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Beauty Experts Say You Should Never Do These Things To Your Hair Or Makeup — & Here's What To Do Instead


Getting ready for the day (or night!) can be overwhelming — and finding a beauty routine that works best for you takes time. Between new skin-care products, hair-washing schedules, makeup tricks, and more, there’s always something to learn. If you’re currently in the process of discovering the dos and don’ts of beauty, this list can help.

Here, you’ll find a handful of experts who were more than happy to share their favorite tips and tricks when it comes to styling your hair and makeup. From sleeping on satin pillowcases to applying foundation in a downward motion, there’s a little piece of advice in here for everybody.

Never: Fall Asleep With A Full Face Of Makeup On
Instead: Remove It With This Cleansing Micellar Water

Garnier SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Water

Sleeping in your makeup may sound appealing when you’re too tired to wash your face. However, Nina Sedighi, a board-certified physician associate for Skin Spirit, tells Bustle that “[...] sleeping in your makeup is harmful to your skin, it causes breakouts, and will clog your pores.” The solution? “Instead, make sure to remove your makeup before going to bed using a micellar water or makeup remover.”

This particular bottle of micellar water is available for less than $10, and it’s even suitable for use on all types of skin. There’s no rinsing required, making it great for a quick cleanse on tired days — and the formula is also free from any oils, parabens, fragrances, or sulfates.

Never: Apply Foundation “In An Upwards Motion”
Instead: Apply It In A Downward Motion “So You Don’t Push Up Peach Fuzz”

KESHIMA Flat Top Kabuki Foundation Brush

Sometimes, getting your foundation to look smooth can be a challenge. Luckily, Kia Ragland, the director of product development at Kylie Cosmetics & Skin, has an easy tip: “When it comes to applying foundation, what many tend to do is apply in an upwards motion which is a huge no!” she tells Bustle. “Instead, always apply foundation on [the] face downward with [a] foundation brush so you don’t push up peach fuzz.”

Now that you know how to get your foundation looking great, it’s time to make sure you have the right tools on hand — like this kabuki brush. Its bristles are packed together tightly, making it easy to spread the foundation for a full face of coverage. And unlike some brushes, this one is less likely to shed.

Never: Apply Blush Below The Cheekbones
Instead: Apply Blush On Cheekbones To “Lift The Face”

Keshima Angled Blush Brush

“When it comes to applying blush, always apply blush on apples and cheekbones [...]," explains Ragland. She emphasizes avoiding applying it below that area in an effort to “lift the face” — and this brush can help you achieve the look you’re going for. Its angled bristles make it easy to add blush, contour, and bronzer precisely where you want, while the synthetic bristles feel just as soft as real hair. And just like the previous kabuki brush, this one is unlikely to shed.

Never: Style Hair That Isn’t Totally Dry Yet
Instead: Dry Your Hair With A Gentle Microfiber Towel First

Desired Body Microfiber Hair Towel

Though you may think your damp hair is dry enough for hot tools, Ragland says that you should “never use a heating tool such as flat iron or curling iron on hair that isn’t completely dry.” Instead, she goes on to recommend using “[...] a microfiber cloth/towel to absorb more water before drying hair to help expedite dry time.”

With that in mind, this hair towel is made from absorptive microfiber that can hold way more moisture than plain cotton. Not only can it help your hair dry faster, but it also features an elastic loop in the back so that you can secure it to your head for easy wear — a must-have for when you’re lounging with wet hair at home.

Never: Forget The Diffuser While Drying Your Hair Upside Down
Instead: Use It To Help Avoid Unwanted Frizziness

Bed Head Curls-in-Check Hair Diffuser Dryer

Experiencing frizziness after you’ve blow-dried your hair? The fix may be as easy as adding a diffuser to your dryer. “Blow drying your hair upside down without a diffuser creates frizz because you’re pushing the hair cuticle back on each strand instead of laying it flat,” explains Ragland.

Luckily, this diffuser dryer is available for less than $30. Three heat settings and two different speed settings help you get the sleek ‘do you’re looking for, while ionic technology works to reduce unwanted frizz and static while you style. Plus, the diffuser attachment is removable — just in case you need an all-over blast of hot air.

