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The Coolest Fall Hair Colors to Try This Season


Somehow it’s already almost autumn, meaning it’s time to start your search for the best fall hair colors. So far, this year has seen the rise of quiet luxury hair and the subsequent fall of balayage and highlights, which, according to stylists, will likely continue into the cooler seasons.

“This fall we will be seeing many enriching adjustments to hair color," Lauren Mildice, hair colorist at Chicago’s Maxine Salon, tells Glamour. “Barbie blondes will find balance and depth through the addition of caramel, honey, and pumpkin spice ribbons added throughout the hair, and strawberry blondes will now transition into rich deep copper shades like auburn.”

And of course, natural brunettes are sure to have fun too. “Brunettes have choices—they can go from neutral to spectacular including exciting combinations of mahogany, plum and caramel-chocolate browns,” Mildice continues. “This season it’s time to rev up our leftover summer hair!”

As for redheads? According to Shvonne Perkins, master colorist and lead educator at home hair color maker Madison Reed, red hair mania isn’t going anyway any time soon, and apple cider copper is predicted to be one of the biggest shades for fall. “This hair color shifts the bold copper shade we’ve been seeing everywhere to a more muted copper,” she says.

Feeling inspired but don’t know where to start? You’re in the right place. Ahead, top hairstylists share their takes on the coolest fall hair trends to try—from pumpkin spice reds to low-key blondes to bold brunettes. Read on for experts’ best fall hair ideas, and get ready to screenshot.

Apple Cider Copper

Perkins says that apple cider copper will be one of the top colors to watch for fall 2023. “It’s a mix of a warm, light auburn hue with subtle hints of gold and copper," she says of the shade. “Think apple cider.”

To get the look, Perkins suggests asking for a golden, copper toner without a brown base. “This shade looks best when it’s allowed to build off your natural dimension and just act as a tinted topcoat for the hair,” she says. “Color Reviving Gloss in Cannella and Color Therapy Mask in Zucca  are both excellent for at-home upkeep of this tone.”

Honeycomb Blonde

As some beauty buffs bid adieu to balayage, blonde color enthusiasts are now embracing honeycomb blonde. “An ode to a beautiful honeycomb, this blonde maintains the hair’s beautiful and natural golden undertones instead of being lightened all the way to white,” Perkins says. “Maintaining a sense of dimension, by maintaining a darker blonde shade with natural undertones, will keep this look effortlessly chic.”

To get the look, Perkins recommends resisting the urge to go as light as your highlighting service will allow. “The purpose is to have blonde (either all over or highlighted pieces of this color) that still has some natural pigment to it so that it appears as a deep rich blonde with complex tones,” she says. “Tell your hairdresser you want to be a dark to medium blonde; not ultralight.”

To maintain this color at home, use the Madison Reed Color Therapy Mask in Prosecco or the Palmi Warm Honey Hair Toning Glaze. “These will enhance your tone and keep your color vibrant,” Perkins says.

Pumpkin Spice

Mildice also points to pumpkin spice “bropper,” which is a brown hair and copper color mix, as another shade to watch for the fall.

“This is a great option for the cozy months when you feel the urge to richen your color but do not want a dramatic change,” she says. “Everyone can embrace hair color warmth, especially when cozying up to a nice warm fire. Since copper and deep brunette color is in high demand during the colder months, combining the two just makes sense.”

The best part about this color, Mildice adds, is that it’s so customizable. “This color keeps everyone guessing since this color reflects differently in the light like an amber gemstone, and you can keep it solid or add dimension,” she says. “Customize it with your colorist for you!”

Dark Chocolate Brunette

Dark chocolate brunette is the epitome of expensive luxury hair, so it’s no surprise that it’s predicted to trend this fall. “This classic hair color complements just about everyone, plus delivers an instant sophistication and edge,” says Perkins. “Dark chocolate brunette welcomes in cooler brown tones for an all-over rich brunette shade that adds depth and dimension to your look for fall.”

