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The 10 Best Silk Pillowcases of 2023, Tested and Reviewed


The Slip Pure Silk Pillowcase is what sweet dreams are made of.

A silk pillowcase is a multi-functional purchase. First off, they look really pretty — it’s obvious that they bring a touch of luxury to any bedroom. Yet, it’s their beauty benefits for both hair and skin that far outweigh the rest. 

For curly hair, they’re a must-have to keep frizz at bay. For blow-out devotees, they’ll help smooth and shine. And those pesky cheek creases you wake up to each morning? Gone. Over time, a silk pillowcase will actually help reduce lines and wrinkles, while their antimicrobial properties work to keep skin clear of acne-inducing bacterias. If you haven’t already hopped on the silk train, it’s time to make the switch.

But, the market is flooded with options and it can be tricky to parse through what’s worth the investment and what's too flimsy to fare long-term. From favorite bedding brands to the top Amazon picks, our team of editors, beauty experts, and product testers set out to find the best of the best. After weeks of testing, the Slip Pure Silk Pillowcase earned our best overall spot for its sophisticated look, breathable feel, and skin-smoothing abilities. But that’s not all: We also found nine other impeccable options that will completely rejuvenate your hair and skin come morning. 

Best Overall

Slip Pure Silk Pillowcase

What We Love: Slip’s pillowcases feel luxuriously soft and look sophisticatedly chic.  

What We Don’t Love: The fabric wrinkles easily.

Over the past several years, Slip has become a go-to amongst wellness experts for all things beauty sleep — from eye masks and hair scrunchies to silk pillowcases and beyond, the brand is dominating the market, and we must admit, our testing backs up the hype. The high price tag for a single queen-size pillowcase may feel shocking at first, but the brand’s proprietary silk blend (that took years to develop) has been proven to outperform its peers when it comes to reducing friction (goodbye frizz) and absorption (all those expensive face creams will actually melt into your skin and not your pillowcase).

“I have very sensitive skin and normally have breakouts at the bottom of my cheeks. I never thought it could be from my pillowcase, but since switching to the Slip case, those breakouts and bumps have diminished greatly,” shares one of our testers. And though the fabric wrinkles easily, it feels soft and cooling to the touch, which adds to the luxury. 

Price at time of publish: $89 for a queen; $110 for a king

Material: 100% Mulberry Silk | Size: Queen & King | Colors: 16 

Best Budget

Kitsch Satin Pillowcase

What We Love: It’s got all the skin and hair benefits of a silk pillowcase, but without the high  price tag. 

What We Don’t Love: While satin looks just as nice as silk, it’s a synthetic material and doesn’t feel as luxe.

This budget-friendly pick from Kitsch gets the job done with a chic look that provides a restful sleep experience and smoother strands come morning. “When sleeping with wet hair, I noticed considerably less frizz in the morning, and more defined natural curls,” confirms our tester. Another unexpected perk? “When my face was a bit sunburnt from a day at the beach, the pillowcase’s texture felt very soothing,” she adds. 

If you’re prone to irritation from synthetic materials, take note that this satin blend is made from polyester and not true silk, rendering the price right, but the experience a tad less luxurious — though, it still yields a soft overall feel. 

Price at time of publish: $19 for a queen; $24 for a king

Material: 100% Polyester Satin | Size: Queen & King | Colors: 11

Best for Frizz

Tafts Pure Mulberry 6A Silk Pillowcase

What We Love: It comes in both “envelope” flap and zipper closure styles. 

What We Don’t Love: The fabric is on the thin side, though it still feels high-quality. 

An excellent choice that comes in numerous hues and prints, this pillowcase will keep your hair frizz-free and leave you feeling refreshed each morning. “Sleeping on this pillowcase really made a difference with my hair,” shares one tester. “It’s definitely smoother and less frizzy, plus it keeps a blowout looking great for multiple days,” she adds. 

Conveniently available on Amazon and offered in both “envelope” flap and zipper closure styles, you can’t go wrong with this luxurious addition to your sleep sanctuary. Our tester heeds that while the fabric does feel thinner than other options, it still creates a calming sensation and noteworthy skin benefits. “My face feels cool when I wake up, with no imprints or creases in my skin,” she says.  

