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We tested 6 blow dry brushes —Here are the best for styling hair in 2023


A quality blow dryer brush can make or break your hair — literally. Whether your hair falls more pin-straight or lion mane-curly, it’s important to have one of these on hand and at arm’s reach.

The multi-purpose tool is one I resort too frequently (about 99.9% of the time when I don’t air-dry my natural curls). Its two-in-one brush and blow dryer combo is exactly what makes styling convenient, user-friendly and salon-worthy at the end.

“A blow dryer brush is a combination hot air tool with a round brush bristle attachment designed to dry and style in one go,” Amy Abramite, creative director and hairstylist at Maxine Salon in Chicago, told the New York Post. “They are easy to grip and use for a one step blow dry that looks like a professional blowout.”

While blow dryer brushes have risen in popularity as of late, this isn’t a product I’ve picked up yesterday. In fact, I’ve been testing some of the best blow dryer brushes as early as three years ago — including ones from amika, Dyson, the new debut from Moroccanoil, and more.

What’s more, I’ve been product-testing a variety of hair products for years, including hair mousses, stay-all-day hair sprays, dozens of shampoos and conditioners, after-shower leave-in conditioners and more.

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The moment we’ve all been waiting for: a comprehensive review of the best blow dryer brushes you can buy for efficient, easy styling (note: I also put together a comparison table at the end of this review so you can see all of them at a quick glance).

For more intel on blow dryer brushes and an expert-backed, step-by-step guide on how to use one, check out our FAQ section following our product picks.

How we tested

While reviewing the top blow dryer brushes on the market (side note: my hair is naturally curly, sometimes frizzy and blow dries in loose curls, so you can say I’m a mutt of different hair types and textures), here’s the official New York Post Shopping criteria I ran through for each tool:

  • Ease of use: When it’s time for me to style my hair, I don’t want it to be a production. I want to go from damp to dry on the fly, and with a tool that is just as easy to use as it is effective.
  • Styling power: When using a blow-dryer brush, I look at how my hair feels as it’s being styled. Does the hair tool leave my hair dry? Frizzy? On the flip-side, does it leave my hair soft and bouncy? Smooth to the touch? These are all factors I take into consideration when reviewing.
  • Lasting power: Arguably the most important factor in assessing a styling tool is how long the style will last. Can I go longer than two days without a wash, perhaps even skipping dry shampoo in the process?

Best Blow Dryer Brush Overall: Moroccanoil 4-in-1 Blow-Dryer Brush


  • Quickest blow dry time (only 10 minutes!)
  • Even heat distribution for frizz-free, smooth locks


  • None to speak of

I’ve been using the Moroccanoil 4-in-1 Blow-Dryer Brush for about a month now (it recently launched, so I had to get my hands on it). The brand is known for its much-adored smoothing hair products — like its Hydrating Styling Cream ($36) and All-in-One Leave-In Conditioner ($30), so I knew its stunning, new hair tool was on that same agenda.

The best part? Not only does the brush satisfy my hair-styling expectations (only 10 minutes to look like I came fresh out of a salon!) but it works well with frizzy hair, has impeccable heat distribution (so, it doesn’t feel like I’m using a “hot” tool at all) and has a sleek, durably made look. It also helps increase shine.

Not to mention, it’s fairly priced compared to others I’ve used — and my most-recommended hair tool to date.

Best Budget Blow Dryer Brush: Revlon One-Step Volumizer and Hot Air Brush


  • Affordable price for an efficient hair product
  • Easy to use


  • The heat distribution could be better

Everyone and their mother (and probably, their grandmother, too) has been talking about the Revlon One-Step Volumizer and Hot Air Brush since its launch a few years ago. It’s pretty much the leader of blow dryer brushes — starting the craze and having everyone follow suit by purchasing one.

Now an all-around Amazon best-seller, this hair tool does the job, IMHO. It’s not the best compared to others I’ve tested, but it’s a quick, easy-to-use product that doesn’t damage my hair. It just doesn’t have as even of heat distribution as some other high-end ones. Overall, it takes about 20 minutes to dry.

Best Blow Dryer Brush Worth the Splurge: Dyson Airwrap Multi-Styler Complete Long


  • Several attachments to professionally interchange, depending on your preferred look
  • Even heat distribution


  • Price point may be a splurge for some
  • Comes with a learning curve, though not a dealbreaker

Enter the coveted Dyson Airwrap Multi-Styler Complete Long. It’s on everyone’s wishlists for a reason (and yes, it’s worth the hype).

Honestly though, I don’t find myself reaching for it say, as much as my Moroccanoil or Drybar options, simply because how I prefer my simple blowout doesn’t require a plethora of attachments. However, I’m satisfied with the results nearly every time — it came with a learning curve, let me tell ya — and I love the versatility it provides.

Simply put, it may be the only hair tool you need: part blow dryer, part curling iron and part hair straightener. However, it does take about an hour to use.

