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6 Best Conditioners for Dry Hair of 2024, According to Hairstylists Who Know Best


The expert-approved secrets for reviving your strands is just a click away.

Dry hair doesn't discriminate — and the hairstylists I consulted say everyone should always use a conditioner after shampooing, regardless of their hair texture or density. But conditioners for dry hair are extra important for those of us with less-than saturated strands.

"When hair is dry, it can look frizzy and lack shine. The proper conditioner will assist and make dry hair feel softer to the touch and add shine," says hairstylist Shelly Aguirre of Maxine Salon in Chicago. Conditioners for dry hair rebalance the moisture content in the hair, seal the cuticle, and prepare the hair for styling. They also help detangle the hair, which can help minimize breakage, adds board-certified dermatologist Dr. Iris Rubin, MD..

To help quench your parched tresses with some much-needed hydration, I tapped Rubin and a slew of hairstylists for their best-in-class conditioners for dry hair they love using on clients. These pro picks also have matching shampoos for dry hair, making them all nifty gift ideas for your favorite hair-obsessed sister, mom, or bestie.

What to Consider

What separates a good conditioner for dry hair from a great one? Well, the pros say it's all about two key factors: identifying your hair type and shopping for fantastic ingredients that are most beneficial for your specific beauty needs.


Aguirre notes dry hair can be fine in texture or on the courser side, and identifying your hair type will help determine which shampoo you should incorporate into your wash day routine. "If you are using a conditioner that is designed for fine dry hair and your hair is course, the conditioner won’t do what it’s designed to do," she says.

Conditioners do label which hair types they're made for, but even without the label, there is a way to determine which will work for you. For thinner hair, look for conditioner with a lighter, more pourable consistency. Those with thicker textured hair (like myself) will prefer heavier products that provide more intensive hydration. It's like the difference between regular lotion with a pump and body butter in a jar.

To help you narrow in on the best one for your styling (and gifting) needs, I highlighted which conditioners for dry hair work for specific needs, like thick and fine hair. I also took note of conditioners for those with sensitive scalps who want something gentle and those with brittle hair from chemical processing such as highlights, dying their hair gray, relaxers, and perms.

For what it's worth, you can always explore our wealth of haircare content for specific hair textures and colors to round out your at-home beauty routine or want more gifting inspiration.


"Look for a conditioner that is high in nutrients with ingredients like vitamin E, fruit oils, and shea butter. Also, make sure you choose a conditioner that is suited for your hair type," says Adam Federico, R+Co vice president of technical education.

Aguirre prefers using conditioners made with natural oils, such as argan, hemp seed, and coconut oils, to replenish moisture.
While JC Dobson, Innersense Organic Beauty's artistic director, is keen on aloe vera for hair. "It is an incredibly effective moisturizer that provides strength, silky texture, and manageability," she says.

Another fantastic ingredient to look out for is hyaluronic acid. I know, you thought it was just a viral skincare ingredient? Nope! Several beauty experts previously told me this clear, fast-absorbing liquid is epic for attracting and retaining moisture in your hair. Hyaluronic acid is safe for hair types, fantastic for minimizing frizz, calming scalp irritation, and strengthening hair.

The ultimate goal is to use a conditioner that provides your hair enough hydration without feeling greasy, heavy, or weighed down. If you have acne-prone skin, Rubin advises using a non-comedogenic conditioner that won’t clog pores, while those with sensitive skin should also look for a gentle conditioner that is safe for this skin type.

How We Chose

To simplify your quest for conditioners for dry hair, all of these featured products earned snaps from some of my most trusted beauty experts. Not only did these products impress professional hairstylists and dermatologists, but many of these lines, such as R+Co Bleu, Seen, and Orbie, are created by industry leaders who know how to maintain healthy hair. For added comfort, I tested some of these top-rated products and shared my honest feedback and tips for successfully using these conditioners for dry hair. Keep scrolling for the ultimate new beauty gift without breaking the bank, as many of these products are under $50.


Oribe Conditioner for Moisture & Control



  • Enhances your hair's natural texture
  • Nourishes and repairs chemically-treated hair
  • Detangles
  • Anti-frizz


  • It might be too thick for someone with thin or fine hair, so use sparingly to start

This list starts with a pick from Oribe, a brand I consider the gold standard of haircare companies. It's also one of Aguirre's favorite conditioners for dry hair. "Oribe Moisture and Control conditioner is a great product for dry and frizzy hair. It will nourish and repair damage that has been done by heat styling and or color," says Aguirre.

It's my favorite conditioner for dry hair because it helps revive my curls and leaves my hair silky and soft. This conditioner combines olive oil, shea butter, and illipe butter (similar to cocoa butter) for intense hair hydration. A blend of hydrolyzed veggie protein and keratin reduces frizz, strengthens weak hair, and protects against environmental damage.

My favorite ingredient in this conditioner for dry hair is the signature Oribe complex of watermelon, lychee, and edelweiss flowers. Not only does the trio smell sublime, but they ensure my hair is protected from environmental damage from the sun, photoaging, oxidative stress, and the wearing of my hair's natural keratin thanks to their intense antioxidants. Oribe ensures everyone has healthier, smoother, and absolutely gorgeous hair.


