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New Year, new hair: the haircuts that are trending in 2024


There is no better way to start the year than by renewing your haircut. Get inspired by the trends that experts say are trending this 2024 before your next visit to the salon and discover which one is most suitable for your hair type.

rebellious pixie

The creative director of Maxine Salon in Chicago, Amy Abramite, swears by this untamable cut with a sharp texture and gravity-defying locks, like the one sported by actress Florence Pugh . A platinum cut with elements from the 80s that especially suits thick, straight hair. Daily maintenance is minimal, because it does not require any tools. To achieve the tousled effect it is best to use a matte finish wax. Of course, you will have to visit the hairdresser every few weeks to touch up the color and keep it in perfect condition.

Orderly Pickup

Another style that's a hit for Abramite is this effortlessly chic updo we saw on Julia Garner . A groomed and polished bob cut. The straight, silky strands are tied behind the ear for a modern contrast with more classic bangs. A style that favors straight, medium-density hair. You will need a straightening iron and a protective serum that also adds shine.  

long frame

Although long bangs known as curtain bangs have made a comeback in recent years , stylist Olya Iudina of IGK Salon in New York proposes this alternative to frame the face. A cut that she gave to the influencer Michelle Phanh that allows her to have shorter locks around the face, but more organized. The style works on all types of hair: fine, thick, straight, curly, wavy... Very easy to maintain and style.  

Long bob with bangs

If you wore your hair short in 203 and want to transition to long hair, Iudina recommends a long bob with bangs like Jenna Ortega 's . Adding texture and bangs to a bob cut will make the softest and most subtle change when it comes to styling your hair with style. Ideal for fine, wavy or straight hair types.  

Whole mane

After a spate of textured cuts like the butterfly cut (layers), wolf cuts (textured and tousled), and the layered hairstyles of the '90s, solid cuts are making a comeback in 2024. This means only one length. As Iudina explains, "after wearing layers, many clients want the opposite, which is full, long hair with minimal texture." A cut that works on people with fine, straight, curly or wavy hair. Although it was probably a wig, Kim Kardashian has already opted for this style.

Classic blow-dry with volume

It's back! Simple drying, with volume and without the need to use an iron, has returned thanks to the tutorials that on social networks explain how to achieve this classic, timeless and very moving finish, according to Stephanie Angelone, head stylist at RPZL Hair. Extension & blowout Bar in New York. Products such as volumizing powders or extensions will help us achieve the goal, like this super hair from Julia Roberts.


Although it is not a hairstyle, it is the essential accessory, says Angelone. Internet searches have skyrocketed and we keep seeing bows adorning pigtails, buns, braids and all kinds of hair accessories, like this XXL one worn by  Camila Morrone . In addition to looking chic, they will elevate your look easily and quickly.