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CNN Underscored


The 19 best claw clips, according to experts and editors


The claw clip is the MVP of lazy girl hairstyling. From half-up hairdos to elegant French twists, securing a bun or simply getting your hair out of your face, claw clips can give you a pulled-together look in seconds. The ’90s hair accessory is a favorite among hairstylists and editors, so we compiled our very favorite claw clips that we deem the best of the best. Our 19 picks can handle thick hair, long hair and curly hair, but also short hair, bangs and more. Plus, we saved a genius claw clip storage solution for last.

Tocess Big Hair Claw Clip, 8-Pack

These clips are viral for a reason. For just $10, you get eight big clips that are ideal for securing hair in a twisted updo. I also love the matte finish and variety of soft pastel and neutral colors. — Chelsea Stone, senior editor

Barbie x Kitsch Assorted Claw Clip Set

One of the cutest collabs I’ve seen this year, Kitsch’s Barbie-inspired collection finds a nice balance between campy and subtle. This fun set of three lets you play around with different hairdos. — Caroline Curran, deals editor

Anthropologie Squiggle Hair Claw Clip

I like this one because it gives the hair a little flair. It also gives the hair a polished look rather than using a claw clip just to be lazy — and it really holds. Wearing a claw clip in an easy French twist adds a chic look showing off the neckline, or a half-up style adds a little undone, romantic, feminine style to any hair! So chic! — Michelle Hong, creative director and founder of NYC The Team

LuSeren 4.3-Inch Large Hair Claw Clips, 8-Pack

I don’t go anywhere without a claw clip anymore, but I’m constantly losing track of them and am notorious for just throwing them in my bag — so I avoid spending a lot on one. This eight-pack is everything I could ask for at an unbeatable price. The soft matte finish is chic and comfortable, they’re strong enough to hold my long, thick hair and this pack includes a neutral color for every outfit. — Noelle Ike, contributing editor

Chunks Juno Claw Clip

I wear this clip almost every day. It’s sturdy and perfectly sized for my shoulder-length hair. I tend to wear mostly neutrals, so it’s a nice bit of confetti on top of a monochrome outfit. — Caroline Curran, deals editor

Biscuit Glowing Green Chard Hair Clip

By far my favorite clip, this fun claw is in the shape of a chard leaf, complete with bright-pink stalk and tiny rhinestones. People stop me to comment on it almost every time I wear it. It’s really a hit at summer barbecues. — Chelsea Stone, senior editor

Maorulu Large Hair Clips, 4-Pack

These are my current favorite clips. I like how the narrow teeth look a bit more elegant than a typical claw clip and how the matte finish helps them grip my hair. I have superlong, superthick hair, so a strong clip is a must. For only $8 for a four-pack, I’ve been impressed with the quality and value of these ones. — Sophie Shaw, associate beauty editor

Coucou Suzette Hair Claw

The unique clips and claws from Coucou Suzette practically guarantee compliments — whether you go for a fruit, animal, flower or something more abstract. My personal favorites are the eggplant, dachshund and pansy. — Caroline Curran, deals editor

Trademark Beauty Claw Clips

Trademark Beauty’s claw clips are gentle yet strong to keep your hair staying in place and stylish. These claw clips are great for all hair types, also lightweight and comfortable to use. If you’re looking to tone down your look, they’re also available in neutral colors. — Raven Hurtado, stylist at Maxine Salon in Chicago

Lukacy Large Metal Hair Claw Clips, 6-Pack

I reach for these gold claw clips when I’m going for a classier look — no one would guess they’re just $8 for six on Amazon. They do the work of holding up my thick, curly hair but with an added touch of sophistication. — Chelsea Stone, senior editor

Anthropologie Mini Claw Hair Clip Set

I’ve been loving mini claw clips to hold back my curtain bangs for a cute half-up, half-down look. The colors and designs included in this set are so fun yet wearable — the perfect accessory to any simple look. — Noelle Ike, contributing editor

Kitsch Brown Eco-Friendly Jumbo Open Claw Clip

While I usually have to tie a ponytail using a hair tie before twisting my hair and securing it with Kitsch’s claw clip, I still love it for its pearlescent finish that adds a cute touch to any look. — Sophie Shaw, associate beauty editor

Kaxi Hold Everything Clip

My favorite clip is the Kaxi Hold Everything Claw Clip. It comes in three different sizes, so depending on your hair’s length, thickness or density, you’ll find the right fit. Kaxi’s website also has really great how-to videos, in case you need a tutorial." — Theadora Guzmán, hair stylist and education manager at Maria Nila

Chunks Checker Claw Clip

This wavy checkered clip is the perfect fun (but not too fun) complement to any outfit. I especially love adding the black-and-white clip atop an all-black look for a pop of interest. — Chelsea Stone, senior editor

Jenny Lemons Hot Dog Hair Clip

I recently splurged on an adorable Jenny Lemons hot dog-shaped claw clip and don’t regret it one bit. I’ve been a huge fan of this brand’s designs and wanted to play with hair accessories a little more. If hot dogs aren’t your vibe, the brand also makes other adorable shapes like bananas, watermelon, pizza, cake and even broccoli. — Lindsey Smith, associate editor

Kitsch Jumbo Classic Claw Clips

Much as I did with the scrunchie, I have lived long enough to experience the rise, fall and rise again of the infamous claw clip. I have extremely thick hair, and it’s usually a hassle to keep it all up at once. The clips in this two-pack stay put, and they’re really affordable. I’ve had the same ones for a few years now and no teeth have broken off. — Lindsey Smith, associate editor

Ceelgon Claw Clips for Thick Hair, 2-Pack

I was searching for claw clips made specifically for thick hair and found these on Amazon. Sometimes it’s difficult to tell how large the clips will be in person, but these 5.5-inch clips really are jumbo sized. They feel sturdy and hold my hair without pulling or tugging. — Sophie Shaw, associate beauty editor

Parcelona Tortoiseshell Chignon Hair Pins, 3-Pack

Not technically a claw clip but it serves the same purpose! My roommate (and style icon, if I do say so myself) introduced me to these chignon hair pins. It takes a couple tries to get the hang of it, but the minimalist, U-shaped design holds surprisingly well for an elegant yet effortless style. — Caroline Curran, deals editor

Smuk Claw Clip Organizer

I reach for a claw clip most days to control my unruly curly hair, so I’ve long been searching for a way to display my collection. This organizer does the trick for clips of all sizes, and it can helpfully hang from any hook or a hanger in your closet. — Chelsea Stone, senior editor