Women August 4, 2023



Mermaid Hair Brings Glam To Your Lazy Girl Look - Here's How To Perfect It


Mermaidcore is a total hit for summer 2023 (and we're pretty much obsessed with it, we can't lie), but it's not just via our clothes, makeup, and accessories that we've been channeling our inner Ariel. Mermaid hair has also taken hold over the hotter months, with more and more people opting for longer locks a la the scaled sirens of the sea. But, erm, what exactly is mermaid hair? Well, according to hairstylist Jenna Spino who spoke to Glamour, "The mermaid haircut is a long layered haircut done on long hair. It got the name because, when done on wavy hair, it looks like what we all picture mermaid hair to look like." Basically, think long with beachy waves, but all a little more uniform. One of our very favorite things about this look, though? It's one of the most low-maintenance haircuts out there because it's so easy to let grow and so easy to style, so it's perfect for those living busy lifestyles who don't want a lot of upkeep.

But now you know what it is, how do you actually get it? Well, Women.com has a few mermaid-approved tips, so grab your shimmery tail and shell bra, because we're here to bring that ever-popular mermaidcore trend to your tresses.

Perfect the cut for mermaid hair

The only way to get mermaid hair is to have a mermaid-inspired cut, right? Right! So the first thing you'll want to do is have the right amount of length to bring the cut to life. Those with short hair can of course rock the mermaid waves, but if you want to add length, you may want to consider getting hair extensions (either clip-ins or permanent ones) to give you those extra inches you may want.

After that, your hair type may determine what you should ask your hairdresser for. "For those with medium to thick hair, especially those with a wave or curl pattern, having more length with longer layers is a great summer cut," hairstylist Derek Williams explained to Glamour. Those with thinner hair may want to stay away from getting too many layers because it could take away from their volume. As a general rule though, those looking for mermaid locks should ask their hairdresser to cut in longer layers that frame the face. 

Master stylist and Rob Peetoom Salon creative director Adriana Papaleo suggested cutting your hair with a zigzag or curved part to add some extra dimension and texture. "Ultimately this cut is going to look like a very soft face frame with long layers moving towards the back," she told Byrdie.

Get that mermaid hair with hair tools

Of course, once you've got the mermaid cut down, it's all about the styling to finish off the look and get those super on trend messy waves. For this look, we'd recommend a specific hair waver — not a curler! There are plenty out there that will give you the look you're after, too. If you prefer your waves larger and more uniform, opt for a bigger barreled waver with triple barrels that have a diameter of around 1.25 inches or larger. If you want slightly smaller waves and more of a classic mermaid look, opt for slightly smaller barrels that have something more like a 1 inch diameter.

These kinds of tools are super easy to use too, as all you have to do is section your hair how you like it (the larger your sections, the more uniform your hair will look) and then simply clamp the waiver onto your locks, slowly moving it down the strands. As for how long you hold the waver onto your tresses, that depends on how defined you want your waves to be. "Remember, the more intense you want the waves to be, the longer you should hold the barrels down on the hair," hairstylist Emma Willis told InStyle. After that, leave each section to cool before combing your fingers through.

You can also easily achieve mermaid hair naturally

That classic mermaid hair wave doesn't have to be created using heat, though. If you're worried about your hair showing too many signs of damage, there are a number of ways you can get the same look without getting your locks hot.

If you're lucky enough to have been born with gorgeous wavy hair, then you can actually just let your hair air-dry, put a little serum in the ends to beat any frizz, and then head out the door. But if you don't have the natural hair to pull this off by simply leaving your tresses to their own devices, this kind of wave can also easily be achieved using some of our favorite heatless curls hacks. One of the easiest ways to get the look is by putting your hair into two French braids before bed, and then just letting it out in the morning. What an easy way to be on trend, right?

No matter if you're using heat or not though, we'd recommend adding a little texturizing spray before heading out to bring a little more dimension to your locks. Equally, lightly combing it through with a wide tooth comb will separate the pieces a little while helping your waves last all day. Now go and get your mermaid on!