' right now, and "Alpine blonde" is the latest winter hair trend that will suit anyone. A pin-straight, platinum lob that ends just below your chin will make you look bright and youthful, per The Trend Spotter.

French bob with long curtain bangs

Few haircuts are as perpetually chic as the French bob. Of course, while we know that this cut is perfect for full faces, the harsh lines and angles of the classic French bob are intimidating to many. That's why we love this softer and more laidback update on the old favorite. Curtain bangs have been all the rage lately, and they're a great way to add angles to your face shape. Plus, they're an extra low-maintenance type of fringe, which works for everybody. Opt for these instead of blunt bangs for a subtler French bob.

Pink shag

Shag haircuts aren't just ideal for full face shapes; they're also perfectly on-trend. You can really do no wrong when chopping a shapely shag, but we really love this funky twist on the style. According to The Trend Spotter, bright shades like hot pink are on-trend, and when paired with a piecey haircut like the shag, you can look bold while framing your face. Placing brighter shades of your color of choice higher up on your head will draw the eye up and away from your jawline.

Wolf cut

Hand in hand with the shag is the wolf cut. In an interview with Stylist, Neil Moodie, a celebrity and editorial hairstylist, explained, "A wolf haircut is a mix of the shag haircut and a mullet, but generally created on longer hair. It has shorter choppy layers on the top and longer choppy layers around the sides and back." Lately, we've seen variations of this cut on it-girls like Keke Palmer and Miley Cyrus. Not only is this cut great for full faces, but it's versatile and can be paired with the bangs of your choosing. 

Short wolf cut

While we're used to seeing the below-the-shoulder wolf cut on celebs like, Camila Cabello, there is another option if you're looking to cut some serious chops in your hair and want something shorter and lower maintenance (via Stylist). Per Vogue, edgy fashion icon and hair experimenter extraordinaire, Billie Eilish has sported above-the-shoulder wolf cuts in both icy blonde and deep brown. Slicing yourself a short and spunky wolf cut is a great way to have a little edge while complementing your round face shape. 


If the wolf cut isn't quite edgy enough for you, there's one logical way to take it a step further. Get yourself a mullet. We know, we know –– the "business in the front, party in the back" hairstyle is notoriously difficult to pull off. But, when you think about it, this piecey, choppy cut is actually a lot like many of the other choices on our list, and consequently, it flatters a round face. If you're seeking a haircut for your face shape and a particularly cool and edgy new look, it's time to enter your mullet phase.

Money piece

The trendy money-piece hairstyle isn't a haircut per se, but it is a way to revamp your hair that will likely totally change your look for the better. As we know, face-framing layers are ideal for a full face. If you'd rather not go for layers, though, money pieces can frame your face just as well, since they're highlights around the front of your hair, per Cosmopolitan. As hair colorist, Kim Bonondona said,  "The bold and light blonde streak right in the front will contour the client's hair." 


Layers tend to be a better way to frame a fuller face than a blunt haircut. Feathered hair is a kind of softer and less extreme version of layers, per The Trend Spotter. Plus, feathering works for pretty much any hair length. When you go to the salon, according to TRESemmé global stylist and hairstylist to the stars, Justine Marjan, "Ask them to make sure the layers are feathered towards the ends to avoid removing too much bulk and that they taper towards the ends to nicely frame the face" (via InStyle). 

Bottleneck bangs

Another day, another trendy bang style. Per Grazia, soft and shapely bottleneck bangs have been trending; we've seen them sported by trendsetters like Dakota Johnson, Margot Robbie, and Kirsten Dunst. Leading hairstylist and International Creative Director at Evo, Tom Smith, told Mane Addicts, "A bottleneck bang can really flatter a round face by covering part of the widest part of the face. If the face feels heavier at the jaw, consider leaving the longest parts of the bang around this length rather than taking them closer to the cheekbone." 

Curled in lob

You've probably gathered by now that bobs and lobs tend to be quite complementary for the fuller-faced folks among us. If you're ready to join the lob lifestyle club while looking especially pretty and polished, the curled-in lob is a great way to do it. As sleek as it is chic, this Adele-inspired twist (or should we say "curl") on the lob is perfect for people who prefer a blowdryer-only method to style hair (via Good Housekeeping). A blow dryer plus a round brush or a drying brush like this one is all it takes. 

Side part braids

If you're a fan of box braids, one simple adjustment can make them totally transform your face. Take a page from Tessa Thompson's book, and give your braids a deep part, per Good Housekeeping. While most box braids tend to be long, heavy, and straight, parting them far to the side will make the roundness of your face less symmetrical and add more length to it. Medium-length box braids with a deep part are a great way to look sleek while giving your face more angles.

Extra texture

Per Byrdie, if you want a medium-length haircut that's a bit on the shorter side, a perfect way to make this work for your full face shape is by adding lots of texture. While going with the flow of naturally wavy or curly hair is a great way to get texture, you can pump up your texture with the use of the right products. Texturizing spray and volumizing mousse can work wonders for adding texture and consequently, giving you a bit of additional volume. 

Middle part curls

Symmetry sans shape and piecey-ness is a trait of tresses that will only make your face look rounder. As a result, middle parts can be tough to make work if you want a full face to appear less full. There is one way to rock a middle part that's perfect for round faces, and that's with a head full of defined curls (via Good Housekeeping). Per Marie Claire, celebs from Kelly Rowland to Jennifer Lawrence have proven just how pretty a centered part looks when paired with big curls.

Layered bangs

While bangs of all shapes and sizes can complement a full face beautifully, for many of us getting a major chop right in the front of our face can be daunting. That's one of the many reasons we love layered bangs. According to Good Housekeeping, layered bangs are a great choice if you're looking for a type of fringe that won't box you into just one look. They can be styled straight down, to the side, or even parted down the middle. The bangs' varying lengths and angles in your hair offers versatility.

