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Hair rollers are currently having a major moment. Mini tutorials and hauls on TikTok have amassed more than 1.3 billion views. Celebrities such as Beyonce, Gisele Bündchen, and Cindy Crawford have all used them to achieve big voluminous hair. Millennials and Gen-Z it girls, like Gigi and Bella Hadid, and Victoria's Secret model Angel Romee Strijd, have also relied on hair rollers to create bombshell waves. As our beauty editor, I couldn't be happier that this '90s staple is back in a big way. Keep scrolling for my fast and easy guide to all things hair rollers with tips and tricks from one of my most trusted hairstylists — and prepare for envy-inducing, red carpet-worthy tresses with these top-rated picks.

The Best Hair Rollers

Best Overall Velcro Rollers: Trademark Beauty Self-Grip Hair Rollers
Best Overall Hot Rollers: T3 Volumizing Hot Rollers LUXE
Most Amazon Reviews: Conair Compact Multi-Size Hot Rollers
Best for Short Hair: Kamay's Small Size Hair Rollers
Best for Long Hair: Kitsch XL Ceramic Thermal Hair Rollers

Types of Hair Rollers

According to hairstylist Shelly Aguirre of Maxine Salon in Chicago, there are two types of hair rollers that she uses and loves: Velcro and hot. "They are both great options, just depends on hair type and what look you’re trying to achieve," she notes.

Velcro rollers are ideal when she wants to achieve lots of volume. "Even a few at the top will add tons of volume and they are very user-friendly," Aguirre says.
Hot Rollers are great for creating lots of body and bounce and they give the hair more curl than Velcro rollers will. Consider them a solid alternative to a traditional curling iron, hair wand, and rotating curling irons. Aguirre notes the biggest downside of using hot rollers is they are typically heavier compared to lighter-weight Velcro rollers.

Hairstylist Tips

Avoid "fish tales" when using hot rollers: "With the heat of the rollers, be sure to get the ends wrapped around the roller in the same direction. Otherwise, you can make the ends kick out, which is what the term fish tale means," says Aguirre.
Use a round brush first: "When you dry your hair with a round brush as soon as the hair is dry and it’s still warm from the dryer, replace the brush with the roller," advises Aguirre. Start about mid-shaft, comb the hair with the roller, and roll it down to the base.
For thick hair: Work with thinner sections to ensure lasting volume.
For fine hair: On the flip side, Aguirre says you can take a larger section since the density is a bit less. "Make sure to think about what you want the roller to achieve. We are working against gravity so bring the section straight up when you’re at the top. At the sides and the back, same approach but come out not up," she says.
Ask your hairstylist for an IRL tutorial: After purchasing one of these highly-rated hair rollers, Aguirre advises you to bring them to the salon for a quick lesson if you're not 100% confident about using them at home.

How We Chose

This trusty list features a mix of hot and Velcro rollers to accommodate your styling needs. For example, Aguirre has used our best overall Velcro roller pick on her salon clients, who have various hair types, lengths, and textures. I've been using my go-to hot roller set for a few years.

Others on this list were carefully selected by me and passed through my vetting process, which included researching hot and Velcro hair rollers that are aligned with Aguirre's expert guidance. I considered the materials each roller is made from, how many come with each set, and the size of each roller. I also prioritized rollers that include bonuses, such as a travel case and clips to help hold them in place. Lastly, I read through hundreds of online reviews to figure out what hair types and lengths they're beneficial for so you pick the right set of rollers on the first try.


Trademark Beauty Trademark Beauty Self-Grip Hair Rollers


  • Created by celebrity hairstylist Joseph Maine
  • Comes with sectioning clips
  • Under $20


  • Reviewers say there are more rollers than sectioning clips

Aguirre's all-time favorite set of hair rollers is from Trademark Beauty. She appreciates that they come in three different sizes, so her clients of various hair lengths can all enjoy their styling benefits. Given her positive professional experience using this pick, I knew it was worthy of our best overall velcro roller distinction.

"They aren’t bulky or uncomfortable to wear and are very easy to put in. They also come complete with a clip to keep the Velcro roller in place. When you use Velcro it helps not only give the hair volume but also can reduce some frizz that sometimes happens when drying your hair at home," she explains.

