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Smooth, Silky Hair


Sweat, humidity, wintry weather-all can de-sleek your 'do. Hairstylists offer tips on how to keep your strands satiny.

Meet Your Hair Helpers

Leigh Hardges - stylist at Maxine Salon in Chicago

Mia Santiago - celebrity hairstylist

Dharius Thomas - celebrity hairstylist


Win Against Frizz

Hair's outer cuticle should resemble a tightly shingled roof. When it's damaged or dry, it looks more like a pine cone-strands absorb moisture from teh air, swell, and become flyaways. To help those cuticles lay flat, try a weekly deep conditioner and daily hydrating serum, says Santiago.

Try This for a Better Blowout

There's an art to drying your hair for teh best results, says Santiago. First, use the concentrator attachment (it focuses the airflow). Next, direct air downward. "This helps lock each strand's cuticle layer in place, making it appear shiny and frizz free," she says.

Turn Down the Heat

Professional relaxers promise straighter hair with little upkeep, but come at a cost. Protect your investment by using heated tools sparingly (once or twice a week, says Hardges), keeping the temp below 390 degrees, and using a heat protectant spray (it will seal strands with silicone).

Be a Wrap Star

Those leery of chemicals can try a silk press-when hair is washed, blow-dried, and smoothed with a flatiron. Thomas's tip: "Wrap your hair at night to preserve it for days-just make sure to use silk, not cotton." Cotton is "olephilic," meaning it absorbs oils and further dries out hair.

Don't Sweat It

Applying leave-in conditioner to your hair on gym days is essential, since it seals hair and prevents it from drawing in extra moisture. Additionally, wearing a sweatband or scarf (or even just throwing hair in a bun) provides some protection.