NewBeauty July 17, 2023



TikTok’s “Bowl Method” Trend Is the Hair Hack of the Summer


Don’t worry, it’s not bowl cuts.

I don’t know about you, but when I first saw the “bowl method” trending on TikTok I was immediately transported to being a four-year-old with a Beatles-esque chop. Luckily, bowl cuts are not what’s currently trending on the app, and I personally hope they never are. The bowl method TikTok is referring to is a hack for our curly-haired friends.

Essentially “the bowl method was invented by a TikTok influencer named Zia. In this process you apply your curl products and dunk your hair into a large bowl of water to seal in moisture and hydration,” explains colorist Seamus McKernan. When it comes down to it, it’s a conditioning and styling method, says hairstylist Raven Hurtado.

How to do the bowl method

After you shampoo and condition your hair, apply the products of choice throughout your hair. Then dunk it into a bowl of water, says celebrity hair artist Laurabeth Cabott. Follow this with a scrunch to get all the remaining water and build-up from the product out, she adds.

Hurtado suggests dunking hair two to four times for even distribution. The products can be whatever you usually put in your curls from pattern-defining foam to hydrating serum. McKernan recommends “using Nioxin 3D Styling Bodifying Foam ($21) to hold the curls in place for long-lasting definition and Wella Professionals Nutricurl Milky Waves Nourishing Spray ($25) for soft, bouncy curls.”

The benefits of the bowl method

This method is popular because it works well and it’s a simple. It promotes “an even distribution of product, minimal frizz, and a more even curl pattern,” says Cabott. Hurtado says you’ll also notice enhanced shine and moisture as well as more defined waves and curls. It’s the perfect hack for quick, minimal effort curls in the summer.