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"Hot Chocolate Brunette" is already the most natural hair color trend 2023 for brown hair


Those looking for a natural shade of brown as their new hair color for 2023 should consider Hot Chocolate Brunette. This is what makes the trend so special

“Hot Chocolate Brunette”: hair color trend 2023 for brown hair

While blondes are more likely to opt for golden honey tones in the winter of 2023, brunettes are gravitating towards deeper, darker nuances with cool shades for the New Year. Dark brown with a difference!

Hair color trend 2023 for brown hair: That's what "Hot Chocolate Brunette" is all about

Beauty experts are predicting a major upsurge for a particular hair color they've dubbed " Hot Chocolate Brunette ," a dark shade of brown with warm undertones. "'Hot Chocolate Brunette' is a dark, rich brown with warm tones and dimension," says Nikki Lee, co-owner and stylist of West Hollywood's Nine Zero One salon , which is also frequented by celebrities.

If you're more of a visual person and need a visual reference to visualize your hair color, Lee points to her client Sarah Hyland's hairstyle as a reference for this shade. But beauty icons Bella Hadid, Emily Ratajkowski, Anne Hathaway and Camila Cabello are also known for their dark brown hair color. And even Amal Clooney already wears the trendy "Hot Chocolate" tone.

Nikki Lee isn't the only beauty pro predicting a rise in chocolate brunette tones in 2023. According to Nick Stenson , artistic director at Matrix , rich brunette tones like that of the "Hot Chocolate" variant will be among the most sought-after colors this winter: "This brunette hair has a healthy shine and leans towards the warm side without being brassy," he says.

You should keep this in mind with “Hot Chocolate Brunette”.

The secret of 'Hot Chocolate Brunette' versus ashy browns lies in its dynamic undertones: "'Hot Chocolate Brunette' is a warm brown with an auburn or slightly red undertone," explains Lorena M. Valdes , hair color expert at Maxine Salon in Chicago . "So don't just walk into the salon and ask for any dark brown, ask for a rich dark brown with subtle dimensions and warm tones," says Nikki Lee. Also, be sure to bring sample photos with you - so yes, feel free to take screenshots of everything you see here.

"If you'd rather keep your brunette a little lighter, you can always add highlights to brighten up the 'hot chocolate' look," says Valdes. 

This is how you properly care for the trendy shade of brown

And what about the maintenance of "Hot Chocolate Brunette" ? While the glamorous and glossy finish may be intimidating, maintaining the color isn't so bad: “'Hot Chocolate Brunette' hair is easy to maintain because there are no highlights at the root, so the color grows out smoothly and there are no harsh lines ,” explains Lee. However, if your hair is naturally lighter—and/or you're concerned about maintaining the shiny finish—Valdes recommends touching up your roots every six to eight weeks and applying a gloss to maintain the shine.

On the other hand, if you're naturally blonde and dye your hair Hot Chocolate Brunette, Valdes recommends refreshing your roots and color every four weeks.

Like all chemically treated hair, "Hot Chocolate Brunette" needs a moisturizing shampoo , conditioner, and weekly at-home masks and treatments: "Color-safe and color-blocking shampoos are always best for preventing fading," says Valdes. 

Finally, remember the golden rule of heat styling: "Always apply heat protectant after you wash your hair and before blow-drying and styling — it's important to maintain shine," says Valdes. "Also, you should wash your hair less often than usual because washing it every day could wear off the color prematurely," Lee continued.

Well, inspired? Take another sip of hot chocolate and head to your trusted hair salon.