To create the look, Perkins suggests using Madison Reed Radiant Hair Color in Milano or Messina at home or in a Madison Reed Hair Color Bar, and maintaining at home with Madison Reed Color Therapy Mask in Caffe or Madison Reed Color Reviving Gloss in Espresso.

Chestnut Brown

Prepare to see lots of elevated yet low-maintenance hair colors this fall, such as chestnut brown. “Chestnut brunette is a natural brown with hints of caramel and golden undertones,  and loads of rich shine. No matter where you are, the season’s best shade of brunette seamlessly fits into the perfect autumn aesthetic; plucked right out of a scene from Gilmore Girls!” says Perkins. What’s more, she adds, is that this color is especially luminous and reflective. “It’s a departure from the subdued, ash tones featured in the trends from seasons past.”

To create the look, use Madison Reed Radiant Hair Color in Lucca Light Brown or Tuscany Brown at home or in a Madison Reed Hair Color Bar, says Perkins.

Honey Melt Blonde

Much like cozy blonde, honey melt blonde is an ideal option for blondes looking for a more low-key and less high-maintenance take on blonde for fall. “Honey melt is adding honey tones and lowlights in a pirouette pattern around the shape of the haircut,” says Mildice. “This is a time when everyone feels a bit washed out, so adding warm tones to your color creates a soft glow around you. By having a warmer blonde color, you won’t find yourself at the salon as often since warmth lives in the hair.”

Adding depth and warmth back into the hair also minimizes the visibility of the grow-out phase, Mildice adds. “This technique can be utilized to replenish depth and dimension while creating structure to an empty monotone summer blond.”

Burgundy Plum

Another red hair color that’s trending for fall? Burgundy plum. “With its deep purple hue and hints of red, plum hair color adds a bold and dramatic touch,” says Mildice. “It’s perfect for the fall season.”

Brunette Swirl

Brunettes don’t have to be boring, and chocolate brunette swirl proves it. “Indulging in the sweet and rich tones of this new trendy color will enhance your natural beauty,” says Mildice. “Picture rich brunettes layered with tones of milk-chocolate to bittersweet, to dark cocoa. This technique is a merging of them all in a perfect blend. These versatile shades are reminiscent of layers of swirling chocolate creating a captivating look.”

This rich color adds a touch of sophistication and dimension to your overall appearance in the light by using similar tones and varying lightness. Whether you opt for light milk chocolate shades, dark chocolate browns or a blend, this trend will keep heads turning.  Chocolate colors effortlessly flatter a wide range of skin tones and eye colors and can be customized to suit the salon guest.

Champagne Shades

“Blondes are going darker for fall,” Jason Lee, hairstylist, colorist, and founder of Mela & Kera tells Glamour, pointing to champagne blonde as an especially popular option for the shade. “Champagne blonde tends to be a mixture between warmer and cooler tones throughout the hair, creating more of a champagne tone,” he says. “The slightest pearl tone also helps to accentuate the champagne feel of the hair, and the pearl tone can be done using a gloss color.”

Natural Brown

“More natural hair is still in for fall, meaning people are avoiding over-processing,” Jaclyn Curti, hair colorist and extensions specialist at Eva Scrivo Salon, says.“Think Olivia Rodrigo’s rich chocolate brown with subtle amber highlights towards the bottom.”

Golden Normcore Highlights

Another trend on the horizon, according to Salon SCK colorist Heather Lee, is what she calls golden normcore highlights. “They can be chunky ’90s or Y2K highlights, or just barely noticeable baby lights,” she says. “But expect to see some beautiful golden normcore tones.”

Sandy Beige

Curti also points out that blondes are leaning more beige this autumn. “We are seeing more beige blondes, as opposed to those bright buttery tones,” she explains. “Think Amanda Seyfried and Jennifer Aniston, who are the epitome of that sandy, beige blonde.”