Price at time of publish: $50 for standard, king, and queen

Material: 100% Mulberry Silk | Size: Standard, Queen, King | Colors: 22

Best Machine Washable

Fishers Finery 19 Momme Pure Mulberry Silk Pillowcase

What We Love: This pillowcase comes with a mesh bag for easy machine washing. 

What We Don’t Love: If you use extra fluffy pillows, the standard size may be a bit tight. 

A silk pillowcase with super easy care instructions? Count us in. in addition to coming with an included mesh bag that makes machine washing easy and risk-free, the Fishers Finery offering boasts a high quality natural silk fiber, breathable and cooling feel, and thoughtful “envelope” flap design that keeps your pillowcase aligned all night long — no matter your tossing and turning habits.

“It made my already comfy pillow feel even dreamier, I sunk right in and fell asleep almost immediately that first night I put the pillowcase on my bed,” our tester says, also noting the product’s impeccable cooling capabilities. “It regulated temperature really well, even in the middle of a heat wave!” 

Note that though the standard size fits most standard pillows, if you have fluffier cushions it might not be the perfect fit. If that’s the case we recommend sizing up. 

Price at time of publish: $39 for a standard; $48 for a queen; $52 for a king

Material: 100% Mulberry Silk | Size: Standard, Queen, King | Colors: 11

Best Satin

Bedsure Satin Pillowcase (Set of 2)

What We Love: These pillowcases come in a set of 2 (and are under $20!). 

What We Don’t Love: If you’re a rough sleeper, these pillowcases may not stay put through the night.

Satin offers a more affordable alternative to silk with many of the same hair smoothing and skin clearing benefits. This set from Bedsure seriously impressed our product testers, with one even raving that they’re comparable to silk.  “I might actually prefer these to other silk pillowcases I’ve owned,” she says. Given that the price point is under $20, and the fact they come in a set of two, the buy is more than worth the investment — and you’ll be well on your way to silkier hair. 

“I’ve been turned into a satin believer,” our tester adds. Though, she notes that the envelope-stye closure isn’t super secure, making them prone to moving around at night. 

Price at time of publish: $10 for standard; $13 for queen; $15 for king

Material: 100% Polyester Satin | Size: Standard, Queen, King | Colors: 23

Best for Wrinkles

Celestial Silk 25 Momme Mulberry Silk Pillowcase

What We Love: This super soft silk pillowcase made a notable difference in reducing one tester’s fine lines over time. 

What We Don’t Love: If an arctic oasis is what you're after, our tester notes that this pillowcase didn’t stay cool all night. 

Silk pillowcases that help smooth hair and prevent breakage are a dime a dozen, but finding one that actually improves skin texture is a different story. That rare benefit requires extra softness and high-quality fibers, factors this Celestial Silk pillowcase provides in spades. “I noticed a difference in my hair from the very first night I slept on it,” shares our tester. “But, after sleeping on it for over ten weeks, my wrinkles have been improving, which is amazing,” she says. The 25 fun colors and prints offer something for everyone’s taste, though if you’re an exceptionally hot sleeper, you might prefer an option with better ventilation. 

Price at time of publish: $43 for a standard; $45 for a queen; $47 for a king

Material: 100% Mulberry Silk | Size: Standard, Queen, King | Colors: 25

Best Color Choices

Adubor 100% Mulberry Silk Pillowcase

What We Love: The brand’s color offering is full of rich and sophisticated hues — with 22 options available.

What We Don’t Love: This silk isn’t fully resistant to soaking in some of your favorite skincare products.

Let’s be real, silk pillowcases aren’t just functional for hair and skin health — they also happen to look pretty in your bedroom. We love this Adubor pick for the brand’s strong color offering. With 22 shade options, there’s something to compliment every decor scheme. (We’re partial to the Lilac Grey, Bean Green, and Taupe.)

While the fabric smoothed our tester’s hair texture (“I noticed my hair felt less greasy when I woke up and there was less frizz in the morning, too,” she shares), she found the fabric to be a bit too thin and moisture-absorbent for the luxurious bedding experience she craved (she found that the pillowcase absorbed some of her skincare, which isn’t common among most silk cases). Though the silk is almost see-through, the hidden zipper is a plus that gives the pillowcase a more refined look, she notes.

