Popsugar February 8, 2024



The "Baroque Bob" Screams Cool-Girl Chic


Bobs — let's talk about them. Although the haircut never officially went out of style, over the last few years, it feels like more and more people are trading their long, flowing styles for short, sharp cuts.

These days, it seems like a new bob variation is popping up left and right, and truth be told, we're not mad about it. There's no denying that there's something freeing about cutting your hair, whether it comes at the tail end of a breakup or at the beginning of a new season.

If you've been contemplating a big chop, might we suggest the baroque bob? The latest twist on the bob trend has been seen on countless celebrities and influencers, with Zendaya being the latest, and according to hairstylists, it's going to be everywhere this year.

Ahead, hair experts break down everything to know about the trending look, including what it is, who it looks best on, and how to style it at home.

What Is a Baroque Bob Haircut

So, WTF does "baroque" even mean? Well, the term itself refers to a style of 17th-century artistic expression that is both lavish and extravagant. It's often used to describe a certain type of art and architecture. Most recently, the term was used to describe an ornamental maximalist nail trend, baroque nails.

The haircut, however, is a bit different. "The baroque bob is a chic and classic bob haircut with a modern twist," celebrity hairstylist MJ Snyder tells POPSUGAR. "It features a shorter length with layers and texture, often styled with a soft, tousled finish, giving it a softer, more romantic look." It's bouncy, voluminous, and it works on a variety of hair types and textures.

"This trend works best on individuals with straight or slightly wavy hair texture," Snyder says. "It's ideal for those with less hair density, and it can complement various face shapes, especially oval and heart-shaped."

If you're ready to take the plunge, Snyder recommends asking your stylist for a bob haircut with layers to add texture and movement. The length can be tailored to your preference, whether it hits at the chin or slightly farther down.

The maintenance required will depend on how fast your hair grows, but most people should plan to visit the salon every six to eight weeks for a trim.

How to Style the Baroque Bob

According to Raven Hurtado, a stylist at Maxine Salon, the styling gives the baroque bob its unique look, so it's important to start out with the right products. Snyder suggests using a leave-in, like the Unite 7Seconds Detangler ($38), directly out of the shower; the product also serves as a heat-protectant.

From there, Jennifer Yepez, L'Oréal Paris celebrity hairstylist and colorist, suggests using the L'Oréal Paris Boost It Volume Inject Mousse ($6) to give the hair a lot of volume and that fluffiness. After blow-drying, use a curling iron to achieve your desired look. "I would curl everything under and away from your face for a full '90s look," Yepez says. "Then take a brush and brush it all out."

In between salon visits, Snyder says you can use a product like the U:Dry Fresh Dry Conditioner ($32), which is editor-approved. (You can read our full review here.)

Baroque Bob Inspiration

As with any hair transformation, it's important to arrive at the salon with inspiration photos in hand. To help you get a head start before your next professional appointment, we rounded up our favorite iterations of the baroque bob. Keep reading to take a peek.

Classic Baroque Bob

The classic baroque bob features a shorter length styled with volume and a tousled finish.

Side-Parted Baroque Bob

The baroque bob is seen more often with a side part versus a middle part because it adds more volume at the roots, a staple feature of the trend.

Blunt-Cut Baroque Bob

Although the trend typically features layers, the look can be customized to be more blunt.

Baroque Bob With Bangs

Bangs aren't typical with a baroque cut, but they add a fun twist on the classic look.

Wavy Baroque Bob

The cut is most often seen on hair that has been blown out straight, but it looks just as cute with a slight wave.