Carnelian Copper

“A beautiful auburn color with a copper cast has been here for the summer, and will continue to be one of the most desired through the fall,” Lorena M. Valdes, colorist at Chicago’s Maxine Salon, says. “This can be achieved with an allover color, highlights, or balayage depending on the style and vibrancy desired.”

Chocolate Cherry

Lee also predicts a rise in chocolate cherry brown. “An alternative to auburn, but still in the warm, reddish family, is adding a red undertone throughout brunette,” he says. “Another example of how red is extremely popular right now, but for those of us who aren’t ready to take the full plunge into red, chocolate cherry seems to be a great way to update your look and make it modern but still live in the brunette world.” 

Rosy Beige

Rose and beige hybrids are also expected to blow up this season, says Lee. “We’ll see a lot of beige with a pink undertone, and when the pink tone washes out, it will become a beautiful beige-blonde.”

Honey Red

According to Kevin Kelly, owner of Kevin Kelly salon, the surge in warm tones will also inspire lots of honey reds this season.

Face-Framing Highlights 

A face frame is perfect for maintaining some of your summer brightness without the upkeep, says Matt Rez, a celebrity colorist at LA’s Meche Salon. He adds that it’s an easy way to “look light and bright without full foil commitment,” and it makes your hair pop on video calls. “This is great for those who also wear their hair up a lot and want that element of light around their face without hours in the salon,” he says. “Ask for a nice melted root with face framing the next time you get your highlights done.”

Warm Creamy Blonde

“Warm is the best tonal direction to go for fall,” says Rez. “If you’re a blonde that’s been more on the creamy or even the beige side and have wanted to try a warmer allover feel, adding midlights that will lift warm and/or warmer highlights to your existing color will ease your way to super warm down the road. Fall is the best time to try this trend—not to mention, intentional warmer colors have a softer fade over time.” To ease into the shade, start by asking for a warm golden gloss on top of your existing summer blonde. 

Solid Colors

While ombrés and root smudges are one way to limit maintenance, Rez also suggests going the opposite direction with a solid color with no highlights. “I love this for people who want super-easy and quick trips in and out of the salon,” he says. “If you get touch-ups every two to eight weeks and want to keep it simple—especially now in these times—this is for you.” Although Rez suggests going into the salon if possible (ask for a base that’s close to your natural color so there’s no demarcation line), it’s also easy enough to touch up at home if need be.

Deep Auburn 

Red and copper popped up as It shades last year, and red fall hair colors aren’t slowing down anytime soon. “I’m in love with this shade of red hair for the fall,” says Rez. “It’s the perfect marriage of warmth and depth that makes this color so special.” For a red with tons of depth, he says to ask your colorist for an auburn shade that doesn't read purple: “The perfect auburn has a brown background with a deep copper reflect.” 

Honey Wheat Blonde 

Warmer-toned blonde is also popping this year, like this honey shade on Jennifer Lawrence. Jenna Perry, Lawrence’s colorist and owner of New York’s Jenna Perry Hair, loves “wheat-toned blonde that’s diffused with a person's natural color, rather than contrasting against.” She says this shade gives off that “I just left the salon” look while still feeling effortless.

Espresso Brunette 

“Brunettes are finally getting their moment,” says Katie Cartwright, colorist at LA’s Nine Zero One salon. “After years of balayage and blonde being on trend, many brunettes are turning back to the simplicity and beauty of a deep, rich, espresso brown.” She loves a rich shade like Meghan Markle’s since it flatters pretty much all skin tones and eye colors, but says you can play around with how dark you go depending on your natural color.

Subtle Face Frame 

For a softer take on last year’s chunky highlights, go for a subtle face frame. A brighter shade right around your face will bring all the attention to your eyes without any harsh lines. “A super-effortless face frame with bright endlights and a base drop is a more evolved ombré that’s less contrived and sexier,” says colorist and Matrix ambassador Rachel Bodt. “It’s great way to add dimensions and not take away from the depth you may love.” To get the look, she suggests asking for a face frame with some color melting, and ask to leave the ends out to keep the brightness. 


