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The "Halo" Haircut Will Be Everywhere This Season


We know better than anyone that a good hair day can make or break your entire mood. However, sometimes the key to always nailing a look is having the right haircut. Whether it's layers, something mid-length, or a full-on buzz cut, having a cut you're obsessed with will make getting ready in the morning that much more enjoyable. The latest cut everyone's eyeing right now? The "halo" haircut. One part Elvira Hancock in "Scarface" and one part Violet Beauregarde in "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory," the look is anything but basic. The bob-esque style will frame your face like a halo, and you might just wind up looking angelic AF.

Bob haircuts have only grown in popularity over the last few months, and the newest on-trend style is sticking with that theme. It's short, it's round, and it's ready to be worn through the upcoming season and beyond.

Whether you already have an appointment scheduled or you're suddenly interested in making a change, the halo haircut might just be your saving grace. Ahead, experts break down everything to know about the popular new haircut, like how to ask your stylist for the look, who it looks best on, and how you can maintain the style at home. Keep reading to learn more about the halo cut.

What Is the Halo Haircut?

Put simply, it's a short, shoulder-length bob with rounded layers and bangs. "It looks much like a bowl cut or a round crop haircut," Justin Toves-Vincilione, a celebrity hairstylist and Authentic Beauty Concept Advocate, tells PS.

The good news is the style works well on any hair type or texture. "It's one of my favorite haircuts for curly or textured hair," Biolage celebrity hair ambassador Sunnie Brook says. "The layers can enhance the hair's natural volume and shape to create a halo effect for bouncy, lively curls." Brook says the cut also adds movement and softness for those with straighter hair, which will give it a voluminous and dynamic appearance.

What to Ask Your Stylist For at the Hair Salon

Asking for the look at the salon is easy. "Explain that you like roundness and volume," Toves-Vincilione says. "Ask for layers that are uniform in length and create a round silhouette when dry." Although the style is most often seen with bangs, you can specify whether or not you want to add that feature. "Be flexible and prepare to let go of some length if it's needed to create the desired shape," Toves-Vincilione adds.

If you have curly hair, you should also be sure to ask about curl shrinkage, to ensure you and your stylist are on the same page about the length you want your hair to be after your wet cut. "When in doubt, bring inspiration photos of hair types very similar to your own," Toves-Vincilione says. "Preferably similar in color as well, as this cut does visually read differently depending on hair color."

When it comes to maintenance, Maxine Salon creative director Amy Abramite says you should plan to visit the salon for a trim every six to eight weeks. "If the length becomes too long, the ends will flip up rather than roll under," she says. However, Evo Hair creative director Tom Smith says there is one work-around to the frequent in-salon visits: "If a halo silhouette has been created around the face, a fringe or bang trim can help to reinstate it without the need to have the full shape recut."

How to Style the Halo Haircut

If you have straight hair, Abramite suggests blowing out the hair smooth using the Trademark Beauty Easy Blo Dryer ($39). From there, she suggests locking in the shape by setting the ends with Velcro rollers, which will help reinforce the bend.

If you have curly hair, Brook suggests towel blotting or using a hair plopping technique once you're out of the shower. "Avoid putting your hair up in a bath towel as it will really make your hair frizzy with this cut," she says. She suggests adding the Biolage All-in-One Coconut Infusion Multi-Benefit Treatment Spray ($26) to hair for added shine and to help control frizz. "If you want more volume, use a blow dryer with a diffuser attachment to enhance your curls or waves — be sure to use the low to medium setting to keep frizz away."

If you're ready to take the plunge and book an appointment with your stylist, keep reading for some inspiration photos you can bring with you to your next salon visit.

Halo Cut With Side-Swept Bangs

Although the halo haircut typically features bangs that go across the face, they can also be parted down the middle and swept to either side of your face.

Halo Haircut on Wavy Hair

A halo haircut suits all hair types and textures, including wavy. Choose to wear the look with your natural wave or enhance it with hot tools.

Halo Haircut With Straight-Across Bangs

This is the most typical halo haircut silhouette, with bangs that go straight across the forehead and hair that lands right at the shoulders.

Halo Haircut on Curly Hair

A halo haircut will give curly hair lots of volume and bounce, and it frames the face perfectly.