Never: Add Volume By Blow-Drying Upside-Down
Instead: Use Sprays Or Powders To Add Volume Instead

John Frieda Volume Lift Thickening Spray

While blow drying upside-down may sound like an easy fix for limp roots, Ragland has an easier tip. She tells Bustle, “If you’re trying to achieve volume use a volume spray or powder at the root of hair before and/or after blow drying.” And not only is this spray great for boosting volume, but it also leaves hair feeling soft and smooth. The best part? The gentle formula is suitable for use on color-treated hair, so there’s no need to worry about it affecting your color.

Never: Apply Eyeshadow With Your Eyes Closed
Instead: Keep A Natural Expression For Accurate Application

Keshima Professional Eye Makeup Brushes (7-Pack)

Closing your eyes when applying eyeshadow may seem like the natural choice — but according to Andrea Claire, a Canadian-licensed hairstylist based in Singapore, it’s a big no-no. “The placement for eyeshadow is more accurate with your eyes open in a neutral expression ie RBF,” she tells Bustle.

Now that you know to keep your eyes open, make sure that shadow is going precisely where you want with help from these brushes. Each set comes with seven in varying styles, ranging from short angled bristles to soft, rounded tips. And since the bristles are packed together tightly, it’s less likely that they’ll shake eyeshadow off onto your cheeks when applying.

Never: Fully Outline Your Lips With Lip Liner
Instead: Avoid The Outer Corners

Revlon Colorstay Lip Liner

Lining your lipstick can make your lips appear even more full — but that doesn’t mean you should line your entire lip. Claire suggests that you “[...] apply it after your lip color and apply avoiding the outer corners of your lip.”

With that in mind, this lip liner is a smart pick if you’re looking for a precise application. The formula is resistant to bleeding and feathering, while a built-in sharpener ensures that the tip is always pointed. The best part? It can stay on your lips for up to eight hours, making it great for all-day wear.

Never: Sleep On Regular Pillowcases
Instead: Opt For Satin Pillowcases That Are Gentle On Hair

J JIMOO Natural Silk Pillowcase

Even if your pillowcases feel soft, Claire tells Bustle that sleeping on them “[...] can cause breakage, dryness, and tangles.” Instead, opt for pillowcases made from satin. “Satin pillowcases allow the hair to glide freely avoiding the friction and tangles [...]” explains Claire. “Overall this will help with hair health and even help to protect color treated hair since dry, dull hair will cause color fade faster.”

Luckily, these satin pillowcases come in more than 20 different colors, making it easy to match them to your current sheets. An envelope closure helps keep your pillow from sliding out while you snooze — and since they’re incredibly breathable, hot sleepers can appreciate how they won’t leave you sweating.

Never: Put Makeup On Before Washing Your Face
Instead: “Cleanse & Hydrate” Your Complexion First

Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser

Just like how a painter needs to prime their canvas before painting, preparing your skin prior to applying makeup can help you look your best. “Take time to properly cleanse and hydrate the skin before applying makeup,” says Monina Wright, a licensed esthetician and professional makeup artist. “When you do not take the time to prep your skin before applying makeup, the finish can leave the skin dry or untextured.” And if you still remain unconvinced? She goes on to explain that “applying makeup to an unclean face will only highlight large pores or bring attention to blemishes you are trying to cover up.”

Now, take a look at this bottle of Cetaphil cleanser. The gentle formula is suitable for sensitive skin, as it works to reinforce your skin’s moisture barrier to help keep it from drying out. It’s also non-comedogenic, as well as made without any parabens or sulfates.

Never: Let Your Concealer Applicator Touch Breakouts
Instead: Use A Brush To Cover Blemishes

Revlon ColorStay Skin Awaken 5-in-1 Concealer

While it can be tempting to dab concealer directly onto a pimple, Sophie Marcopoulos, a makeup artist and licensed esthetician, recommends against it. She tells Bustle, “When doing your makeup, you should never touch a concealer applicator directly to a pimple. Once the applicator goes back into the tube, the entire product will become contaminated with bacteria from the breakout.” As for what to do instead, she goes on to recommend that you “[...] dispense the concealer onto the back of your clean hand and apply it with a brush.”

Not only can this concealer stay put for up to 24 hours, but it’s also infused with vitamin C to help brighten your complexion. And if you need a matching brush to go with it? This one features a flat, angled top to help you apply concealer in hard-to-cover spots, such as the delicate areas around your nose and eyes.