Considering going blonde but scared of the maintenance? Consider bronde—a mix of blonde and brown—your new go-to. Rez says this is a great option for anyone because your hair can be lifted or darkened accordingly depending on your base color, and the amount of depth is totally up to you. “Make sure you ask for lowlights and midlights off your face and through the interior and exterior,” he notes. “Midlights will connect the lowlights and highlights vertically throughout and create the most seamless melt into your base color.” If you’re already a cooler blonde, he says you can also do a gloss over it for a cozier fall feel. 

Deep Sea Black 

Get in the mood for cool weather with a dramatic dark black. “It’s smart to transition into this dramatic color during the cooler months to prevent fading due to sun exposure,” says Karissa Schaudt, colorist at Maxine Salon in Chicago. For maximum impact, go with a black so dark it has an underlying shade of blue and not a hint of warmth. 

Pastel Pink 

Kaia Gerber is the latest celeb to jump onto the trend of the #quarantint, and while there are endless color options, pink is without a doubt the most popular since it’s universally flattering and easy to DIY. “I’m really digging how everyone is getting more adventurous and creative and playing around with bold colors,” says Cartwright, adding that a shade like this is best if you already have prelightened hair. Ask your colorist for whatever shade of pink you desire, or check out our guide to dyeing your hair pink at home.

Milk Chocolate Brown

For those looking to keep things low-key but who just want to give their brunette a little sparkle, milk chocolate is the coolest brown fall hair color. “This is the perfect shade of brunette for the fall,” says Rez. “Golden reflects off a rich brown base is brunette goals in the autumn months. Ask your colorist for a medium brown base color with fine wisps of dark golden bronde highlights for a warm sparkle. Just make sure the highlights don’t overpower the base color.”

Golden Copper 

If you’re looking to go red, this bold copper is another pretty option. “This shade is popular among people who want a bold change,” says Perry. “It’s equal parts sexy and playful.” Just keep in mind that red is one of the hardest shades to maintain, so plan for regular touch-ups, and make sure to use only color-safe shampoos.  

Warm Blonde

“I’m so happy that a lot of blondes are gravitating toward the warmer tones,” says Cartwright. “The warmth reflects the light, making your hair appear shiny and healthy.” Not only is the color easier to maintain, but she points out that it’s really flattering if you have warmth in your eyes and skin. Ask your stylist for something bright but not ashy.

Cinnamon Chocolate

The trick to nailing this perfect fall color is the contrast created between a warm auburn tint and a dark brunette base. The layering is super subtle and looks amazing on every length and texture.

Cinnamon Swirl

Look at that: another red shade. “This is one of my favorite picks for fall,” says Lauren Grummel, a colorist in New York. “It works for so many people. In some lighting the color looks blonder; sometimes it’s more strawberry.” Ask for some balayage highlights with a little warmth.

Ruby Bronze 

Pump up your sun-faded copper for fall with a richer bronze shade. “Mixing multiple colors, like brown and red, will look incredibly natural,” says Schaudt.

Champagne Pop 

Bored with blonde but not quite ready to plunge into pink? A pale champagne color is right in the middle and has almost an ethereal fairy-tale vibe. “Blush tones can be added to light blonde or used all over to give a twist to your signature look,” says Rex Jimieson, color educator and colorist at Maxine Salon. “It’s both warm and cool, so it looks good on any skin tone, even without your summer tan.”

Caramel Ribbons 

“I love a good brunette that doesn’t read red but has elements of warmth throughout,” says Rez. “It gives a really balanced result.” If you’re a natural brunette, ask your stylist for midlights one or two levels lighter than your base, and neutral-warm highlights. “The combo of the two will pick up so beautifully without unwanted warmth taking over and reading as a red,” he says. “Done right, warmth on brunettes is unbeatable.”


