Byrdie March 20, 2023



Emily Ratajkowski Just Tried Out a Short Bixie Cut


Short hair spring.

Emily Ratajkowski is no stranger to going all in with a risky hairstyle. Recently, she arrived at a Marc Jacobs party wearing a French bob during fashion week, and that same week she opted for a Studio 54-inspired look with voluminous curls. Today, Emrata shared her take on another adventurous look, with her short "bixie" cut.

On March 20, Ratajkowski shared a series of BTS shots from her latest cover shoot with Pop magazine, where she looks like a moody coquette dream. She wore outfits that included white fishnet tights and a lace top, a sheer white top under a Marie Antoinette-like dusty blue dress, a baby blue sheer bodysuit, a draped outfit with a tan shrug and tan pants, and, of course, granny panties, which are having a moment this season.

The shoot featured Ratajkowski in a simple white bed and had a stripped-down vibe to it, which is far from the sexy look she usually sticks too. The most paired-down part of the shoot is her new bixie cut (that would be bob-meets-pixie), with wispy bangs and a nape-length.

While the cut is almost certainly a wig, it's still totally on-trend. "This cut is perfect for people wanting a chop without committing to the maintenance of a short style,"  Jenna Spino, hairstylist at Maxine Salon previosuly told us. "It’s a fun, edgy, low-maintenance style that pretty much anyone can wear."

The style has a very '90s quality about it—think Winona Ryder or Drew Barrymore—so it fits right in with all the nostalgic haircuts we've been seeing lately. "The bixie is heavily layered and textured giving it an almost shaggy look," adds Spino.

If you want to try the chop yourself, Spino recommends bringing plenty of photos along to the salon. She adds, "Good words to describe the cut are heavily-layered, textured, [and] shattered. Pictures always help especially because this cut is very customizable, and there are many different versions."  Also, be sure to keep length in mind, since for the bixie, it's not one-size-fits-all. "The length can vary from tighter in the back and wispy around the face to as long as the chin," Spino says. Come to the salon with an idea of the length you want—either as short as Emrata's or longer like Drew's—and be sure to go over it with your stylist in detail to make sure you leave happy.