Glam May 23, 2023



'Glass Hair' Is The Smooth, Shiny Style That's Trending Right Now


'Glass Hair' Is The Smooth, Shiny Style That's Trending 

The trendiest hair colors and cuts change in the blink of an eye, so it can be challenging to decide the right trend to choose the next time you visit the salon for a change. That's why we love the "glass hair" 2023 trend, as it's about flaunting clean, shiny locks instead of a specific length or color. "The glass hair trend is having hair that is so shiny that it can almost look like glass," Shelly Aguirre, a hairstylist at Maxine Salon, told Women's Health.

You can find many people on TikTok rocking this fun and shiny hair trend, such as TikToker @abigaillinnn, who posted a video using a product on her damp hair, drying it with a hair dryer, spraying on another product, and then straightening it. While achieving the effect didn't seem effortless — look at all the products and styling involved — the results are as stunning as silk. The expensive brunette trend and equally expensive blond hair look also vibe with this trend, as those beloved hair colors are more about shine than a specific shade. If you don't mind spending the extra time and money on styling, explore the glass hair trend, as it will do wonders for your locks.

Glass bobs are ultra-trendy in 2023

Bobs are the official cool-girl haircut of 2023, so if you have one, why not make your already-trending haircut even trendier with a glass bob? Shiny bobs are arguably the trendiest current hair option, combining the chic short length with a gorgeous, silky shine effect. Plus, all the styling needed for the glass look shouldn't take up much time, as sporting a bob means you've already got pretty short hair.

Dark hair will look more alluring than ever

Dark tresses are already famously sexy and intriguing, as many seductive and femme-fatale-type characters in movies and TV shows boast dark hair. If you wish to make your dark locks look even more sleek, rich, deep, and mysterious, go for a glass look, as your shiny dark brown or black tresses will make you feel like you belong on a runway or movie screen.

Long light hair will look angelic

On the other hand, glassy light locks are beautiful in a dainty and gentle way. Silky and long blond, copper, or pastel pink hair will never fail to give you the bearing of a beautiful princess. Ultra-shiny tresses exude delicate, hyper-feminine beauty that appears like something from a fairy tale — they're magical!

Celebrities love rocking this look

Seeking a clearer understanding of how glass hair should appear? Check out some celebrities with gorgeous hair. Famous people such as Hailey Bieber, Sophie Turner, and Ariana Grande flaunt straight, glossy hair in various lengths, inspiring us to invest more time in our locks to achieve the trendy glass look like the stars.