The Zoe Report October 27, 2023

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Stylists Say These Are 6 The Most-Wanted Haircuts This Winter


Ready for a new look?

In beauty, certain seasons are inherently linked to change. Like clockwork, spring, summer, and fall deliver lots of covetable makeup trends and hairstyles. The fourth season, however, tends to be the outlier. Arctic temperatures and blistering winds aren’t exactly the most desirable landscape to debut a new look. But the winter 2023 haircut trends are offering a fresh crop of inspiration that’s hard to ignore. “It may be early but there’s a lot to look forward to,” says Jerome Lordet, hairstylist and salon director at Pierre Michel Salon in NYC. He continues, noting that classic cuts, like the bob, are back in full force. “However, thanks to celebrities like Hailey Bieber, they’ve got a modern take that’s made them trendy for the newer generation,” he says.

Layers and bangs also top the list of this season’s trending haircuts. If you’re not quite ready to lop off your precious stands, consider adding one, or both, of these elements to your existing cut instead. The simple change can be just the refresh your look needs. However, for those looking for a complete shake-up, Brooklyn-based hairstylist, Camille Defreitas, says pixie haircuts are also having a moment.

Regardless of where you end up length-wise, updating your look is an important decision. To help guide your choice, TZR chatted with several stylists to find out the season’s top trending cuts. Ahead, they share their advice for styling, upkeep, and more.

Tousled Lob

There’s no denying the ease and allure of perfectly tousled hair. True, it’s simple to style, but it also works well with hat hair rather than against it. With that in mind, stylist and founder of the namesake brand, Frédéric Fekkai notes that deconstructed styles, like this version of the lob, are big this season. “With or without bangs, this haircut has a slightly disheveled look that’s naturally appealing,” he says.

The stylist tells TZR that creating texture that’s soft is important to keep the cut from looking too shaggy. “Tousled is the goal, so the layers need to be subtly jagged so they can fall organically,” he adds. Styling for this lob may be a low-lift, but the understated layers will need to be touched up to maintain the overall tousled look. Fekkai notes that shine is another key element to keeping this cut feeling fresh and not too heavy.

Pixie Cuts

Pixies are often considered a summertime style, but the short and tapered cut can be appealing for winter as it requires less daily styling. “This season is the perfect time to switch it up and give your hair a break from hot tools and ponytails,” says Defreitas. She continues explaining that many clients are opting for pixie cuts instead. Though a shortcut does require a bit more up-keep in terms of salon appointments, it can give you the freedom to play around with wigs if you want a different look. “The bye-bye knots wig from Unice Hair is perfect for beginners since it requires little to no customization,” she says.

Swingy Bobs

The bob is the haircut that never gets old. While a different version trends each season, this winter it’s taking the form of short and swingy. “The nape of the neck is precisely tapered, offering a clean and sharp aesthetic, while the sides have some length to create movement,” says Fekkai. As he explains, this style injects a unique twist into the classic bob. “It has elements of the traditional version but feels much more fashionable if you’re seeking a bold and trendy look,” he adds.

Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs might be the ultimate hairstyle hack. Not only do they create a face-framing effect, they also work well on any hair type and texture and require little upkeep once they’ve been cut. It’s no surprise that they’ve been a part of some of the year’s trendiest styles, like the butterfly and hush cuts. “This look has remained a popular option for those who aren’t ready to commit to a dramatic cut,” says Lordet. Whether you’re styling your hair sleek or voluminous, he recommends using a lightweight oil to keep flyaways smoothed for a final look that’s blended .

Birkin Bangs

Though many styles of fringe have gone viral this yer, the Jane Birkin-inspired look has been going strong since the fall. “Unlike bluntly cut bangs, this fringe is deliberately softened to appear gentle and natural,” says Fekkai. While the bangs can be worn on shorter hairstyles, he notes that pairing them with a collarbone length cut or longer adds to the effortless “Birkin” look.

If you’ve been thinking about trying bangs but haven’t yet taken the plunge, Lordet tells TZR that winter is the perfect time to do so. “The cold weather makes it easy to wear and style bangs because there’s less humidity,” he says. Without the threat of frizz, the stylist notes that you can achieve a blown-out look without having to worry about them getting messy throughout the day.

Voluminous Layers

Long hair can be hard to part with, but this layered look is all about embracing your length. “The key is not to go too long,” says Raven Hurtado, stylist at Maxine Salon in Chicago. She explains that medium-length layers are the perfect length for creating ‘90s bombshell hair that has just the right amount of volume.

According to Fekkai, maintaining the look at home is also easy with the right products. “If you have fine hair, consider using a volumizing spray, like the Clean Stylers Root Lift Volumizing Spray, and then try air drying your hair upside down,” he says. This will give you instant oomph without having to rely on curling irons or rollers.