“More than any other postquarantine request, I have talked to many clients about renegotiating their relationship with color,” says Mark DeBolt, colorist and co-owner of New York’s Mark Ryan Salon. He says that while growing out gray hair can be challenging (most people make it to the eight-week mark and give up), during quarantine, some of his gray clients made it to 14 weeks and decided they liked what they saw. “Some have opted for a more translucent type of coverage from a demipermanent, which only stains grays and doesn’t offer 100% coverage,” he says. “Some clients have decided to keep growing out the gray but then add more ‘pepper’—a slate, silver, or charcoal color—to add depth and interest while getting away from regular three-week retouches.”

Cool Caramel Blonde

While warmer blondes are certainly having a moment, Rez also loves this neutral-toned blonde for something a little more unexpected. “It’s a great blonde option for the fall,” he says. “It’s the perfect balance of cool and warm tones that create that cool caramel vibe. Finely woven warm golden blonde highlights on a cool dark blonde base is what you should ask for.” 

Melted Caramel 

You know what they say: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. You can never go wrong with caramel brown highlights for fall. “This is such a soft melted caramel,” says Grummel. “You can achieve a soft look no matter what your natural shade is. Ask for a soft balayage highlight no more than two to three shades lighter than your natural color.”

Deep Dimension 

“The perfect seasonal update for darker brown hair is to add shade-on-shade dimension with different shades of brunette,” says DeBolt. “This will give darker natural hair more depth and variation. Even subtle brown tones can make a big color difference on black hair.” To keep the contrast up, he recommends using the Christophe Robin Shade Variation Mask in Ash Brown to temper any brassiness and add shine. 

Soft Gold 

Addison Rae is the queen of sun-kissed color, and Bodt is particularly fond of this golden beige shade for the cooler months. The key to what makes this look so cool? The subtle contrast between the face frame and the root. “Ask for honey beige highlights, and for the highlights to be toned at the root without getting rid of them completely,” she says.

Natural Black 

“This color is timelessly chic,” says celebrity colorist Jeremy Tardo. “Natural black tones are not overly pigmented, so they don’t look too inky, and they give a strong appearance without looking too aggressive.” Unlike deep sea black, natural black doesn’t have much blue added in. If you want to try this at home, Tardo recommends Clairol Nice’N Easy in 2 Black or 2.5 Soft Black.

Warm Brunette 

“We’ve been infusing brunettes with dimensions ranging from shades of honey, chestnut, peanut butter taupes, and tawny tones,” says DeBolt. “Warmth in hair color reflects more light, which makes your hair look brighter and healthier.” Subtler swirls of color look great on straight hair, while bolder highlights make curls pop. 

Playful Copper 

Take a shot every time we suggest another red hue (just kidding!). But really, there’s no doubt it’s the shade of the season. “Red and coppers are becoming more playful and less stuffy and mature,” says Bodt of the their sudden popularity. “This can work on a lot of skin complexions, either leaning more golden or more copper.” She says to ask your colorist for a semipermanent base to start, and then have them add highlights and tone for tons of dimension.

Spiced Gold 

If you’re not ready for a true red, something on the copper side of things is a great way to play with the shade. Jimieson says to ask for a mix of golden highlights and some copper midlights, using your natural color as the background. Or you can discuss shifting your base to copper so the gold pops. It may look intimidating but, he says, it’s pretty low-maintenance.

Amber Brown 

If you want a simple fall change, DeBolt recommends asking your stylist for a blushy, warm gloss on brown hair. “If you have faded highlights from summer, a simple gloss would do the trick, and will add shine and warmth for the autumnal months ahead,” he says. “If your hair is one single color, you will need to add some delicate, hand-painted highlights around your face and throughout the crown.”

