MSN May 30, 2023



Scared To Try The Wolf Cut? Try The Wolflette, A Subtle Take On The Trend


The wolf cut is Gen Z's favorite hairstyle, as it sometimes seems like everyone on TikTok wants to achieve the trendy wolf cut. For people wanting a somewhat drastic, mullet-ish-inspired, carefree-style chop, the wolf cut is the perfect new 'do to help them change their looks. For instance, TikToker @pinkdrinx_ posted a video flaunting the intense change from a classic medium-length clavicut to a choppy wolf cut, and many viewers loved the swap from classic to bold, writing comments like, "love it, my favorite style by far beautiful and wild" and "IT LOOKS SO GOOD OMG." So, yes, Gen Z TikTok users tend to adore the wolf cut. However, opting for a wolf cut doesn't always lead to perfectly on-trend hair.

TikToker @charliesara2702 posted an honest video showing that as gorgeous as wolf cuts look after styling, these haircuts can be super messy without styling. Viewers commented in agreement that wolf cuts aren't always so convenient, writing, "For me it just looked really flat" and "my hair has wave curls and it just ruin [sic] my whole cut." So, we understand if nervousness regarding all that can go wrong is preventing you from trying the trendy chop. But that doesn't mean you should avoid all wolf-inspired cuts. If you've been intrigued by the wolf cut but don't want such a drastic look, the wolflette is your best bet, as it still provides a somewhat choppy look but isn't nearly as extreme.

Wolflettes give you layers — not a mullet

"The 'wolflette,' or petite wolf, is a soft, feminine version of the popular 'wolf cut' ... I've had requests for 'wolf cuts,' but without the feeling of a mullet," Amy Abramite, a creative director and stylist at Maxine Salon, told POPSUGAR. Thus, a "wolflette" cut can keep your hair long if you want and won't give you the mullet-like top that you typically get from a full-on wolf cut but can still provide fun layers for a hint of edge; you'll get the wolf-ish look without risking regret from doing anything too intense.

This haircut looks great with curtain bangs

Long, soft curtain bangs add lovely volume to your hair, bringing the "wolflette" look to life. The wild fringe is one of the most intense, high-maintenance aspects of a typical wolf cut — and is likely the primary reason why some people are intimidated by the look. But softer, longer — and arguably most importantly — lower-maintenance curtain bangs shouldn't be nearly as daunting.

Add more dimension to your hair color

A fun way to make your wolflette appear more dynamic and intriguing is to add highlights or a balayage. The subtle, soft contrast will enhance the wolflette's fun but not too over-the-top look and draw attention to the layers. For instance, try asking for a pastel pink balayage on light blond locks or caramel highlights for dark brown hair when you get your wolflette at the salon.

The wolflette adds volume

Do you feel like your hair lacks volume, and are you looking to add more bounce and dimension for a more upbeat, playful look? The wolflette will give you what you're looking for, as the layers and potential long bangs will give the illusion of you having more or thicker hair, as the layered look will prevent your hair from lifelessly lying flat on your head.

Try a medium-length wolflette haircut

While the wolfette is an excellent alternative to the wolf cut for anyone who wants to keep their long hair, we can't forget about medium-length locks. Both the wolf cut and the wolfette look stunning with mid-length hair, so if you want to try one of these looks for the first time, we recommend starting with the wolflette to ease into the look and then potentially move up to a bolder wolf cut if you're ready for a more intense hairstyle.

You don't have to do too much styling

The wolflette provides a messy-cute everyday look without any heat and time-consuming styling. So, you can let the wolflette do its natural thing for a chic, trendy look. As mentioned earlier, the full-on wolf cut typically needs a lot of styling, but you won't typically need to tame a wolflette.

Let it frame your face

Everyone who has — or ever has had — ultra-long tresses knows how frustrating it is when those long locks get in their faces. Such long hair is beautiful but can overwhelm your face. However, a wolflette's layers will prevent this from happening, as you'll be able to keep some of that super long length, but those layers will frame your face, drawing attention to your features rather than overpowering them.

Your tresses will look lovely in the wind

The wind can make a wolf cut look messy and even ruin the styling you did to have it look its best, but a tamer wolflette won't get nearly as messy. Instead of making a mess, the wind will create some dynamic movement to show off the layers in your wolflette, helping your hair look bombshell blond, mysteriously stunning brunette, or sassy, striking red for movie star vibes.