Never: Apply Mascara When Your Under-Eye Concealer Is Wet
Instead: Apply Setting Powder To Help It Dry Faster

Beauty Bakerie Flour Setting Powder

Can’t figure out why your mascara always smudges? According to Marcopoulos, it could be because your under-eye concealer is still wet. “When doing your makeup, you should never apply mascara while your under-eye concealer is still wet,” she tells Bustle. “Freshly applied mascara can smudge and transfer when it comes into contact with un-set concealer while blinking.” And if you don’t have time to wait for it to dry? Marcopoulos goes on to suggest that you “[...] apply a small amount of setting powder to take away any surface moisture, before applying your mascara.”

This setting powder, in particular, is finely-milled, which helps keep it in place all day long. While long-lasting, it’s also lightweight and matte — so there’s no need to worry about any flashback in photos. Choose from six colors: translucent, white, yellow, caramel, brown, or chestnut.

Never: Use Hot Tools On Bare Hair
Instead: Apply Heat Protectant To Hair Before Styling

Briogeo Farewell Frizz Blow Dry Perfection & Heat Protectant Crème

Frizzy hair can be caused by a variety of factors — including using hot tools on bare hair. According to Raven Hurtado, a stylist at Maxine Salon in Chicago, doing so “[...] causes breakage, split ends, and fried hair.” As for the fix? “What you want to do to keep healthy luscious hair is use heat protection which comes in a variety of creams or sprays,” she tells Bustle. “By using heat protection it creates a barrier to keep the shine and moisture in the hair without damaging from the heat.”

With that in mind, this heat protectant can handle temperatures reaching all the way up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit — and it helps your hair remain smooth for 48 hours post-styling.

Never: Brush Knotted Hair When It’s Wet
Instead: Use A Leave-In Conditioner To Help Detangle Strands

BOLD UNIQ Leave in Conditioner

While brushing knotted hair while it’s wet may seem like an easy way to detangle, hairstyle Megan Schnell advises against it. “Never aggressively brush hair when wet,” she tells Bustle. “Gently brush the hair starting at the ends and work your way up to the root. Hair is weakest when wet, [and] like a rubber band, it will snap if pulled too hard.” And if that isn’t enough to get rid of knots? She goes on to recommend using “[...] a leave-in product to help detangle. I suggest a Sheila Stotts brush - the best!”

While professional hair brushes can cost a pretty penny, this leave-in conditioning treatment can be purchased for less than $30. A combination of ingredients including shea butter, avocado oil, coconut oil, and more help rejuvenate hair. It’s also 100% vegan as well as cruelty-free.

Never: Wear Tight Hairstyles On A Regular Basis
Instead: Use A Claw Clip To Hold Up Hair

TOCESS Big Hair Claw Clips (4 Pack)

Wrapping your hair into a high ponytail may be convenient, but Schnell says that it can also cause breakage. “Never wear tight styles repeatedly. Tight pony’s and (model off-duty buns) can cause traction alopecia,” she explains. “The mids of your hair can also weaken where your elastic is placed which results in breakage.” As an alternative, she suggests trying “[...] a silk scrunchy or claw clip and opt for a looser style.”

With that in mind, these claw clips have a soft matte rubber coating to help keep them from snagging or slipping through hair. One size is large enough to accommodate most heads of hair — and the trendy colors should be easy to match with nearly any outfit.

Never: Go To Bed With Wet Hair
Instead: Tie Hair Up In A Silk Scrunchie Beforehand

Celestial Silk Mulberry Silk Scrunchies

If there’s only one piece of advice you take from this list, make sure it’s that you stop going to sleep with wet hair. “Going to bed with wet hair may cause fungus and bacteria growth as well as breakage,” explains Schnell. But if you don’t have time to blow dry? She goes on to recommend using “[...] a microfiber towel to absorb all of the excess moisture.” She continues, “Rough dry the hair and gently secure in a silk scrunchy.”

These scrunchies in particular are made from soft mulberry silk, making them extra-smooth so that they’re gentle on delicate wet strands of hair. The best part? You also have the choice of two sizes — small or large — which means that even people with thick heads of hair can use them.

Never: Shampoo Your Hair Less Than 2 Times
Instead: Shampoo Your Hair At Least Twice For A Thorough Clean

Flathead Products Hair Scalp Massager and Shampoo Brush

Does your scalp never feel as clean as you’d hoped after a shower? Schnell suggests shampooing your hair and scalp at least two times. “I would never not shampoo twice,” she tells Bustle. “The first shampoo gets rid of product and debris. The second really cleanses the scalp.” And if that still doesn’t feel right? She goes on to say, “If your hair never feels fluffy after your wash, try a double shampoo and condition mids to ends.”

