Yahoo March 9, 2023



The 'Glass Hair' Trend Will Give You The Sleekest Strands Ever


Hair trends are constantly evolving, so it's no surprise that the glass hair trend has totally taken over the internet. Sure, everyone wants to maintain their natural shine, but the concept of glass hair takes it to another level.

"The glass hair trend is having hair that is so shiny that it can almost look like glass," says Shelly Aguirre, a hairstylist at Maxine Salon in Chicago. "It has tons of light reflecting from the cuticle." In some cases, glass hair can almost look liquid-like.

Meet the experts: Shelly Aguirre, is a hairstylist at Maxine Salon based in Chicago. Olya Iudina is a hairstylist at IGK in New York City

You may have seen this trend on celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Jenna Dewan, and Ashley Graham, but the look is just as doable at home whether your hair is long or short.

That said, the glass hair trend isn't for everyone. Since it describes hair that's as sleek as possible, a lot of heat has to be put on the hair in order to get the look. Translation: It can create trouble for hair that has already endured heat or color damage—even with heat protectants.

Curious to know exactly how to achieve the look? Read on for some tips and step-by-step instructions from experts, plus product recommendations so you can get glass hair without going to the salon.

Use a moisturizing shampoo.

Sure, conditioner helps keep the hair soft, but using a moisturizing shampoo is just as important. "Keeping the hair shiny is the first step in achieving this look. Dry hair won’t ever reflect light the way moisturized hair will," explains Aguirre.

Depending on your hair type and texture, Iudina notes that you may have to double shampoo to remove dirt, product buildup, sweat, and oil from the scalp and roots.

Consider applying a mask.

A hair mask can make all the difference in achieving glass hair. Iudina recommends applying from tips to roots since tips are prone to dryness and need the most product. "Roots take in the natural oils produced by your scalp and might not need more moisture unless [hair is] bleached to the roots, damaged, or dry," she says.

Her favorite is the IGK Expensive Amla Oil Hi Shine Top Coat, which is an in-shower gloss treatment formulated to protect hair while enhancing color and shine. It can be used as a conditioner or mask after shampooing for two to four minutes before rinsing.

Avoid frizz with a leave-in or oil.

If you don't have a mask to use in the shower, consider applying leave-in conditioner or a hydrating oil after washing.

Aguirre suggests the Oribe Gold Lust Nourishing Hair Oil or the Kérastase Nectar Thermique Hair Serum, which can be paired with Kérastase Lhuile Original Hair Oil for extra shine and heat protection. Additionally, leave-in conditioner will lock in moisture and may contain oils and ingredients that will create the shine you're looking for.

Give yourself a quality blowout.

Applying heat is big part of the process, and having a quality blow dryer and natural bristled brush is essential.

"Oribe Royal Blowout is an amazing blow dry product to help give your blowout body and shine while also protecting it from the heat," says Aguirre. For dry hair, use a moisturizing cream and comb it through before blow drying to keep hair hydrated.

Use a flat iron.

To really seal the deal, use a flat iron to get that pin-straight finish. For the best results, create small, thin sections and pass the iron over your hair one to two times. Make sure your iron of choice has heat control and is made of ionic and ceramic material. Then, follow it up with your go-to shine spray to set everything in place.