Yahoo July 3, 2023



16 Auburn Hair Color Ideas You’ll Want to Try ASAP


Deep Auburn

Taylor once again asserts that 2023 is basically the year of red and auburn hair colors. "This year is going to be a huge year for auburn hair,” he says. “Ciara is rocking gorgeous auburn hair that I’m obsessed with. Browns and auburns are taking the cake as 2023’s number one color trend.”

Auburn Cherry

Auburn hair is the best of both worlds, since it combines both red and dark brown. If your hair is on the super-dark side of brown, however, Jason Lee, hairstylist, colorist, and founder of Mela & Kera, suggests considering a shade like chocolate cherry auburn. “It’s an alternative to auburn but still in the warm, reddish family,” he says, defining the shade as adding a red wine undertone throughout brunette, which can also be accomplished through auburn highlights or auburn balayage.

“For those of us who aren’t ready to take the full plunge into red, chocolate cherry seems to be a great way to update your look and make it modern but still live in the brunette world,” he says of the auburn brown hair color.

Auburn Brunette

Another way to add a red, auburn-inspired tint to brunette? Auburn ombré hair with highlights. “We are seeing a lot of copper brunettes that are high in shine and rich in copper, golden tones,” Korab tells Glamour. “This hair color is soft and seamless. We are seeing a lot of brunettes also add highlights of copper to accentuate and create a warm vibrant look.”

Golden Auburn

“This look is fun and head-turning without being too drastic of a change from deeper tones,” says Dark and Lovely celebrity stylist Derick Monroe. That said, if you want to take your hair a few shades lighter, be sure to keep your hair healthy enough to handle the dye.

“The last thing you want to do is a chemical process on already damaged hair,” he says. “A pro tip is to have a maintenance program to keep your hair healthy, shiny, and moisturized. That could be as simple as a deep-conditioning treatment at home.”

Strawberry Auburn

Strawberry auburn blonde hair color is the perfect way to ease into red. “This shade works for anyone interested in playing with warmer colors without fully committing to a fully saturated look,” Lorena M. Valdes, hair colorist at Chicago’s Maxine Salon, tells Glamour. “Since it utilizes different techniques that give the illusion of a fully saturated color, it gives a softer grow-out.”

Raspberry Auburn

Another option is to elevate your auburn hair with highlights in an unexpected way. “I think raspberry auburn hair color is so appealing because it feels like highlight,” Devon Toth, hairstylist at NYC-based Salon SCK, tells Glamour. “The depth is still there, but it melts into this bright, rustic mahogany tone. It's an evolution of the cherry hair color with an added hint of purple.”

If you prefer your hair on the brighter side, Toth recommends asking for a hint of purple in your highlights and balayage on the ends. If you want something more subtle, “ask for foil highlights if you want to see the raspberry hues throughout the whole style from roots to ends.”

Cherry Cola Auburn

One of the most popular and well known takes on auburn is Lana Del Rey's cherry cola auburn shade. This look is perfect for blondes and medium brunettes and can be achieved at home with Color Brilliance Red Brown Permanent Liquid Hair Color.

Auburn Balayage

Auburn balayage is making a comeback. “These looks are popular because they are changing the norm of heavy balayaged hair,” says Valdes. “It’s usually so dark at the roots to extremely blonde on the ends, but that is time-consuming. Now people want more simplicity”—and to look like Rihanna, of course. And since auburn ombré hair looks so good grown out, you don’t have to worry about frequent touch-ups.

Carnelian Auburn

“A beautiful auburn color with a copper cast has been here and will continue to be one of the most desired looks,” says Valdes, who cites Phoebe Dynevor's shade as a prime example of the look. “This be achieved with an allover color, highlights, or balayage, depending on the style and vibrancy desired.”

Ruby Auburn

Stephanie Brown, a colorist at IGK Soho, predicts that Zendaya’s toned-down copper red will be having a moment soon. The key to getting it just right, however, is the “lived-in” feel. “It’s darker at the root with brunette undertones,” she says, “so it doesn’t come across as a fashion color, meaning it’s wearable for everyday.”

Auburn Spice

“I’m in love with this shade of red hair,” says says Matt Rez, celebrity colorist at LA's Meche Salon. “It’s the perfect marriage of warmth and depth that makes this color so special.” For a look with lots of depth and dimension, Rez suggests asking your colorist for an auburn shade that doesn't read as purple. “The perfect auburn has a brown background with a deep copper reflect,” he says.

Auburn Pop

Another way to gently ease your way into the auburn aesthetic? Weaving some pops of the shade throughout your hair. "Shades of auburn mixed throughout really give the hair some subtle pop,” says Jamila Powell, founder of Miami’s Maggie Rose Salon. “I love anything two-toned because it gives amazing dimension throughout your hair.” She suggests this look for warmer-toned brunettes who are looking for a small change.

Copper Auburn

Everyone's obsession with red and auburn hair isn’t going anywhere, says Emily Boulin, hairstylist and Sally Beauty DIY color and styling expert: “All variations of red are in, but copper seems to be the quickest on the rise when clients are looking for a bigger change.” One especially popular take on the shade is cinnamon copper, which is “making a heavy wave,” says hairstylist and color expert for Cosmo Prof Presley Poe, who suggests the Schwarzkopf Vibrance line for maintaining beautiful, rich, and reflective red hair tones.

Cinnamon Auburn

For a low-maintenance auburn brown hair color, Korab suggests adding hints of red to your usual shade of rich brunette. “Try adding a little red to this trend to really spice things up,” she says. “This hair color looks great on most skin tones, and will never go out of style. This a great color to try if you already have brunette hair and just want to enhance it.”

Caramel Auburn

“I love a good brunette that doesn’t read red but has elements of warmth throughout,” says Rez. “It gives a really balanced result.”

To get the look, ask your colorist for midlength auburn highlights one or two levels lighter than your base, as well as neutral warm highlights. “The combo of the two will pick up so beautifully without unwanted warmth taking over and reading as a red,” he says. “Done right, warmth on brunettes is unbeatable.”

Auburn Locs

Channel your inner Little Mermaid with auburn or copper locs, just like Halle Bailey did to portray Ariel. “I wrapped Halle's locs with 30 inches of custom-colored and perm hair,” hairstylist Camille Friend, who did Bailey's hair on set, tells Glamour. “The hair was wrapped around each of her locs to achieve the style, and loose pieces were added to achieve the loose wave, and it was made up of three shades of red and has a wavy texture.”