Soft Brown Highlights 

While warmer tones are trending, that doesn’t mean cooler tones aren’t still stunning. If you’re looking to break up your brunette without making a major change, try barely there cool brown highlights. Keep your base dark but ask for some soft balayage highlights, says Grummel: “A gloss will also help add extra shine to a dull brunette and get rid of any unwanted red tones.”

Pearl Blonde

“I love this look because it gives a slight tonal shift and iridescence on the platinum-blonde trend,” says Tardo, who recommends it for anyone who’s getting bored with true platinum but still loves a superlight shade. Ask your stylist for an extra-light blonde with pale yellow undertones, and make sure to stress you don’t want anything too gray-toned.


“Some people have decided to go bold and step into something more expressive,” says DeBolt. “We’ve seen this in subtle versions where women have added a glimmer of delicate rose tones to highlighted blonde hair—or on other end of the spectrum, we’ve also seen rich jewel tones. I had one client ask for a hair color inspired by Van Gogh’s Starry Night.” Don’t be afraid to play, and look for inspiration in unexpected places. 

Mocha Melt 

Can’t decide between blonde or brunette? Luckily, there’s a shade that combines them into one swirl of prettiness. “This is beautiful on brunettes that want a blend of blonde tones,” says Schaudt. “Ask your colorist for a full balayage. This style should keep a rooted look, while lightening the mid-ends. This melt is lifted only two or three levels lighter than the natural, so it’s not overly lightened and perfect for fall.”

Black Coffee 

Take your brunette into not-quite-black territory for the cooler temps. “It’s softer and easy to wear if you add black to your medium or dark brown base color with foils or balayage rather than going completely solid,” says Jimieson. “Ask for a demipermanent color so you can change it down the road. Plus, it will be super shiny.”

Au Naturel 

“During the pandemic, everyone really got the time to embrace the natural parts of themselves. And you realize how beautiful the natural you really is,” says Nine Zero One Salon co-owner Riawna Capri, who took Julianne Hough’s hair back to its natural shade after she’d experimented with fun colors in quarantine. While Hough’s version of natural is a beautiful soft brown, this trend is all about enhancing your natural color. “It’s a perfect, easy color to maintain. I suggest thinking about getting a more low-maintenance hair color so you can come in every three to six months instead of every four to six weeks.”  

Sandalwood Stripes 

If you want to add some dimension to your curls without an extreme change, go for bright highlights. “This color works best for those with thicker, dark hair,” says Tardo. “The lighter ribbons of color give separation to highlight beautiful natural textures.” He says to ask for subtle ash bronde highlights.

Cool Silver

DeBolt says shades of silver are trending, and the coolest way to wear the shade is in a cropped pixie. “If you are brave enough to carry this look, it really is a head turner,” he says. He likes the Christophe Robin Baby Blonde mask to knock out any yellow tones. 

Warm Dimension 

To get curls to really pop, add a variation of warm shades on roots and ends. To get a similar look at home, celebrity hairstylist Derick Monroe recommends Dark & Lovely Fade Resist in Chestnut Brown at the roots and Honey Blonde on ends. Since both colors are on the warm side, the result doesn’t look fake, just super dimensional and pretty. 

Hologram Hair 

“Rainbow colors are making a comeback,” says Perry. “There’s a big ’90s influence in the air and, with things going back to ‘normal’ post-pandemic, I think people really want to express themselves in a carefree way.”

Scarlet Red 

“This scarlet hue is the perfect marriage of summer brightness and winter richness,” says Tardo. “It’s especially gorgeous on medium to dark skin tones.” For a similar shade, he says to ask your colorist for a red that doesn’t lean too heavily toward orange or violet. “The color should be a true primary red with just enough brown added to soften intensity.” If you feel confident putting the color in your own hands, he likes to mix Clairol Nice’N Easy 5R Medium Auburn and 4BG Dark Burgundy for a DIY option.