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The Hair Tool A NYC Hairstylist Uses To Give Her Clients Blowouts


If your at-home hair styling station doesn't include a round brush, it's time to add one to it. "Whether you want to add volume, create loose waves, or achieve a sleek, straight look, a round brush can help you achieve your desired hairstyle," explains April Story, multicultural hairstylist at Fekkai Salon in New York City.

Peep a few of the best round brushes for at-home blowouts, below:

If you have flat or fine hair, round brushes can help add more fullness and bounce when blow-drying and styling your hair thanks to their cylindrical shape. They can help reduce frizz, especially during the warmer summer months.

How do I choose a round hairbrush?

When looking for a round brush to add to your collection of haircare tools, there are a few factors you should keep in mind to help select the best one for your hair type.


Every round brush has different kinds of bristles, and the one you choose will depend on what your hair goals are. "Natural bristles, such as boar or horsehair, are gentle on the hair, distribute natural oils, and help to add shine," explains Story. Synthetic bristles, like nylon or ceramic, are heat-resistant and can work well for heat styling.

Sturdy Grip

How you'll handle your round brush should be considered when shopping for a round brush. "Look for a brush with an ergonomic handle that provides a comfortable grip," recommends Story. A non-slip handle, such as one with rubber or silicone, can be beneficial for better control and maneuverability while styling."


When it comes to features, the more features in a round brush, the better. Keep an eye out for features including "vents or holes in the barrel as these help to improve airflow, reduce drying time, and prevent heat damage," explains Story.


With regard to size, you'll want to look for one that will best meet your hair styling goals. "Larger brushes will not offer as much 'bounce' to the hair because it usually isn't able to wrap around the barrel as you're drying," says Lauren Kunijo, hairstylist and co-owner of Kenna Kunijo. "The smaller the size, the more bounce you'll get."

Ready to find a round brush? Here are the 12 best round brushes of 2023 for ever hair type, from dry and damaged hair to short hair with bangs.


Sam Villa Nylon & Boar Bristle Round Styling Brush

Sam Villa's round brush is all about volume. The nylon and boar bristles lift hair by creating tension at the scalp. You'll love the grippy bamboo handle, too. Reviewers say it makes their hair look really shiny.

Expert Review: "Sam Villa's Signature Bristle brush is one of my favorite brushes to use behind the chair. This brush takes my blowouts to the next level, adding extra polish and shine and maximizing volume and movement all in one. This is my choice of brush for achieving big voluminous blowouts." —Jennifer Korab, hairstylist and owner of Renaissance Salon.


Moroccanoil Ceramic Round Brush

The ceramic barrel. on this brush is specifically designed to give hair extra shine. It's a bit smaller than average, making it great for getting more volume at the roots.

Expert Review: "Lately all my clients have been loving the '90s bouncy blowout (thanks TikTok for bringing it back!). One of the best ways to achieve this look is by using the Morrocanoil Ceramic round brush, in the 1.75-inch size. The ceramic base also helps to give the hair added shine." —Tina Malhotra, Master Stylist at Mia Wagner Salon.


Olivia Garden Ceramic + Ion Speed XL Hair Brush

A round brush with a ceramic-coated barrel like this one from Olivia Garden is a wonderful option if you plan on using heat while styling your hair. According to Story, ceramic round brushes are good at evenly distributing heat while blow drying it. What makes this particular round brush so great is its large holes which not only maximize airflow but help decrease the drying time.

Expert Review: "This brush features a ceramic barrel for even heat distribution and ionic bristles that reduce frizz and enhance shine. It’s great for hair that’s looking for volume." —Alyssia Dotson, Alterna's Creative Team Lead Stylist


Drybar Medium Ceramic Thermal Round Brush

A lightweight round brush helps to prevent your arms from getting tired while you blow your hair out. Drybar understood the assignment when it came to designing this lightweight thermal round hair brush. With a weight of 4.16 ounces, it's great for longer or thicker hair.

Expert Review: "Drybar has done a great job of offering the client a good quality brush at a great price. Lots of sizes are available and is lightweight. Top-of-the-line technology with ions and ceramic." —Shelly Aguirre, Stylist at Maxine Salon in Chicago


Wet Brush Volume & Body Round Brush

When it comes to hair styling, detangling hair can be painful. But, it doesn't have to be. When you use a round brush like this one from Wet Brush, you'll be able to gently remove knots using its ultra-soft nylon bristles while also injecting your hair with biotin and keratin from its Vita-Boost-infused barrel.