Price at time of publish: $22 for a standard; $26 for a queen; $32 for a king

Material: 100% Mulberry Silk | Size: Standard, Queen, King | Colors: 22

Best for Curly Hair

Hill House Home Sisi Silk Pillowcase

What We Love: Hill House offers unique prints that provide unparalleled elegance. 

What We Don’t Love: The king-sized pillowcase was far too big for our king-sized pillows, however, the standard size is spot on.

Even compared to other pillowcases we tested in a similar price range, the Hill House Home Sisi stands out from the rest. “I’ve long sworn by mulberry silk pillowcases, but this blows any I’ve used in the past out of the water,” our tester raves. “It has a luxurious, buttery, and comforting feel against my skin.” 

For curly hair, sleeping on high-quality silk is an important step for locking in moisture and preventing breakage. “Silk pillowcases are especially beneficial for curly hair because this hair type tends to be drier,” says Jenna Spino, hairstylist at Maxine Salon in Chicago. “Silk will help to maintain the moisture in the hair leaving it more hydrated, shinier, and less frizzy.” Our tester agrees with this sentiment. “As someone with delicate hair, I feel very confident using this,” she says. “After feeling the improved quality this extra investment can get you, I’m never looking back.” Plus, Hill House Home’s hand-crafted prints offer an unparalleled elegance that will instantly elevate your bedroom aesthetic.

We do wish there was a queen-sized case offered, as our tester mentions that the king-sized pillowcase was very oversized. 

Price at time of publish: $85 for a standard; $105 for a king

Material: 100% Mulberry Silk | Size: Standard & King | Colors: 7

Best for Hot Sleepers

Parachute Silk Pillowcase

What We Love: This silk pillowcase is matte — which is a rarity for this fabric. 

What We Don’t Love: This high-quality pillowcase only comes in white.

Parachute is one of our absolute favorite home and bedding brands. They prioritize organic materials using high-quality fibers and sustainable production practices. Their silk pillowcase is no different, making for a calming and cooling night’s sleep. “It feels very breathable, which made me feel good about putting my skin on the fabric,” says one tester. “I woke up feeling clean and light — I think the natural fibers prevent any sweat from registering on skin and hair,” she adds. 

At $89 for a single pillowcase, it's on the higher end of products we’ve tested. Yet, similar to the Hill House Home and Slip picks, the luxurious quality is noticeable and worth the investment. Plus, most silk pillowcases have a bright shine to them — we love that the Parachute one appears slightly matte, giving it a cooler and more modern edge, despite only being available in white. 

Price at time of publish: $89 for a standard; $109 for a king

Material: 100% Mulberry Silk | Size: Standard & King | Colors: White

Best for Thick Hair

Jocoku Mulberry Silk Pillowcase

What We Love: Though natural silk is often thin and wrinkle-prone, these cases hold up well to the wear of thick hair. 

What We Don’t Love: These cases can lose some luster and softness after a few washes. 

Our tester has thick, curly hair and loved the way this case keeps her strands shiny and frizz-free overnight. “My hair was much tamer in the morning, and I didn’t feel myself rolling on or pulling my hair in the middle of the night,” she says. Falling near the middle pricepoint of products we tested, Jocoku offers a quality silk that feels exceedingly soft and cool to the touch. Though our tester noticed some decreased luster after several weeks of wear and multiple washings, she still recommends them as a great gift and a huge value.

Price at time of publish: $43 for standard; $45 for queen; $47 for king

Material: 100% Mulberry Silk | Size: Standard, Queen, King | Colors: 8

Grace Eleyae Silk Pillowcase

Our tester loved the look and feel of these pillowcases straight out of the packaging, and even raved about how amazing they were for her delicate hair. “I have glued in hair extensions and they require a lot of maintenance. If I’m not careful, they’ll knot and mat very easily. But with this pillowcase, my hair was knot-free, no frizzies, no mess, and way easier to brush,” she says. But, she didn’t feel so confident in the way the material held up after a few washes, noting that the fabric lost some of its luster and felt thinner and tougher. “I would imagine that after a year’s worth of washes, these wouldn’t hold up well,” she concludes. So, proceed at your own caution. 

