The List May 30, 2023

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Goodbye Wolf Cut, Hello Wolflette - The Trendy Cut For Your Next Salon Appointment


One of the most popular haircuts recently has been, without doubt, the wolf cut. While pulling off the trendy wolf cut was mostly reserved for slightly edgier individuals, variations of the hairstyle have been popping up more and more, making it easier for everyone to find a version that works for them.

The soft wolf cut is the gentler version of the edgy cut, and while practically anyone can rock it without sacrificing too much length, it doesn't really scratch the wolf cut itch enough. A bit more rock 'n' roll but still pretty tame, the elevated bob known as the 'cub cut' is the wolf cut's little sister with sharp edges and choppy layers. However, in the case that none of these seem to work for your preference, say hello to the wolflette, the newest alternative to the trendy wolf cut that will satisfy your edgy cravings while still maintaining a feminine look.

What to ask for at the salon if you want the wolflette

The main difference between the edgy wolf cut and the more feminine wolflette is the length of the overall layers, hair stylist Amy Abramite tells PopSugar. "I've had requests for 'wolf cuts,' but without the feeling of a mullet," Abramite shared, adding that her clients "love the shaggy layers but want more length on the sides and the fringe."

So, if you've been eyeing the wolf cut but it's not really up your alley, the wolflette is the more toned-down version you don't necessarily need to be edgy for. When at the salon, have your stylist work in the layers without taking off too much length. Face-framing strands are a must with the wolflette, and they need to be blended seamlessly into the rest of the hair, says Abramite. This way, your hair won't be too short, nor will it feel like you're sporting a mullet. The wolflette is also a great way to try out the wolf cut without committing fully, as your hair will grow out faster in the event that you end up not liking the haircut.

The wolflette works on both thick and fine hair

Whether you have fine and long or thick and short hair, the wolflette can be customized to suit your face shape and hair type. It also works equally well on straight, wavy, and curly hair. Yes, the wolflette is that good.

For finer hair, the soft layers of the wolflette cut will create the illusion of fuller hair and volume, while thicker hair will feel lighter and be easier to manage, Abramite says. No need to fret if your hair isn't all that long, as the face-framing strands can be incorporated on short hair just as well as on longer locks. As for texture, wavy and curly hair pair beautifully with the effortlessness of the wolflette cut and give it additional volume, while straight hair will make the cut more sleek.

As the wolflette is so versatile and wearable, the only thing to worry about is whether your hairdresser can pull it off. Hair stylist Nicholas Alexander Willis emphasizes just how important it is for a stylist to assess your hair before cutting anything off. "I always have a consultation with my clients before we embark on a new look. We will discuss the density of your hair type and look at your face shape," he shared with Stylist. After the salon, maintaining the cut should be as easy as getting regular trims, and according to Abramite, for styling the wolflette, you'll only need a texture spray for added volume.