Seventeen June 15, 2023



30 Stunning Fall Hairstyles You Have to Try This Fall


Grab your scrunchies, people.

Pumpkin spice everything, cozy layers, and back-to-school selfies aren't the only things to anticipate as summer transitions into fall. Before you begin planning your group costumes for Halloween and picking out homecoming outfits, you should totally switch things up with a new 'do. You can showcase your personality with bold new colors and test out new Fall hairstyles without worrying about hazy summer humidity wreaking havoc on your tresses.

Take Stranger Things star Sadie Sink, for example. The actor is leading the charge for major seasonal switch-ups after ditching her signature lengthy locks and opting for a sleek haircut. Viral chops like Sadie's aren't the only ways to freshen up your look this fall. Seventeen got to chat with four celeb hairstylists to get their hot takes on the best hairstyles to try this fall.

Your closet is probably stacked with vintage fashion finds that scream Y2K vibes, so you should totally try out a Y2k hairstyle this fall to complement it. Draped, face-framing layers are a top pick from Maxine Salon stylist Raven Hurtado. If you want to go for looks that are a little more of a throwback, Arkive Headcare founder Adam Reed says "massive blowouts" a la '90s supermodel Cindy Crawford and "springy '80s curls" are top contenders for this season's biggest comebacks.

Go full throttle with tons of volume and texture because bigger is better this fall. Celebrity hair specialist Joseph Michael recommends cascading beach waves, while stylist to the stars and Kevin Kelly Salon owner Kevin Kelly raves about Kim Kardashian and Megan Fox's dripping wet hair look as a top choice for autumn.

Don't forget about accessories, either. Hurtado suggests upgrading your look with accessories like pins, barrettes, and rhinestones. Reed agrees and recommends styling clips and scarves to elevate your seasonal slay.

No matter how drastic or subtle you want your autumn style change to be, read ahead for the best fall hairstyle trends.

Bieber Chignon

Keep it short and simple this fall with a minimal, Hailey Bieber-inspired low chignon, aka bun. According to Hurtado, this super sleek look can be achieved by pulling straight hair into a low ponytail, wrapping it around to form a bun, and securing it with a pin. Add a layer of hairspray across the top to combat flyaways.

Glossy Ponytail

A shiny, glass-like finish works year-round, but it shines its brightest during the fall. If you want a glossy pony like Zendaya's, simply make a deep side part, brush and secure your hair into a low ponytail, and apply a serum or gloss for next-level shine.

Sharp Sliced Bob

If you're looking for a cute way to spruce up your short or medium-length hair, try out a sharp spliced bob. Hurtado recommends applying a styling gel like Oribe Rock Hard Gel to straight hair to smooth flyaways and achieve a spiky, fresh look.

Jeweled Updos

Believe it or not, fall is the unofficial start of the holiday season. Use dazzling accessories, like this clip worn by Gigi Hadid, to add a little sparkle to your updo.

Pamela Anderson-Inspired Bun

The 90s just called and told us that Baywatch star Pamela Anderson's trademark bun will be having a moment this fall. Just ask Megan Thee Stallion.

90s Era Blowout

Blowouts are the ultimate fall-friendly hairstyle. The dog days of summer have sadly passed by, but that means there are fewer threats of you sweating out straight hairstyles. Reed suggests using tried and true hot tools, like heated rollers, to achieve supermodel-style blowouts.

Slick Pony with a Scrunchie

Yes, scrunchies are cool again, and they will add something exciting to a simple high ponytail. Just wrap the scrunchie around the hair tie that's holding up the pony and you're ready to go! Go with simple black, or go wild with some colors or prints.

Pigtail Braids

Pigtail braids, like the ones Yara Shahidi is wearing here, are the perfect back-to-school look. You can throw in some of your personal style by adorning your braids with your choice of hair accessories.

Middle-Parted Ponytail

The middle-parted ponytail is probably the most basic of looks, but the one that slays every time. Plus, it requires minimal effort. Make this your go-to when you want to spend a little extra time on your makeup or fall outfit.

Hair Clips

Hair clips are the must have hair accessory this coming season — the shinier, the better. Not only are they fashion-forward, but they can help you create countless hairstyles, including Ashley Graham's adorned ponytail.

Voluminous Pony

Take your ponytail to the next level by splitting it up into two sections. Add some color with a thick ribbon like Amandla Stenberg. You'll stand out for your creativity and you'll look fierce.