MYK One-Sided Silk Pure Natural Mulberry Silk Pillowcase

This product from MYK offers something a little different — it’s a one-sided pillowcase, meaning one side is silk and the other is regular cotton. The benefit of this design is that silk can be quite slippery and can slide around your bed throughout the night, but the cotton side (not the side you sleep on) is intended to provide more friction and grip to keep the pillow positioned in place. Plus, our tester noticed that her fine, straight hair was transformed each morning compared to other bedding. “After sleeping on this pillowcase, my hair felt softer. I would barely need to brush it when I woke up, it was almost perfectly straight and never frizzy or greasy,” she says. And yet, she ultimately felt that the quality of the cotton side did not live up to the silk side, therefore cheapening the overall experience. “For less than $25, it pretty much performed as expected,” she concludes. 

Our Testing Process

After extensive market research, our editors settled on a list of 35 silk pillowcases with highly-rated reviews, media hype, and brand recognition. We then sent them out to our far-reaching team of freelance product testers and beauty experts to sleep on, night after night. They were instructed to judge quality and feel, while noting changes in their hair and skin’s health and appearance, and taking account of washing and care ease. After 10 weeks of testing, we compiled the info to narrow down our recommendation list and provide you with the 10 best silk pillowcases of 2023.

What to Keep in Mind


When purchasing a silk pillowcase, it’s important to look for fabric that is 100% silk. Mulberry silk is the highest quality out there and products labeled “22 momme” or “25 momme” offer superior softness and durability — the number accounts for how much silk is present per square inch of material, meaning the higher the number, the better the quality. Some brands may try to market their bedding as silk, when it’s actually satin or a polyester blend — though satin and silk look similar, satin doesn’t provide the same caliber of skin and hair benefits. That said, satin is a good option for those shopping on a budget. (Both Bedsure Satin Pillowcase and Kitsch Satin Pillowcase are affordable, quality picks.)


This may seem like a no-brainer, but know what size your pillows are before purchasing pillowcases. I’ve made the mistake of ordering too-small cases before and it’s a hassle. And, if you want to be extra precise, examine the exact measurements of the product against your personal pillow — “standard” sizes can be different across various countries and manufacturers, so it doesn’t hurt to double check. And no matter the size, don’t be alarmed if you have to buy two — most silk pillowcases are not sold in sets. 

Your Questions, Answered

How do you wash a silk pillowcase?

Product care for silk pillowcases can vary from brand to brand. These days, most are machine washable, though it's recommended to use a mesh laundry bag and wash on a delicate setting. Air drying will ensure the greatest life extension of the product, though machine drying can also be fine. Wrinkles are unavoidable with silk and will typically smooth out after a few days. Read the product care info for your specific pillowcase for best results. 

Are silk pillowcases good for skin?

Yes! According to board-certified dermatologist and adjunct professor at Harvard Medical School, Reid Maclellan, M.D., silk pillowcases are beneficial for skin because they don’t pull as much as other fabrics like cotton. “This prevents creasing of the skin and can help to minimize fine lines and wrinkles long-term,” he says. “And because silk is a less absorbable fabric, a silk pillowcase will not absorb as much product from the skin as other pillowcases might, leaving products on the face so they do their job overnight.”

Why are silk pillowcases better for hair?

Silk pillowcases benefit hair similarly to how they benefit skin, by reducing pulling. “Silk is smooth and soft, causing less friction and static on the hair. Friction from cotton or other fabrics disrupts the cuticle layer leading to frizz, tangles, breakage, and dry strands,” says Spino. “With silk, the hair just slides on the pillowcase instead of creating tension which causes breakage and tangles.”

And, the benefits of silk aren’t just for frizz and curls. Straight strands will see reduced static when sleeping on silk too. “They also help prolong a blowout because silk encourages the outer layer of the hair cuticle to lay flat, maintaining your style and keeping the strands looking and feeling smooth,” adds Spino.

Are silk or satin pillowcases better?

They’re different. Silk is a naturally occurring, organic fiber, while satin is an artificial material, commonly made from polyester. Silk is definitely the more luxurious option — and for that reason, it’s often much more expensive. Satin is a great budget-friendly alternative that offers similar effects. But, if you have sensitive skin or are prone to irritation from synthetic fabrics, you’ll want to make the investment and spring for silk. 

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