But if shampooing twice still isn’t enough, consider using this shampoo brush to get your scalp extra clean. Its silicone bristles dig into the skin, scrubbing away dirt and grime without leaving your scalp feeling irritated. Each order also includes an interchangeable massage attachment — just in case you’d like a nice head rub while you’re sitting on the couch.

Never: Use A Dry Beauty Blender
Instead: Spritz It With Rosewater Beforehand

Heritage Store Rosewater Spray

Makeup artist Susie Lynn tells Bustle, “Never use a dry beauty blender or sponge.” She continues, “Just like a damp face allows products to penetrate better so does having a moist blender. Instead, spritz some Mac Fix + or even rose water to dampen, then apply foundation...” Not only can this bottle of rosewater spray help soften and hydrate skin, but it’s also made without any artificial colors or drying alcohol.

Never: Leave The House With Tired, Red Eyes
Instead: Use Eye Drops To Quickly Refresh Them

LUMIFY Redness Reliever Eye Drops

Tired, red eyes can make even the most put-together person look out of sorts. As for an easy fix? “Don’t skip out on eye drops,” explains Lynn. “Looking fresh [and] awake is always the goal.” She goes on to recommend using them before you start your beauty routine.

These eye drops in particular contain brimonidine, which selectively targets redness so that your eyes are left looking clear. You won’t find any bleaches or dyes listed underneath its ingredients — and it only takes about one minute to work, yet its results last for up to eight hours.

Never: Exfoliate Using An Abrasive Scrubber
Instead: Use A Soft Washcloth To Apply Liquid Exfoliants

Cleanbear Pure Cotton Wash Cloths (6-Pack)

Scrubbing away at your skin can leave it red and irritated, or worse — flaking. “Never exfoliate with an abrasive scrub product,” Sue Perez, an author-speaker-coach and Emmy Award-winning TV makeup artist, tells Bustle. Instead, she recommends that you “gently use a warm wet washcloth in the shower or use a clay mask for oiler skins.”

Speaking of washcloths, this pack of six is made from soft cotton, with reinforced edges to help keep them looking good through hundreds of washes. The varying colors make it easy to distinguish them from your regular hand towels — and unlike some cloths, these ones are also fade-resistant.

Never: Add Hair Gel “When You Want A Slick Ponytail”
Instead: Use Hair Oil To Achieve The Look

Sunny Isle Jamaican Black Castor Oil

Hair gel might be your go-to choice when slicking back your hair. But according to Ghanima Abdullah, a beauty consultant at The Right Hairstyles, you shouldn’t “use hair gel when you want a slick ponytail.” She says, “Putting hair gel on your hairline or anywhere near your scalp in other areas can cause hair loss with time.”

If you still want to slick your hair back, however, Abdullah has an alternative and advises people to “use a hair oil to slick back your hair.” She continues, “It's good for your hair and very conditioning for your scalp. You'll probably find that your hair grows quicker too.” Abdullah recommends this Jamaican black castor oil is worth a look, as it’s suitable for all types of hair and skin. The formula contains zero additives or fillers — and there’s even a touch of coconut oil in there to help thicken hair.

Never: Let Your Hair Air Dry
Instead: Blow-Dry Your Hair So It’s “80% Dry” (After Applying A Heat Protectant)

L'Oreal Paris EverPure Sulfate Free Weightless Blow Dry Primer

Letting your hair air dry may seem like the obvious choice when trying to avoid frizz. However, Dr. Asmi Sanghvi, a board-certified dermatologist, begs to differ. “Don't let your hair air-dry,” she tells Bustle. “For years we thought this was the safer way to go, but new research has found that ‘hygral fatigue’ can happen, where if your hair stays wet for a long time, your hair strand cell membrane complex will swell, leading to hair breakage and frizz...” As an alternative, she recommends that you “apply a heat protectant and blow dry until your hair is 80% dry.”

Not only is this heat protectant formulated to help control frizz for up to 48 hours, but it also contains a UV filter that helps prevent fading when used on color-treated hair. The floral scent is refreshing without being overpowering — and unlike some heat protectants, this one is made without any parabens or sulfates.

Never: Let Your Hair Grow Long In Hopes It’ll Get Thicker
Instead: Stick To A Regular Trimming Schedule

Notsu Weekly Planner Mini Notepad (50 Sheets)

A common misconception is that going without a haircut for an extended period of time will result in your hair growing longer and thicker — but it couldn’t be further from the truth. “Stop growing your hair out for months and months hoping it’ll grow!” says Dominick Pucciarello, a celebrity hairstylist. “In order to trigger hair growth, you need [to] get on a regular trimming program. Even if it’s a little dusting!”