Bubble Pigtails

If you're looking for a bold style, these futuristic pigtails inspired by Olivia Rodrigo are a solid choice. To create the look, make two pigtails and divide each one into smaller sections using hair bands. Olivia opted for different pastel colors to achieve the ultimate Y2K vibe.

Flipped-Out Ends

This look might seem like something out of a different decade, but it's totally in. Just look at how Lana Condor adopted the style at the MTV Movie Awards. The easiest way to flip your ends is by using a curling iron and hair spray.

Messy Bun

Look effortlessly chic like Kendall Jenner with this messy bun. Use a claw clip instead of a hair tie for a real throwback effect — and make sure to pull out some loose pieces in the front to frame your face.

Tucked-Back Waves

This hairstyle inspired by Zendaya takes all but two seconds but will give a little something extra to a basic hairdo. The next time you wear your hair down, pin some of your hair behind your ear like Z did for her iconic Emmys look. Add some volume and a bit of texture with a hair spritz designed to give you beach waves.


Yes, bangs are back. Now that summer's over, there's no need to worry about dealing with a sweaty forehead, so go ahead and let them flourish. Arch-shaped bangs, like the ones Taylor is sporting in this pic, are easy to manage, but if you're looking to go for something a little bolder, choose choppy or side-swept bangs.

Loose Updo

What makes this look different from a normal messy bun is that it's not tightly pulled back. The hair is loosely held in place, which creates a soft bump at the top. Selena paired this hairstyle with a glam look for a movie premiere. To achieve it, you'll need lots of bobby pins and a curling iron to add waves to the loose pieces of hair at the front.


The fresh-out-of-the-shower look is in, so don't worry about being short on time this fall. To maintain the wet look, make sure to use mousse and styling gel. Miley may have rocked her look on the red carpet, but this look is the perfect compliment for casual vibes, too.

Long Side-Braid

Even if you don't naturally have long hair, you can achieve Cara Delevingne's look with hair extensions. The style features a loose braid with side-swept bangs and a tight, French braid on the opposite side.

Scruffy Mullet

Mullets have made a huge comeback in the past year with celebs like Miley Cyrus, Troye Sivan and Demi Lovato rocking the look. It's great for those with shorter hair because the style requires minimal effort and the scruffy look is in. Spritz a texturizing spray into hair to achieve that "I woke up like this" mullet moment.

Half Up-Half Down

This hairstyle is super simple, yet elegant. It's perfect for a party or date. Draw a center part and then take the hair from right above your ears on each side and pull it to the back of your head.

Curly Space Buns

Aisha Dee's space buns are out of this world and make for a super simple second-day hairstyle. Create a middle part and swirl each side into a hair tie. For more security, add bobby pins to the base of each bun.

Unexpected Color

Have fun with your hair and put in some streaks of an unexpected color, like orange! Use pre-tinted hair extensions so the color isn't permanent and then you can match your 'do to your outfit like Camila.

Straight Edge Bob

Been thinking about a dramatic cut for awhile? Now is the time to do it! All your favorite celebs are chopping it off and looking fab. Here, Bella rocks a super sophisticated blunt-edge bob, which works no matter your texture.

Bun Mohawk

Storm Reid looks fierce af with this super cool double bun look. To complete, simply split your hair into two sections at the top of your head and then slick each into a bun!

Slicked Back

The 80s are making a comeback in fashion, and they're starting to inspire some vintage hairstyles too. Take a note from Gigi's super cool, slicked back look and get those locks off of your face. Use some hair gel to smooth back your hair and keep it in place all day.

Braided Crown

This braided crown is so elegant and perfect for a special event like Homecoming.

Sleek Ponytail

Glam looks don't have to take all day. A sleek ponytail, like the one on our girl Lili, can be achieved in just about five minutes. The key is using a product like styling gel or a leave-in conditioner, that'll keep your strands slick and in place. You can pair this hairstyle with your homecoming dress or your go-to jeans. It's that versatile.


If you're sporting a shorter style, a cowlick will give you effortlessly cool energy. Kristen Stewart rocks this do with a middle part. To secure the wave and help flyaways stay in place, run some styling pomade through your hair using your fingers.

Pony Locs

Say it with me: protective styles deserve their moment, too. Chloe Bailey is constantly rocking this cute style, and if you want in on it, listen up. Bring your hair to the center of your head and keep it in place with a hair tie. You can also tie your locks in half to create a semi-bun.