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Top Hair Stylists Dish on Hottest Haircuts for Fall 2023


They are all so easy to maintain — for real

Are you kind of over the whole "stepping up your hair game" thing, and would actually, kindly appreciate a bit of downsizing on the time and effort this meticulousness demands? If that's the case, boy, are you going to love the hair trends for fall 2023! We know you're not here for the same old, same old. You want the edge, the daring, the hairstyle that'll make you feel fantastic in any crowd. Well, fall 2023 brings a whole new level of relaxed fabulousness, one that's as easy-breezy as it is drop-dead gorgeous, and some of the hottest hair stylists in the biz are sharing the inside scoop on the haircuts that are about to take this season by storm.

We get it, you've got a life to live; thankfully, the hottest hairstyles right now are all about moving with your dynamic lifestyle, not against it. Stylists at Chicago's Maxine Salon are sharing the hottest haircuts and styles for fall 2023: they're talking chic bobs that exude power but won't have us chained to the salon chair; tousled waves that scream 'I woke up like this' without needing an entourage of stylists; a shaggy style that's overgrown, to name just a few. Celebs like Becky G, Dua Lipa and Camila Cabello have already embraced these show-stopping looks that are as low-maintenance as they are high-impact. Get ready to try something new and easy — and to turn heads by being effortlessly chic every single day.

Paintbrush Pixie

Maxine Salon's Raven HurtadoJenna Spino, and Amy Abramite share their insights and no-nonsense maintenance and styling tips for each one of these trending hairstyles.

First up, Amy Abramite, creative director and stylist, on the paintbrush pixie cut: "A close, cropped pixie makes fresh ends feel like the soft ends of a paintbrush on Florence Pugh. Hair is cut very short with a blunt rounded shape for a denser feeling with a touchable fluffy texture. Apply leave-in conditioner to moisturize hair when damp. Air dry and brush with a paddle brush so the styling product blends ends together and appears non-existent. Works on all textures but wears best on straight hair."

Wispy High Twist

For when you actually do feel like trying out something new that you can pull off yourself easily, Amy breaks down this look for us, too: "Dua Lipa is channeling 90s supermodel tousled glamour with this bedhead twist. Blow dry bangs and lengths with a large round brush after applying a volumizing spray from roots to ends. Blast with a texturizing spray to separate layers when dry. Using fingers, sweep up into a twist piling loose ends on top and pin. Allow finer pieces of the fringe to fall out around the face. Medium-length layered hair of all types with a bang or face-framing is best to get the style."

Fluffy Blowout

Raven Hurtado doesn't see bombshell blowouts going anywhere anytime soon: "Fluffy blowouts are popular and will stay in trend in the fall of 2023. Bouncy, voluminous, lasts for days, and makes any outfit stand out. This style works great on medium to long hair, to see flipped ends and layers pop. To achieve this style use a styling cream like Kerastase L'incroyable Blowdry Hair Lotion on damp hair and dry the hair using a round brush. You can also use hot rollers after you've round brushed and let it sit for 10-20 mins. Release the rollers and shake out the hair with your fingers."

Barbie Ponytail

Want to master the Barbie pony? Amy explains how to get perfect results every time: "Barbie mania! This ponytail sits high on the head with a dramatic side part to modernize this iconic Barbie look. Curl the lengths with a curling iron like the Trademark Beauty Mood Starter Kit 1.25 inch for movement, and brush with a cushion brush to expand and smooth waves. Works best on long hair on all texture types to create an elongated ponytail for swing and bounce. Finish with a medium hold hairspray for hold and shine."

Skinny Bangs

Amy Abramite sees Jane Birkin's iconic bangs making a comeback: "Low humidity in fall favors bangs for manageability. This layered fringe is delicate, light, and feathery. The width is slender softening the brows allowing eyes to peek through. Best for those wanting a hint of bangs without full fringe commitment. A leave-in conditioner and paddle brush are recommended for styling. Works on all hair types and textures, but best on straight to wavy medium to long lengths.

Italian Bob

Jenna Spino praises the versatility and accessibility of the Italian bob hairstyle: "The Italian bob is a chic, easy way to wear a bob. It is blunt on the bottom, but very voluminous throughout. It is known to give 60s vibes when blown out, but can also be worn messy for a more casual look. Also looks cool with a leather jacket for fall style. Any and all hair types can have this cut. It is extremely versatile and easy to maintain. Fine, thick, straight, curly, everyone. This cut can easily be a wash-and-wear cut. However, it looks great when blown out with a round brush. Use mousse at the roots for extra volume. My favorite is Kerastase Densifique Densimorphose Hair Mousse. Round brush each section up for volume and a slight bend."

90s Updo

Raven Hurtado manages to make this style sound easy to do: "90's updo is a fun, yet elegant look that works for any occasion. It sits on top of the head leaving some pieces out. This style works on all hair types from medium length to long. To get the look, section out the fringe and clip away. Brush the hair into a high ponytail and secure it with an elastic. Take sections of the ponytail and wrap around in different directions and pin using a bobby pin. For the fringe, use a curling iron for an effortless look. Use hairspray for hold."

Bubble Bob

Raven goes on to explain why the bubble bob will be just as trendy as the previous style: "The bubble bob haircut will trend into fall 2023 because it gives volume at the roots, with bounce and hits above the shoulders for less stress and worrying about your hair getting caught with fall wardrobe of layering scarfs and turtlenecks. It works great with thin hair for those who want to achieve body and fullness. To style it at home, use mousse, a hair dryer, and a round brush, or a blow dryer brush to achieve fullness. You can also twirl the round brush as you're drying for bouncier ends."

Long Shag

Jenna Spino, on the other hand, offers something similar, but for those who don't want to cut their long hair short just yet, but still want a notable change: "This layered cut gives the hair tons of texture and volume without sacrificing the length. It gives long hair a little edge, making it the perfect cool girl fall cut. This can be done on any and all hair types. I recommend curling the hair with a curling iron or wand, leaving the ends out. This will enhance the layers of the cut giving a tousled look. I would finish with a texture spray for added volume. My favorite is Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray. Also, if you have any bit of body or wave/curl to your hair, you can just diffuse it for a tousled look."