The List March 2, 2023

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Tweed Blonde Is The Subtle Balayage Color That Will Keep Your Sunny Shade Low Maintenance


Move over, expensive blonde. Tweed blonde is the new shade that has taken over TikTok. The look, inspired by tweed jackets, combines multiple shades of blonde to create a natural-looking final product. If you're someone who likes to keep up on trending hair colors, then this might be the next hair color to ask for at the salon.

Jordanna Cobella, a U.K.-based artist, came up with the term "tweed blonde" to describe the dirty blonde color. She told Refinery29, "Its popularity is inspired by the knitwear from the runway at fashion week as the finely woven strands of both blonde colors merge harmoniously." 

The color is more subtle than past trends, and it's perfect for people who are looking for a lighter shade that still looks natural and sun-kissed throughout every season. In an Instagram post about the color, Cobella shared that it requires more maintenance than a balayage but less maintenance than highlights. 

Tweed blonde creates a sun-kissed look by adding dimension

When you think tweed blonde, think Blake Lively's "Gossip Girl" character Serena van der Woodsen. The  2000s heartthrob was famous for her long, messy locks that were envied by viewers of the teen drama. 

Tweed blonde is achieved through the weaving technique, which involves dividing the hair into small but uneven sections to achieve contrast by leaving the natural undertones of the hair intact but bringing in more highlights all over the head. The popular technique creates a sun-kissed look by adding dimension throughout the hair and imitates how light reflects on natural hair colors. It is described as a dimensional dirty blonde that utilizes both warm and cool tones.

Colorist Rex Jimieson told Allure that tweed blonde is becoming more popular with his usual balayage clients. He shared that he believes the new look is popular because, "A contrast is still present, but not as 'overachiever' as seen in recent seasons. Bases are shifted lighter to complement light-blonde strands, or the light strands are less dramatically lifted to accommodate a brunette background."

What to ask for at the salon if you want tweed blonde hair

Before you go to the salon to get your hair colored, make sure you research potential stylists first and watch out for potential hairdresser red flags. When you find a stylist you like, schedule a consultation before your appointment. Tweed blonde is popular, so your stylist will likely know what you mean when you ask for it. Still, to make sure you're getting the look you want, bring in a lot of photos and videos and tell your stylist exactly what you like about each example.

Make sure you know what to expect if this is your first time going blonde. Expect to visit the salon every six to eight weeks for your maintenance appointments, and make sure you're taking care of your hair at home. 

If you're prepared to make the time commitment, though, you're sure to see the payoff in the form of tons of compliments on your tweed blonde hair.