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Two-Toned Bangs Will Be All Over Your For You Page


  • Two-toned bangs are the latest trending hair color.
  • The look features contrasting colors for a "peekaboo" effect in your hair.
  • A professional hairstylist breaks down the appeal of the trend and how to get the two-toned bangs look.

If there's one thing that TikTok has taught the world, it's that for better or worse, you're the main character of your own story. This ideology has permeated everything from fashion to pop culture discourse and, of course, beauty. Whether it's the openness with with people talk about the cosmetic procedures that they've undergone to the popularity of bold, head-turning makeup thanks to the rise of TV shows like "Euphoria," people are no longer afraid to stand out or be the topic of conversation; in fact, it's now welcomed more than ever. Nowhere is this shift more apparent than with the rise of the two-toned hair-color trend. Particularly, two-toned bangs.

What is that, you wonder? "A two-toned fringe is a bang that's layered on the top half of the style revealing a different color underneath," hairstylist at Chicago's Maxine Salon, Amy Abramite, tells POPSUGAR. "The layers are soft and wispy and colors can be vivid and contrasting or similar and subtle." Yes, hair colors like red and mauve are trending in 2023, but two-toned bangs are a step above the rest due to the fact that they can be worn year-round (in fact, if you really want to have fun with the look, you can do different color combinations for spring, summer, fall, and winter), and are more about making a trend your own than just wanting a subtle change. If want to learn more about two-toned bangs, Abramite breaks down everything you should know about the trend ahead.

What Are Two-Toned Bangs?

Think of this hair-color trend on the one hand as being like the micro version of the two-toned hair-color trend: the "Gemini" hair, but on the other, instead of the two shades being distributed throughout the entirety of your hair, they would be relegated to just a fringe.

Of course, the trend isn't exactly new, but traditionally, you would see the two tones placed next to one another rather than on top of each other, Abramite explains. "There are also no layers, making the bang one consistent length." That's where this updated version differs. In this twist on the classic, there are additional layers, which set the stage for a fun peekaboo effect that is needed to make this hairstyle really work.

How to Ask For Two-Toned Bangs at the Salon

If you want to try two-toned bangs for yourself, Abramite has some tips on what to ask for at a salon. "The first step in getting the look is booking a colorblocking service," she says. "For the fringe, the top half [will be] tinted one color and the bottom half another. The second step is cutting the top layer of the fringe with thinning scissors to remove weight and add layers to reveal the color underneath."

Bangs are already a big commitment, so we understand if the addition of color feels a bit . . . panic inducing. But if you still want to try the look, you have options. "If you're nervous about the color, try two different shades of brown to keep the style more understated," Abramite says. "Once you've gotten comfortable, you can then go bolder with contrasting colors like blue and green."

How to Maintain Two-Toned Bangs at Home

The best way to maintain your two-toned bangs at home is to follow your normal colored hair-care routine. If this is your first time getting color, that routine could include washing your hair less, avoiding sun exposure, and using the right products. "Sulfate-free and sodium chloride-free products ensure color longevity," hairstylist Karissa Schaudt, previously told POPSUGAR. She also recommends using a heat protectant that guards against at least 400 degrees, and quality hot tools, to preserve the look of your color.

If you have textured hair, you may also to opt for a more natural two-toned color option, as the technique for brighter colors will have similar results as it might after lightening your hair: i.e. quite a bit of damage. "When using vivid colors in textured hair, there's a possibility that bleaching will be needed to lift the hair light enough to tone with a bright color," Abramite says. "Textured hair tends to be more fragile and can make hair prone to damage during lightening services." While the feat is not impossible, if curl integrity is important to you, it's important to keep in close contact with your hairstylist and follow any care regimen that they recommend.

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