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Wanting To Change Up Your Hair For Spring? Try One Of These Trendy Cuts


Spring has officially sprung, and as we wait patiently for the weather to catch up, we're getting our wardrobes ready for warm, sunny days and breezy evenings under the stars. After shedding the layers of clothes needed to keep warm in the winter, we are in need of a springtime look that will leave us feeling like our best selves and looking like we're blooming as brightly as flowers. Pulling our denim jackets, floral midi skirts, and lightweight sundresses out of storage may be the perfect marker of the season, but there's an even better way to put a spring in your step — it's all about giving your locks a refresh. Spring may be in the air, but it's time to put the spring in your hair.

There are so many chic haircuts that are all the rage these days, and many of these bold, cropped looks will be perfect for sunny days at the park and early evening walks into town. You need a new cut to look cute with your warm-weather wardrobe, so why not take a break from spring cleaning to give your hair a springtime spruce up of its own with one of these perfectly on-trend haircuts?

Lots of layers

Regardless of your desired hair length or natural texture, one thing is consistent with most of this spring's on-trend haircuts — piling on layers is "in." Plenty of people want to switch things up with their manes for the warmer months without sacrificing their long locks. If this sounds like you, it's time to go layered. Layers add body, volume, and texture to your hair and can make you look more put-together than when it's all chopped off at the same blunt length. Plus, layers blend beautifully with many bang styles.


Bobs and lobs of all kinds are basically the styles of the season. Our advice? Get a "job" — aka the newest bob of choice for it-girls everywhere. The term "job" is a portmanteau for "jaw-length bob." Stylist Jennifer Nast told Byrdie, "The job is very blunt and is great for clients with finer hair texture. This cut can give your hair the look of being very styled. When the shape is so strong, you don't need much else." Wavy or straight, with or without bangs — the "job" opportunities are endless. 

French bob

If an updated look like the "job" isn't your bob of choice, you may want to opt for something utterly classic, like the French bob. The French bob is effortless, easy, and never goes out of style. Yet, while this haircut will never look out of fashion, it is particularly on-trend these days amidst the bob renaissance. The French bob lands somewhere between your chin and your cheekbones and is usually accompanied by full fringe. This cut is, as one might say on a sunny spring day in Paris, très chic. 

Sliced bob

From lobs to bobs and even "jobs," medium-length, perfectly done cuts will be a hit during the warmer months. A newer option is the low-effort sliced bob, which is a refreshing take on the short haircut trend. The sliced bob has the look of a sleek, blunt bob, but it gets a bit longer toward the front. Anh Co Tran, hairstylist to the stars, explained to InStyle, "A sliced bob creates internal movement by taking the weight out. It's great for clients with thick, bulky, and coarse hair. It also helps keep the shape and prolong the cut." 

Shag bangs

In years past, we've thought of the warmer months as the wrong time to trim some fringe. After all, the heat, humidity, and sweat can make it more difficult to control how your bangs fall. With new, effortless looks becoming popular, however, this is the perfect time to hop on the bangs bandwagon. In particular, shag bangs — aka the perfectly low-maintenance version of the fringe cut — are a great pick for warm-weather fringe. These bangs are longer, choppier, and more layered than other bang styles to give that shag effect.

The Sachel

We all know that the '90s are back when it comes to beauty trends. One of the most iconic '90s haircuts has to be "the Rachel," which, of course, Jennifer Aniston's character Rachel popularized on the sitcom, "Friends." These days, we have the "Sachel," which is the perfect combination of the shag and the aforementioned '90s favorite, "the Rachel." The Sachel gives you the light, bouncy layers that the Rachel is known for but with a subtler shape and the possibility of a longer length. Who wouldn't want a '90s trend with a modern twist?