While sticking to a regular trimming routine with a busy schedule can be tricky, this miniature weekly planner can help. It puts the important events you have coming up that week right in front of you, as it fits underneath your keyboard so that it’s always visible. Plus, there’s even a small tab in the corner where you can jot down weekend plans.

Never: Use Hair Products That Contain Sulfates Or Silicones
Instead: Opt For Products With Clean Ingredients

WOW Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo & Hair Conditioner Set

Pucciarello recommends that you “stop using products with sulfates and silicones” and “start paying attention to what you’re putting on your hair/scalp.” But if you don’t have the time to read through that extensive ingredient list on the back of your shampoo? Not a problem, as this apple cider vinegar shampoo and conditioner set is made without any sulfates or parabens. Avocado and argan oil work to help strengthen weak strands, while vitamin E helps smooth away frizz — all for less than $25.

Never: Apply Foundation Before Doing A Smoky Eye
Instead: Use Eye Patches To Catch Shadow Fallout

Klorane - Smoothing & Soothing Eye Masks

Having shadow shake off your brush and onto your freshly-applied foundation can be incredibly frustrating. Luckily, Jeanine Lobell, a celebrity makeup artist and brand founder of Neen, has an easy fix: “Apply eye patches (I love the Klorane Smoothing and Soothing Eye Patches) first,” she tells Bustle. “Apply and finish the eyeshadow, mascara, and all of the eye works then apply your foundation, using concealer to blur and blend the shadow. This way you don’t have to use heavy powder under your eyes to clean up fall out.”

Just like Lobell recommended, these Klorane eye patches are a smart pick when doing your makeup. They contain hyaluronic acid that helps hydrate skin, leaving your eyes looking refreshed and awake. The best part? You only need to wear them for about 15 minutes for best results, which is likely right around how long it’ll take you to do your eye makeup.

Never: Apply Just 1 Layer Of Cream Cheek Color
Instead: Apply A Second Layer To Get That Glowing Look

Honest Beauty 2-in-1 Creme Cheek Blush + Lip Color

Having trouble achieving that glowing-skin look? Lobell says that the trick is to “underpaint your cream cheek first with your fingers or sponge.” She continues, “Then I apply foundation and powder, and go back to add a bit more cream cheek with a very soft fluffy brush to get the layered glow.” And while less may sound like more, she does go on to say that you shouldn’t “[...] apply your cream cheek color only once!”

But if you don’t have a good cheek color that blends easily? This one from Honest Beauty melts seamlessly into the skin for a glowing finish. It’s creamy enough that you can apply it with your fingers or using a makeup brush — and the formula contains zero silicones or paraffin.

Never: Brush Your Hair From Root To Tip
Instead: Start From The Ends And Work Your Way Up

Lily England Detangler Brush

Yanking a brush through tangled hair isn’t just painful — it can also lead to breakage. “Never brush your hair from the top down!” says Aviva Jansen Perea, a celebrity, editorial, and red-carpet hair stylist. “When your hair is tangled and you tear through it with a brush, you are causing breakage.” Instead, she recommends that you “start from the ends and in sections, slowly work your way through the hair.”

But if your hair is really knotted, you may want to opt for a detangling brush like this one. Its bristles are staggered at three different heights, allowing them to gently separate tangles without any pain. You can also use it on all types of hair — whether it’s curly or straight — and it’s even gentle enough to use on wet hair.

Never: Use Damaging Elastics & Hair Clips
Instead: Style Hair Using Smooth Pins

Benefree U-Shaped Hair Pins (2-Pack)

If your strands are prone to breakage, the problem might not be the conditioner or serums you’re using — it could be the elastic hairbands. “This is another anti-breakage PSA,” says Perea. “Even anti-breakage elastics have grooves in the fibers of the material that your hair can get caught in. The joiner glue or metal clasp are long-time culprits of breakage.” Perea goes on to recommend that you “try using hair pins that are coated in something smooth that won’t grab and break hair. The other benefit to this is that hair pins set your hair for a subtle loose wave.”

Not only do these pins come in hair-friendly colors for a subtle look, but they’re also made from smooth plastic that won’t latch onto your strands. Unlike hair ties, you can get them wet without having to worry about any deterioration — and you can even use them as bookmarks in a pinch.

