Girls' Life June/July 2023

Girls' Life


Welcome to your Short Hair Era


To snip, or not to snip? That is (actually no longer) the question, because cropped cuts are having a moment. 

The second Dixie (D'Amelio) went pixie, we knew; 2023 is the year of the bob. Nervous about the chop? Fret not: With this inspo and our expert advice (plus a smidge of coif courage), flawless face-framing fringe is just an appointment away.

Sleek French Bob

This chic style is super versatile. "You can wear it straight and tucked behind your ears or you can wear it with a little bend," says celeb hairstylist Raven Hurtado.

Ask For: A short French bob that's all one length, sans bangs, and hits below the ear.

Haircut Helpers: For a look like Taylor's, spray on a heat protectant, then style with a flat iron and a shine spray. A deep side part brings drama to an otherwise simple style.

Butterfly Bob

This symmetrical style hits below the chin or just above your shoulders. While a simple cut, you can fake the illusion of long layers and lots of volume by parting hair to one side, like Zendaya.

Ask For: A bob hitting mid-neck that's all one length.

Haircut Helpers: To create movement and texture, flip your hair back and forth after washing as it air-dries. Seeking something more sleek? Use a flyaway-taming stick paired with a tiny brush that'll keep the part and edges clean.

Bangin' Blunt Cut

Long bangs on a short 'do offer a magical blend of sophistication and fun.

Ask for: If you've already gone through your bang phase, all you need to add is an edgy blunt cut that hits just below the jawline. Long, textured layers give it an airy vibe, explains Hurtado.

Haircut Helpers: To prevent this look from falling flat (litterally), use a volumizing mousse. Celeb hairstylist Laura Polko recommends applying it to damp hair at the crown before blow-drying. Finish with a texture spray around the face for a piece-y feel.