Who What Wear January 31, 2023

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We Just ID'd Spring's Most Anticipated Hair Trends, and Yes, You'll Want Them


In case you haven't heard, our days on the western hemisphere are officially getting longer (for anyone in the Pacific Northwest—the sun has just begun to set after 5 p.m.!). The return of longer, sunny days can only mean one thing: Spring is just around the corner. Now, while it's still winter, is the best time to get your plans for your springtime hair set in motion with the help of this spring 2023 hair trend guide. Luckily, celeb hairstylist Larry Sims, colorist Lorena M. Valdes, and Olya Iudina are absolute pros at predicting which hair trends we'll be seeing once spring makes its arrival.

If you're ready to get a jump on what's to come for hair this year, keep reading. After all, predicting what and when something will be trending is what Who What Wear does best. 

Wispy Cuts

Sims' biggest prediction for hair cuts in spring 2023 will be the emergence of, "wispy curtain bangs, layered curly cuts with fringe, pixie cuts, and clipper cuts with graphic designs." Valdes and Iudina both echoed this, referencing the steadily growing popularity of shags, blunt/textured bobs, C-cut bangs, wolf cuts, and butterfly cuts. 

I've been loving all the chic, throwback haircuts I've been seeing so far this year (Emma Chamberlain tousled locks and Bella Hadid's undone bob have been everywhere lately). This is one trend I could definitely see myself hopping on before it's too late.

Natural Hair Love

This spring, Sims hopes one of the biggest trends in hair will be people embracing and rocking their natural textures in new and fresh ways. "I incorporated textured hair into Janet Jackson’s braids and have since been sent many different versions of what we created on Instagram. I’m looking forward to seeing how people create a marriage of braids, locs, and textured hair," says Sims. One person who we know will be wearing her natural hair with pride (and on the silver screen, for that matter) is Halle Bailey, the star of Disney's upcoming live-action adaptation of The Little Mermaid.

Color Play

When it comes to colors, Sims sees a rise in vibrant, eye-catching neon colors for spring 2023 (especially vivid pink, orange, blue, and yellow) being the leading contenders. Valdes believes the hair colors of this spring will favor, "dark, rich brunettes, copper browns, auburn, and lived-in blonde with more soft balayage or extremely long hair." She raises Amber Cocoa as the color of the season; an auburn brown with a touch more copper than red." That's right folks: The auburn trend that took over summer and fall 2022 is here to stay.

Fashion-Forward Accessorizing

Sims also foresees this vivid and playful approach to hair will also feed into the renewed interest in hair accessories. "People are getting creative with hair accessories in a non-traditional way," Sims explains. "We will definitely see a lot of gold, silver, and copper rings. We’ll also see foiled flakes, stones, and colored sprays as well."

"I think claw clips are going to be big now," exclaims Iudina. "They’ll be in all different sizes and styles. Also we will be seeing barrettes, to accentuate middle or side part." In addition to claw clips, Valdes lists velvet scrunchies, big jaw clips, hair pins, tinsel hair extensions, and glitter gel accents. Break out your favorite accessories, kids—it looks like any fun additions to your hairstyles will be big this spring.