Never: Brush Out Teased Hair
Instead: Use A Wide-Toothed Comb To Shampoo Away Styling Products

HYOUJIN Black Wide-Tooth Comb,

Dry shampoo, hairspray, gel — none of them should be brushed out through your strands at the end of the day. “Don’t brush out teased hair!” says Perea. “The teasing and hair spray used to create looks need to be taken out with shampoo and conditioner.” Instead, she goes on to explain how she uses a wide-toothed comb in her shower so that she can “gently shampoo the styling products outs.” She says, “When the conditioner is in, I gently detangle from the ends up to the root!”

This comb in particular has a loop at the end of the handle, making it easy to hang in your shower so that it’s always ready to go when you need it. The wide teeth are great for detangling knotted strands — and since the tines are round at the ends, there’s no need to worry about them irritating your scalp.

Never: Over-Pluck Your Brows
Instead: Make Small Tweaks For A Big Impact

TsMADDTs Eyebrow Tweezer Set

“Don't overpluck your eyebrows thinking you can draw them in from scratch,” says Matthew Waitesmith, the founder of Artis and a veteran makeup artist/ former VP of Artist Training and Development at MAC Cosmetics. Instead, he recommends that you “edit and groom what you have, and don't try to erase or eliminate them.”

Luckily, this tweezer set makes it easy to make small tweaks in your brows that deliver a big impact. The tweezer tips are precisely aligned, making it easy to grab that one hair rather than two or three — and they’re even made from rust-resistant stainless steel. Each set also includes small pair of scissors, as well as a brow brush.

Never: Use Sparkly Highlighter During The Daytime
Instead: Opt For A Highlighter That Catches Subtle Light

LAURA GELLER Baked Natural Glow Highlighter

Some makeup styles are better suited for nighttime rather than daytime. For example, Waitesmith tells Bustle that you shouldn’t “use a highlighting product that has a ton of frost or sparkles in it for daytime wear.” Instead, he recommends that you “pick a highlight product that just barely catches the light and causes it to cascade across the skin a little.”

Luckily, this highlighter has a low-glow illuminating effect to it that leaves skin looking refreshed — no sparkles or glitter in sight. But if that isn’t enough? It also contains white tea extracts to help defend your complexion against free radicals, as well as a nourishing dose of antioxidants.

Never: Go Out In The Sun Without Wearing Sunscreen
Instead: Apply Sunblock Or Wear Protective Clothing

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunscreen Lotion Broad Spectrum SPF 70

“Don't go out in the sun without any sun protection,” says Waitesmith. He goes on to recommend that you “wear a sunscreen or sunblock or clothing [e.g. hat] that will help protect your skin from UV damage.” He continues, “If you want to look like you have a tan, get a spray tan instead.”

With that in mind, this sunscreen is ultra-sheer and glides smoothly onto the skin without leaving you feeling greasy. It’s suitable for use on your face as well as your body, as the non-comedogenic formula won’t clog pores. Plus, its broad spectrum helps protect skin against UVA and UVB rays.

Never: Forget To Put On Mascara
Instead: Put Mascara Application At The Top Of Your Priorities

Poppy Austin Mascara

Once you’ve applied a full face of makeup, it’s always a good idea to go back and make sure you haven’t missed anything — like adding mascara to your lashes. “Don't skip wearing mascara on your lashes when you create a makeup look,” says Waitesmith. “Make wearing mascara or lashes near the top of the priorities of things to do when creating a makeup look.”

But if you don’t even have a tube of mascara to put on? This one, in particular, is 100% organic, paraben- and cruelty-free, as well as hypoallergenic. The smudge-proof formula also contains argan oil, which can help boost lash growth when used over time.

Never: Let Your Brushes Get Clogged With Makeup
Instead: Give Them A Good Clean After Every Use

Luxe Makeup Brush Cleaner

Using dirty makeup brushes can make it harder to get that flawless look you’re going for. Thankfully, the fix is easy“Don't wait until your makeup brushes get clogged with makeup before cleaning them,” says Waitesmith. “Get into the habit of cleaning your makeup brushes after each use. It only takes seconds, and keeps your brushes clean and performing best.”

Not only is this makeup brush washer designed to work with brushes of nearly any shape or size, but each order also includes a bottle of cleanser to get you started. The washer bowl is shatter-resistant, making it less likely that it’ll break if accidentally dropped — just supply your own AA battery and it’s ready to get to work.