Yahoo July 28, 2023



Emily Ratajkowski’s ‘Glazed Amber’ Red Hair Is Going on My Fall Mood Board


Red hair color has never been hotter than the past year. Countless celebs like Megan Fox, Sydney Sweeney, and now, Emily Ratajkowski, have debuted their own takes on the fiery shade, proving red hair mania is still going strong as ever.

Ratajkowski’s new hue isn’t just any old take on red, though: Her look was created and customized by celebrity hair colorist Jenna Perry of New York City’s Jenna Perry Studio. If that name sounds familiar, that’s because she’s practically royalty when it comes to red hair: Perry is responsible for Kendall Jenner’s iconic Met Gala copper, Maude Apatow’s red for Little Shop of Horrors, and Bella Hadid’s neon-red money pieces. 

Now, Ratajkowski is very much giving Kirsten Dunst in Spider-Man with her gorgeous glazed-amber red hair and bangs. “I dubbed the color glazed amber,” Perry says of Ratajkowski’s new look. “I wanted to create a red shade that not only complemented her skin and eye color, but something that was fun for summer and easy for her to transition back to her signature brunette.”

As for why Perry believes there’s such a strong shift toward red hair lately? “Red hair provides the ultimate confidence,” she says.  

Feeling inspired? Here’s how to get the look yourself. “It’s important for each person to ask their colorist for a shade of red that complements their skin tone and eye color,” Perry explains. “You should also always bring a reference picture to your colorist so they have a full understanding of what you’re hoping for but can also manage your expectations.” Feel free to screenshot Emily Ratajkowski’s Instagram. 

Perry also notes that glazed amber hair like Ratajkowski’s is high-maintenance, so don’t opt for the shade if you’re looking for a lazy girl look. “Don’t make the change if you’re not committed to taking care of your hair regularly,” she advises. “There’s a lot of aftercare if you want it to stay vibrant and healthy.” Translation? Your shade could start to fade unless you prioritize at-home care.

According to Perry, glazed amber upkeep includes getting touch-ups and glazes every six to eight weeks, as well as exclusively using sulphate-free shampoos and conditioners formulated for colored hair.

Jennifer Korab, celebrity hairstylist and owner of Renaissance Salon & Spa, suggests using a color-care hair care system, such as Pureology’s Hydrating and Color Protecting Hair Kit for Dry, Color-Treated Hair. “This shampoo and conditioner are color-safe and sulfate-free, and have anti-fade complex to help protect from fading,” she says. “I also love Kerastase Chroma Absolu Hair Masque; this mask is great to preserve the health of your hair, keep color vibrant, and enhance shine.”

Tina Deeke, colorist at Chicago’s Maxine Salon, similarly recommends Kristin Ess Signature Hair Gloss in Copper Penny to all of her clients with red hair. 

Finally, you might want to consider washing your hair with cooler water, since hot water is a common cause of fading. “Much like our skin’s exposure to hot water, it can cause hair dryness,” explains Nick Stenson, professional hairstylist and founder of Nick Stenson Beauty. “Hot water can rough up your hair cuticle, which can lead you to feeling like you have more split ends.” To prevent this, Stenson suggests shampooing and conditioning with lukewarm water as opposed to super hot, then ending with a cool rinse to seal your cuticle at the end.

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