The Rachel

If like the rest of the world, you're ready to lean into the '90s trend reboot and pick the ideal cut for a round face, there's one perfect haircut. Of course, it's "the Rachel." Since we know that lobs and lots of face-framing layers flawlessly flatter full faces, "The Rachel" renaissance is both perfect for this face shape and on-trend. Hairstylist, Luke Williams, told Real Simple, "The 'Rachel' works best on hair with a lot of layers as it will give your hair more body by surrounding your face in a heart shape and framing it perfectly." 

Wavy bangs

Just as curly bangs have made a splash, so have wavy bangs. While wavy hair has a tendency to look messy and wild when cropped into a short fringe, the unkempt look is totally 'in.' If you have naturally wavy hair and prefer not to use heat on your locks or just love to let your natural waves do their things, don't be afraid to crop some cute bangs and let those strands fly free. And, be sure to add a bit of texturizing spray to make your waves even better. 

V-cut layers

If you haven't heard of v-cut layers, they're exactly how they sound: they're layers cut in a "v" shape. Layered haircuts are both increasingly popular and great for framing your face, which is something we seek out when we're in search of the best cuts for round faces. V-cut layers form a "v" shape at the back of your head and fall perfectly into place. Per, The Right Hairstyles, this style is especially easy to maintain and will give your hair some shape even when styled straight. 

Piecey bangs

As Virtue stylist, Rena Calhoun told Byrdie "Everyone is getting bangs now," and as a result, there are more bang styles now than pretty much ever before. If you're looking to cut bangs but want a messier, more undone kind of look, piecey bangs may be just what you're searching for. These bangs don't need to be styled and kept up with as much as other bangs. They look laidback and a bit edgy, and they add extra angles to your face. Per Good Housekeeping, they're great for thick hair and can be maintained with some leave-in conditioner. 

Micro bangs

Perhaps both the riskiest and edgiest form of fringe, micro bangs are as cool as they are daring.  According to hairstylist, Devin Toth, micro bangs also called baby bangs are "known for being super blunt and short, but there are actually many types. They can be curly, curtain, choppy, wispy, and so on. Micro bangs can add flair to any hairstyle and work on all hair types — super curly, pin straight, updos, pixies, long, short, thick, thin, box braids, Afro" (via Popsugar). 

Butterfly cut

The trendy butterfly haircut is a new way to sport layers, and layers add angles to your face. According to Glamour, this super-layered, voluminous haircut has shorter layers at the top that create a fanned out look that may remind you of butterfly wings. Hairstylist, Jenna Spino says, "The short layers on top are blended through to longer layers on the bottom, and the shorter layers fall at or below the chin and the longer layers fall just past the shoulders."  Plus, this cut can be easily styled in many different ways, making it versatile. 

Sliced bob

If you haven't heard of it yet, the low-effort sliced bob is a refreshing take on the short haircut trend, and it just so happens to be a perfect fit for a fuller face. Stars like Lucy Hale and Kerry Washington have been rocking this chic new bob, which is blunt but tapers down a bit toward the front. According to celeb hairstylist, Anh Co Tran, it "creates internal movement by taking the weight out. It's great for clients with thick, bulky, and coarse hair. It also helps keep the shape and prolong the cut" (via InStyle).

Twisted afro

If you've got a tight curl pattern and are looking to set your natural hair free while making your full face look its best, it may be time for a twisted afro. According to Latest Hairstyles, this look is simple, fun, and chic and only requires a few things for ideal maintenance. A styling spray to maintain your curl shape and softness, as well as a satin bonnet to prevent tangles at night are great ways to keep this voluminous look in tact. We also love pairing it with the curly bang trend for even more interest. 

Baby curtain bangs

Ah yes –- the inevitable combination of two huge trends has arrived. Baby bangs and curtain bangs have joined forces to create baby curtain bangs. Baby curtain bangs are the edgiest new hair trend of the season, and they'll add both edges and ease to your face shape. According to co-founder of Arey Haircare and hairstylist to the stars, Jay Small, "Traditional curtain bangs sit at the top of the cheekbone and then angle down toward the ear" (via Byrdie). Baby curtain bangs fall shorter, which means they won't grow out as quickly as their longer counterpart. 

Octopus hair

As we've learned, piecey haircuts are all the rage. The newest take on the shag hairstyle trend is called "octopus hair." It involves short layers on top of the hair, making it vaguely octopus-shaped. The lead stylist at Taylor Taylor London, Darren Bain, explained that octopus hair "uses shorter layers on the top of the head, critically maintaining length and volume, while thinner, longer lengths of hair are styled from underneath... [It's] perfect for someone that enjoys volume and unstructured hair, as heavy layers create lots of volume that make the hair look thicker internally" (via PopSugar). 

Disconnected bob

A disconnected bob is a bob with different lengths within one cut (via Be Inspired). Even if you've never heard the term before, you've likely seen many different versions of this haircut. The lengths you choose, as well as how drastic the change is from one length to another can greatly affect how the cut looks. That said, likely any version will add angles and dimension to your face shape. According to Sam Villa, this cut is great for folks with thicker hair, because the differing lengths add lightness to the head of hair as a whole.

Disconnected lob

If you like the piecey-ness and angles of the disconnected bob but want something a bit more subtle and less edgy, allow us to introduce you to the disconnected lob. It's a bit longer, of course than the disconnected bob, but it also tends to have a subtler transition from back to front than its more cropped counterpart. Per The Right Hairstyles, when it comes to bobs, the choppier and more easy-going, the better, and for this reason, the disconnected lob is a perfect choice.