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These Hairsprays Give Fine Hair More Volume, Texture, and Hold—And They’re All Beloved by Hairstylists


The crunchy, sticky, hair sprayed into a helmet days of the ‘90s are (long) over, thank goodness. Today, hairspray has taken on a more subtle role in our hair-care routine, providing volume and hold without the crunchies. And for those of us with fine hair (myself included), the perfect hairspray can be a game-changer, since it can resist humidity, keep flyaways in check, and create the illusion that we were blessed with a head full of thick hair. If you're looking for hairsprays for fine hair, there are a few things to keep in mind—which is why we tapped several hairstylists to give us the 411, plus their recs.

“In my opinion, a good hairspray comprises of two things: the smell and the texture that it creates,” says celebrity makeup artist and hairstylist Bobbie Riley. Sounds simple enough, right? But with so many hairsprays (and texture sprays and hold sprays) on the market, choosing one randomly can lead to a never-ending game of trial and error.

We talked to hairstylists around the country for their favorites, and they spilled. Read on for the 14 best, expert-approved hairsprays for fine hair.

The best hairsprays for fine hair

KEVIN MURPHY Doo Over Dry Powder Finishing Hairspray

A combination of dry shampoo, texturizing spray, and hairspray, Doo Over gives those of us with fine hair a voluminous, velvety finish. “It’s like a stronger dry shampoo that gives hair a grip at the root and will hold a good zhuzh,” says Amanda Moore, Stylist at Gem House in Brooklyn. She recommends using this on dry, freshly washed hair to absorb oil as the scalp produces it, so it’ll prolong your blowouts and volume from Day 1. Bonus: It smells amazing.

Redken Triple Take 32 Extreme High-Hold Hairspray 

“I call this the shellac of hairsprays,” says stylist Susan Williams. “If you are not wanting anything to move and have very short, fine hair, this hairspray will lock it into place.” Its tri-mist nozzle provides a fine mist, meaning you’ll get the strong hold you want without the crunch or stickiness you don’t. Use it as an everyday finishing spray, or for big events, like weddings, when you need your hair to stay picture-perfect morning to night.

Kerastase Laque Couture Micro Mist Fixing Medium Hold Hairspray

“It’s my favorite hairspray because it doesn’t leave a sticky feel and it smells great,” says Raven Hurtado, stylist at Maxine Salon in Chicago. She raves that it’s long-lasting, with flexible medium hold, and good for all hair types, but especially those with fine hair. Hurtado’s advice: Hold the bottle 10 to 12 inches away from your head, spraying in circular motions.

Sebastian Professional Shaper Hairspray

Bobbie Riley commends this hairspray for its great hold, and this reviewer agrees with her: “I have, on occasion, tried other hairsprays, but quickly returned to Sebastain Shaper. It holds my very fine hair, but easily brushes out and keeps down frizz during humid weather that we have in Cincinnati throughout our summers.” Spray it on damp hair to help create your style, then re-spray after styling for added hold.

fave4 hair Texture Takeover Hairspray

All you need to know about this hairspray is right on the bottle: “Oomph enhancing.” Yes, it is. This texture spray combines the best of hairspray and dry shampoo, giving your hair a subtle grip with a weighless lift. For the ultimate volume, spray it lightly into wet hair before you blow dry.

Oribe Free Styler Working Hairspray

Hurtado also credits this hairspray as one of her go-tos. “It’s a brushable working hairspray, so you can layer and style as desired without feeling crunchy,” she says. Its light mist provides a light hold, but the more you layer, the stronger it gets, allowing you to shape and reshape styles as the day goes on.

ALOXXI Working Hairspray

Whenever hairstylist Robertina Martinez is creating a pinned-up look on fine hair—an up-do, a braided look, or a half-up style—she reaches for this hairspray. “It provides just the right amount of hold without weighing the hair down and I’m able to still manipulate the hair while I’m finalizing the style,” she says.

Surface Hair Theory Styling Spray

Want to enhance your shine and amp up your volume? (Who doesn’t?) Then nab a bottle of this styling spray, says Williams. It’s lightweight, with a medium to strong grip, and also creates texture. “I use this hairspray for finishing my look and holding it in place, or I flip over my hair and spray towards the roots for texture and lift without the built-up feeling,” she says. Perhaps best of all, the moment it is brushed out your hair feels soft, never sticky.

Kevin Murphy Session Strong Hold Finishing Spray

Moore ranks this finishing spray as one of her must-haves for fine hair, thanks to its ultra-fine mist. “This spray can be layered on for more hold, making it the perfect product for fine hair to control the amount of product used without weighing the hair down.” Whether you need hairspray for hold, shine, or to combat humidity (or all of the above!), Moore swears this will last you through the day, even a rainy one.

Bumble and bumble Spray De Mode

Hairstylist Jacqueline Travisono raves about this Bumble and bumble spray, which “gives a lightweight, flexible hold ideal for fine hair,” she says. The nozzle, which sprays an ultra-fine mist, is key; it won’t weigh down fine hair, and you can layer more spray as needed knowing you won’t over-do it.

L'Oreal Paris Elnett Satin Hairspray Extra Strong Hold

Another one of Riley’s top picks, this L’Oreal Paris hairspray does it all: preserves curls, resists humidity, holds an updo, and slicks strays into place. At the end of the day (or if your style isn’t quite right), simply brush your hair and poof! It’s gone.

Verb Ghost Hairspray

Think of this hairspray as an everyday go-to. It’s lightweight, with a gentle hold, which creates volume and hold without looking too done. Williams also loves it for keeping bangs in place. “My tip is to lift up the fringe and spray from underneath, then quickly let go and tousle or comb into place before drying for a soft movable grip,” she says.

ALOXXI Bombshell Volume Grip & Hold Spray

Martinez credits this hold spray as another favorite when working with fine hair, especially when you’re going for a blown out or curled look. “I love using it as a hairspray because it gives hair the perfect amount of hold while also maintaining a full, voluminous look, which isn’t always easy to do with fine hair,” she says. “Not only that, but it’s the only product I trust to give a healthy shine without sacrificing volume.”

Color Wow Dream Coat Supernatural Spray Anti-Frizz Treatment

If frizz is your fine hair’s nemesis, Riley can’t recommend this spray enough. “I cannot live without it,” she says. It fights off humidity while locking in shine and protecting your locks from heat. For a silky soft voluminous look, spray it liberally and evenly on damp hair, then blow dry with tension to activate the treatment. Note: this isn’t an everyday spray; think of it more as a mini keratin treatment that you can apply every three or four washes.

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