Octopus cut

Another take on the shag hairstyle trend that reaches back to the '90s for inspiration is the octopus haircut. Michael Duenas, a celebrity hairstylist, told The Zoe Report, "The octopus haircut is very short layers on top with a longer length towards the bottom. [It's] essentially a modern shag." Yes — this haircut is shaped a bit like an octopus, hence its name. Duenas adds that "the octopus cut is typically done with concave layers on the top. This creates a shorter crown section, giving shorter layers on top and a more disconnected look" compared to "The Rachel."

Italian bob

More '90s hair inspo that's fit for a trip to the flower shop or a cafe straight out of a Nora Ephron movie? Yes, please. Enter the Italian bob. Jennifer Nast told Byrdie that '90s-style layers are popular, saying "We are seeing bobs like Zendaya's — these bobs can be described as the Italian bob. They're typically above the shoulders and below the chin. This haircut is also layered and will give you lots of body and sexy hair flipping." This sleek bob is perfect for your dreamy meet-cute in May. 

Asymmetrical bob

In a world full of bob haircuts, go for the unexpected. The asymmetrical bob is making a comeback for those of us who may want a look that's a bit on the funkier side. As it sounds, the asymmetrical bob is about different lengths. Typically paired with a side part, the asymmetrical bob is noticeably yet subtly longer on one side than the other. You can pair it with a wispy fringe and loose waves for a messier look or style it straight for posh vibes. 

Lob with face-framing highlights

Many folks want to lighten up their locks as warm weather sets in to give their hair dimension and get that sun-kissed glow. As face-framing layers gain popularity, face-framing highlights can also make your features pop. Don't be afraid to experiment with your highlight hue. "A common misconception is that face framing is just for the natural girls, but it's really not," Sophia Hilton, founder of Not Another Salon, told Glamour. "This trend is for anyone and everyone, no matter your preference on color." 


We all know that choppy, layered cuts are all the rage. As a result, the "skullet" is the shag/mullet combo that everyone's asking for this spring. Sure, "skullet" may sound fit for Halloween, but it's actually ideal for the coming season. This cut has the long-and-short combination that's intrinsic to the classic mullet, but it's a bit softer and shaggier to make for the perfect choppy, messy, and effortlessly alt-inspired look. The skullet can be short or even extra long, but either way, its main quality is loads of layers and effortless piece-y-ness in the front. 

Wolf cut

Like the shag and the mullet, the wolf cut is another layer-centric cut that's been making the rounds. If, like many of us, you've been wondering how to pull off the trendy wolf cut, now is your moment. The wolf cut is all about disconnected layers with super-short sections around the crown of your head. Styling with bangs and extra volume can make for the perfect mix between cool, modern, and easygoing. You can also opt for the soft wolf cut for a gentler version of the edgy look that everyone's loving. 

Cub cut

In a season where bobs and wolf cuts are utterly on-trend, a combination of the two haircuts arriving on the scene was inevitable. This style is the wolf cut's little sister known as the "cub cut," and this elevated bob may be your perfect mane match for the warmer months. Hairstylist Syd Hayes explained to Glamour, "Think of it as a mix between a shag, a mullet, and a bob ... It's effortless and free-spirited." At the salon, Hayes recommends having some reference photos on hand and asking for "soft layers and a relaxed bob shape" to get the perfect cut.


If you're in search of the perfect super-cropped cut, the bixie has arrived just for you. Jenna Spino, a hairstylist at Maxine Salon, explained to Byrdie, "The bixie is a combination of the pixie and the bob haircut. Blending the two cuts gives the fullness of a short pixie while keeping the length and versatility of a bob." This cut is ideal if you're looking for an updated and super-easy-to-style look that will complement your look no matter what your natural hair texture is. 

Cropped curls

If you've always considered yourself a curly girl or are looking to set your real hair texture free, this spring may be the time for the big chop. Pairing the right pixie cut with your curls or waves can be a great way to let your natural hair shine and take a break from hot tools as the heat and humidity set in. Consult your hairstylist so they can help you determine the perfect cropped cut to complement your unique curl type. You'll be looking and feeling ready for spring.