Best Blow Dryer Brush for Frizzy Hair: Drybar The Double Shot Blow-Dryer Brush


  • Easy to use
  • True “round brush” design


  • May not be the best for fine hair, as one to two-inch sections of hair wrap around the brush best

Real talk — one of my friends brought Drybar’s The Double Shot Blow-Dryer Brush on a trip we went on together and, the second I returned, I picked it up, too. The reason? I saw how she navigated her damp hair so simply (and, frizz-free!) — a feat for her naturally kinky curls.

It’s one of my favorites to reach for and the most similar to Moroccanoil’s, the blow dryer brush I awarded the “best overall” accreditation to. It has a true round brush design, and it’s evident how much the brand pored over every last detail before launching it at beauty counters nationwide.

Its one con is that it isn’t the best for some finer sections of my hair. One- to two-inch sections of my hair work best (aka, the front sections), and the bottom strands of my hair, near the nape of my neck, take longer to dry. It’s not a dealbreaker, but just something to note. It takes me about 25 minutes to use.

Best Blow Dryer Brush for Curly Hair: T3 AireBrush Duo Interchangeable Hot Air Blow Dry Brush


  • Unique blow dryer and hair straightener hybrid that makes an excellent value
  • Soft bristles help the hair feel bouncy and smooth


  • Comes with a learning curve; more suited for advanced hair stylers or those who are already comfortable using a blow dryer well

The T3 AireBrush Duo Interchangeable Hot Air Blow Dry Brush has to be one of the most unique hair tools on the market. If you’re someone (like me) who loves to straighten away their frizz — even after blow drying your hair —this is the snazzy grab for you.

Notably, its round brush head is more tapered (in contrast to a traditional round shape), allowing the finer ends of your hair to efficiently wrap around. Its bristles are softer than any other blow dryer brush I’ve tested — giving it a more “brush-like feel.” Oh, and it’s *incredible* for bouncy curls — largely due to its luxe bristles.

That said, I’ve noticed it’s more suited for advanced hairstylists. Though I’m not a cosmetologist, it came with a slight learning curve, and it takes about 30 to 45 minutes to achieve a full blowout.

Best Blow Dryer Brush for Volume: amika Hair Blow Dryer Brush 2.0


  • Slight rectangular brush head helps wrap sections of hair easier than other blow dryer brushes tested
  • Easy to use


  • No specific heat settings to choose from (only ON or OFF)

In short, I swear by amika. Its Hair Blow Dryer Brush 2.0 was one of the first I used and one that’s super easy to use. It offers excellent volume, more notable than most others I’ve used, and takes about 15 minutes to use — almost as quick as the Moroccanoil model.

When used with the brand’s Blowout Bombshell Blowout Spray ($28) and The Wizard Detangling Hair Primer ($29), you’ll find that your hair will feel soft and light. Even better, its slight rectangular brush head helps wrap sections of hair easier than other blow dryer brushes tested — seriously, a genius concept.

An FAQ on blow dryer brushes

Ahead, Abramite gives us the 411 on blow dryer brushes — including their benefits and how to properly use one, step by step.

What are the benefits of using a blow dryer brush?

First things first — let’s understand why it’s worth picking up a newly minted blow dryer brush and using it on your locks.

“The benefits are taming flyaways and frizz for smooth shiny texture while maintaining healthy strands,” Abramite tells The Post. “A blow dryer brush is easy to use to create round brushed styles on any texture and type of hair.”

How does a blow dryer brush differ from a traditional blow dryer? 

Above all else, the shape of a blow dryer brush is different than the norm you’re used to seeing.

“A traditional blow dryer has a pistol shaped barrel and requires more skill to use because the tool and brush is separate,” she explains. “A blow dryer brush is easier to handle because they are connected.”

In short, this makes it simple to operate and requires less effort to achieve a classic blowout finish.

What should one look for in a quality blow dryer brush?

According to Abramite, variety of air pressure and temperature choices are important to control the style and protect moisture levels in the hair.

“Easy gripping on the tool for handling is key, as well as quality bristles to glide through the hair when styling,” she adds.

How to properly use a blow dryer brush — step-by-step — according to a hairstylist

Ahead, Abramite shares her ultimate hairstyling guide to reference as you get started with a blow dryer brush:

  • For a frizz-free blowout using a blow dryer brush, first choose the speed and temperature setting for your texture and hair type
  • Next, securely wrap a section sections of hair around the bristles. Starting at the root area, use equal tension and glide brush through to the ends and roll under, flip up, or curl for style choice
  • For more volume at the root area, pull the brush upward, and for less volume pull downward while rolling the lengths and ends. The bristles will grip the hair with tension to tame frizz and reshape texture for a glossy finish with volume, movement and bounce

“For coarse thick hair, use the high setting and for fine fragile hair, use low,” she suggests. “Doing so will control strands while styling and protect hair from the heat. To lock in the shape, use the cool setting for a long-lasting style after each section.”