Amazon reviewers are into these no-frills hair rollers. "I don't mind that it doesn't come with the same amount of clips as rollers, I find my hair holds just fine with the smaller rollers and then I use the clips for the bigger sizes," says one satisfied Amazon reviewer.

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Key Specs

Hair roller sizes 6 cm, 4.8 cm, and 3.6 cm
Rating 4.2-star average from 23 Amazon reviews


T3 Volumizing Hot Rollers LUXE


  • 2 heat settings to accommodate all hair types
  • 1 hour auto shut-off
  • Includes a travel pouch


  • Some reviewers with thicker hair wish there was a third, higher temperature to accommodate their tresses

T3 is one of my favorite haircare brands. I'm a long-term fan of their full-size and travel hair dryers, interchangeable curling irons, and brushes. I've also been using the T3 hot rollers for several years, which is why I am confident in naming them the best overall hot rollers.

The brand revamped our mom's old-school hot rollers with their HeatCore technology, which helps them retain their temperature for longer-lasting volume and waves. These hot rollers are wrapped in velvet to minimize flyaways and add a glossy effect to our tresses, while the proprietary CoolGrip makes handling them safe and easy.

Each set includes eight rollers — four 1.5-inch and four 1.75-inch — and an equal number of crease-free clips that prevent the rollers from falling down while I'm doing my makeup.

Key Specs

Hair roller sizes 4 XL (1.75-inches) and 4 L (1.5-inches)
Rating 4-star average from 776 Amazon reviews


Conair Compact Multi-Size Hot Rollers


  • From a trusty hair brand
  • A variety of smaller sizes


  • Some reviewers say the included pins aren't super durable

Conair is one of the most trusted budget-friendly names in beauty, so it's no surprise these hot hair rollers earned the most Amazon reviews. Nearly 20,400 shoppers gave these Conair rollers an impressive 4.2-star average. #casual

Their reviews say things like, "Easy to use" and "Works great!" to describe these hot rollers that warm up within 20 minutes. Other reviewers love that they "Work like a charm without setting your hair on fire!"

Unlike most hot roller options available these come in a compact container versus an extra-large one that looks more like a crockpot. They are also the only hair rollers on this list that come with 20 color-coded hair clips to fit the three sizes of rollers.

Key Specs

Hair roller sizes .05, .75, and 1 inch rollers
Rating 4.2-star average from 20,380 Amazon reviews


Kamay's Small Size Hair Rollers Curlers


  • Most affordable pick
  • Reviewers say they adhere to the hair even without clips


  • Some reviewers with thick hair find they need to go up in roller size

A good rule of thumb to consider is that the shorter someone's hair, the smaller the diameter of their hair rollers (and curling iron barrels) should be. Remember, those who want to achieve a tighter curl will also want to use smaller hair rollers, like this option from Kamay.

Each hair roller only has a 1-inch diameter, so it's super easy to achieve a curly lewk on a budget. What's most impressive about these hair rollers is they have self-grip bristles that keep your hair in place without clips. The just under-$5 price tag and multiple colorways don't hurt either.

Thousands of online shoppers also gravitate toward these cheap hair rollers. "I love using these rollers that I once used as a teenager. I get the body I need and the shine," gushes one 5-star Amazon review. "I like that I could buy only the size I needed and wanted. "Nice product - the rollers stay in place without clips," adds another.

Key Specs

Hair roller sizes 1-inch
Rating 4.2-star average from 5,203 Amazon reviews


Kitsch XL Ceramic Thermal Hair Rollers


  • Brand new release
  • Gorgeous terracotta colorway


  • Only comes with 4 rollers

On the other hand, someone with long, rapunzel-like hair or looking to maximize volume or create loose waves should opt for these jumbo hair rollers. Given their larger diameter, they'll smooth out hair and create flowing waves instead of tight ringlets.

These massive hair rollers are ceramic-coated, meaning they heat up evenly when you blast them with your hairdryer. After sectioning your hair into approximately 3-inch sections at the crown, wrap your strands around the rollers.

They can be used on damp or dry hair. For damp hair, power on your hairdryer or sit under a hooded dryer for 10-15 minutes. When your hair is dry, apply your favorite styling product and let the rollers sit for up to 15 minutes. Either way, after removal your tresses will have amazing body and bounce.

Key Specs

Hair roller sizes 2.5-inch and 3-inch rollers
Rating 4.8-star average from 1,773 Kitsch reviews