Expert Review: "The popular mixture brush combines boar bristles with nylon tufts for gentle detangling, smoothing, and overall hair care. If you have waves or curls that you’re looking to smooth, this brush is your best friend!" —Alyssia Dotson, Alterna's Creative Team Lead Stylist


Cricket Technique Thermal Hair Brush

If you're looking for a round brush that won't fly out of your hands when styling, consider one of these thermal round brushes with tourmaline ionic bristles from Cricket. The handle is designed with a textured section, providing a firm grip. It's equipped with a sectioning pick at the end so you can easily divide your hair.

Expert Review: "I LOVE these brushes so much. They have a great handle and last forever. They also have their sizes by number, so the larger the number, the larger the brush size!" —Lauren Kunijo, hairstylist and co-owner of Kenna Kunijo


Olivia Garden Eco-Friendly Bamboo 100% Boar Round Brush

Round hair brushes are great, but eco-friendly round hair brushes are even better. Hand-carved with 100 percent renewable bamboo and 100 percent boar bristles, it is particularly useful for blowing out curly hair, according to Agguire. The soft bristles are gentle on hair, too.

Expert Review: "This is helpful for blowing out curly hair. Tension in combination with the natural bristles keep the hair healthy, but less frizzy." —Shelly Aguirre, Stylist at Maxine Salon in Chicago


Y.S. Park Tiger Round Hair Brush

Stylist Korab uses Y.S. Park's round brush on nearly every client she gives a blowout to. Whether you're an advanced or a beginner hairstylist, you'll find this brush easy to handle via its neck.

Expert Review: "Y.S. Park Tiger brush is one of my favorite brushes to use behind the chair and on set. This brush takes my blowouts to the next level, adding shine, gloss, and polish to all my blowouts. This brush also helps maximize volume and movement all in one. This is my choice of brush for achieving all blowouts." —Jennifer Korab, hairstylist and owner of Renaissance Salon.


Ibiza Hair Professional Round Boar Hair Brush

This round brush was made for people with coarse hair. The brush is also heat-resistant, but people particularly love that it's made with "GripSlip technology" to help prevent breakage or pulling on the hair. It's a great choice for anyone who has damaged strands.

Expert Review: "This brush is a boar bristle & carbon fiber blend. The boar bristles distribute natural oils and add shine, while the carbon fiber helps reduce drying time and provides better control during styling. Total game-changer!" —Alyssia Dotson, Alterna's Creative Team Lead Stylist


Ergo Professional Ceramic Ionic Brush

Vented round brushes like this one from Ergo improve airflow. Speed through the blow-drying process by applying up to 500 degrees of heat (although I don't recommend it) without having to worry about the tourmaline-infused nylon bristles melting. Kuniko also likes this brush because the bristles detangle hair with ease.

Expert Review: "I feel great control when using the Ergo round hair brush. It's vented, allowing air to flow through and giving a faster dry time. A bonus is that the bristles keep the hair detangled while drying quickly and smoothing." —Lauren Kunijo, hairstylist and co-owner of Kenna Kunijo


Bio Ionic Bluewave Nanoionic Conditioning Brush

If you're looking to splurge on a round brush, put your dollars toward an ergonomic one. This round brush from Bio Ionic has a durable handle that will maintain steadiness when styling. It is equipped with vent holes and Nanolonic minerals that to leave hair soft and shiny.

Expert Review: "This is a brush that I personally use at the salon. I like this brush because it comes in all different sizes and has a great handle to ensure it won’t go flying out of your hands while blowdrying. The ergonomics of this brush also make it very easy for a stylist to use client after client after client."—Shelly Aguirre, Stylist at Maxine Salon in Chicago


Spornette Round Boar Bristle Brush

Made with wood from Italy, Spornette's round brush is suitable for almost all hair types and is extremely light in weight at just 1.6 ounces. It's made in such a way that it can be left in your hair for styling without being too aggressive. Although it is made out of wood, it maintains a good temperature when hot air hits it from a blow dryer.

Expert Review: "I’ve used this brush for years. The boar bristles will add more shine to your hair. You can achieve volume and body." —Shelly Aguirre, Stylist at Maxine Salon in Chicago