It's a 10 Haircare Miracle Deep Conditioner Plus Keratin



  • Pevents split ends
  • Helps detangle hair


  • Shouldn't be left on for longer than 10 minutes or the protein conditioners will dry out your hair

It's a 10 Haircare is a brand I've seen pop up at various hair salons — and the brand was previously featured in our guides to the best heat protectant sprays, shampoos for fine hair, keratin shampoos, and leave-in conditioners. Their standout conditioner for dry hair is undoubtedly the Miracle Deep Conditioner Plus Keratin.

"Those with drier hair tend to need extra protein and possibly some underlying natural oils to assist in rebuilding the strength of the hair and control frizz," says Carolyn Aronson, a hairstylist with 20 years of salon experience. She's also the founder and CEO of It's a 10 Haircare, so unsurprisingly, she suggests a conditioner for dry hair from her line. "It’s a 10 Haircare’s Miracle Deep Conditioner Plus Keratin is for chemically treated hair. The hydrolyzed protein in it really helps bring the hair to a healthier condition."


Innersense Organic Beauty Natural Hydrating Cream Conditioner



  • Made with non-toxic, cruelty-free ingredients
  • Silicone-free formula


  • Skip if you don't love the smell of sage or vanilla

I recently bestowed Innersense Organic Beauty with two Best New Beauty Awards — and I immediately knew the beloved clean haircare brand deserved a spot on this list. Since they have several standout options, I asked JC Dobson, the brand's artistic director for her suggestion.

Dobson and her clients love this incredible conditioner, especially for medium to coarse hair of all textures, like straight and tight curls. "Using a conditioner helps to seal the hair cuticle so that it lays smoothly. Conditioner also replenishes moisture, helps with detangling, and allows for easy styling," explains Dobson.

She adds, "Since it’s a rich, concentrated formula, I recommend applying it to soaking wet hair. Adding more water to the hair creates a frothy consistency, which gives so much slip to the hair. Such a game-changer!"


Kérastase Fondant Densifique Conditioner



  • Helps detangle tresses
  • Smooths hair and boosts shine


  • Skip if you don't enjoy stronger aromas from your haircare products

On the other hand, if you have thin or fine hair, you'll need something relatively lightweight that still contains hydrating ingredients. Enter Kérastase, the L'Oréal-owned luxury haircare brand adored by Hollywood it girls and Aguirre. "This is perfect for finer dry hair. It improves hair texture, creates thick hair, and easily detangles," she says.

All you need is about a quarter-sized amount of product — adjust the quantity based on your hair length and thickness — and evenly distribute this conditioner from the mid-lengths of your hair to the ends. During a quick 3-minute waiting period, your tresses will soak up hydrating superheroes like hyaluronic acid and strengthening minerals. The end results? Gorgeous, thicker-looking hair. What could be better?


Seen Deeper Conditioner



  • Created by a Harvard-trained dermatologist
  • Non-comedogenic


  • Some naturalistas might still need to follow up with a hair mask

People with dry hair might have a stressed-out scalp that itches and flakes. They might even experience scalp acne or eczema, which can be a real bummer. Calm any scalp irritation and moisturize dry hair with a suite of products from the Best New Beauty Award-winning brand Seen. The most relevant product from Rubin's brand is Deeper Conditioner, which is a more hydrating version of her OG Conditioner.

Given the founder's credentials — she's a broad-certified dermatologist and former Harvard faculty member #casual — you already know this conditioner is made with science-backed ingredients. You've got hemisqualane, a sugar-derived alternative to silicone to tackle frizz, plus bisabolol for skin-soothing properties. It's also non-comedogenic, meaning it won't cause pimples.


R+Co BLEU De Luxe Reparative Conditioner



  • Available in 2 sizes, including a TSA-compliant 1 fl. oz versino
  • The brand was created by two top hairstylists


  • Since it's supremely hydrating, this conditioner might be too heavy for thin or fine hair

Meet Federico's all-time favorite conditioner for dry hair, an option he swears by for softening brittle strands. "It is the perfect conditioner to act as a base for thirsty, damaged hair and prepares it for styling," he says.

The standout ingredient from the conditioner for dry hair has got to be the proprietary BLEU Molecule Complex which helps strengthen hair and imparts a mega-watt shine to dull tresses.

As if that wasn't enough, this conditioner combines tanau, maracuja, and argan oils to hydrate, nourish, repair, and further enhance shine. Prepare for the softest and glossiest strands of your life after just one application.

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Shelly is a stylist and extensions specialist at Maxine Salon in Chicago. Prior to joining Maxine, she spent 12 years teaching classes at salons and working at major trade shows throughout the United States. She is skilled at precision haircutting and hair extensions — and is certified and specializes in Great Lengths and Klix techniques as well as Keratin smoothing treatments.


Board-certified dermatologist Dr. Iris Rubin, M.D., has five diplomas from Harvard Medical School and was previously a faculty member at Harvard. Inspired by her struggle with teen acne and curly hair, Rubin founded Seen, a line of hair and skin care products designed with science-backed ingredients that are safe for sensitive skin and all hair types. Seen was a recipient of our 2024 Best New Beauty Awards.