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The 20 Best Curling Wands Hairstylists Recommend for Every Hair Type


Wands for thick hair, fine hair, long hair, and more.

Thanks to the invention of curling wands, it’s pretty easy to achieve flawless curls and waves in your own bathroom. While you can achieve wavy styles with hair straighteners and curling irons, sometimes wands are a better option for beginners since they don’t have clamps.

From different plate materials (including ceramic and titanium) and varying temperature ranges to countless barrel sizes and interchangeable heads, it’s difficult to find the right tool for your hair. Luckily, we narrowed down the best curling wands that address all hair needs. From drugstore favorites to hairstylists’ go-to’s, keep reading for the 20 best curling wands.

Best Curling Wand Overall

CHI Lava Curl Shot


What We Love

  • This innovative wand produces salon-quality results at home with ​​less heat damage and longer-lasting results than traditional curlers, thanks to its cool shot feature.
  • What We Don’t Love
  • Because it’s a bit bulky it can be difficult to store.

The CHI Lava Curl Shot curling wand is a fan favorite across the board for many reasons. This innovative hot tool has a 1-inch ceramic barrel that’s infused with volcanic lava from lava rocks—this specific heat-conducting material allows the wand to provide consistent and even heat to hair while styling. Because of this, lower-than-normal temperatures can be used, which helps to prevent hair from frying. Plus, this curler offers a shot of cool air to hair (much like the Dyson Airwrap), which sets the curl. This ensures that hair stays voluminous and bouncy for hours on end.

What we especially love about this tool is that it works well on all hair types (including short hair, which is notoriously hard to curl). Not to mention, due to the shape of this tool—which resembles a hair dryer—it’s easy to use, even on the hard-to-reach spots like the back of your head. The only downside of the shape is that it can be difficult to store since it’s a bit bulky, but due to the results that minor inconvenience is totally worth it. As for the cherry on top: This wand has a one-hour automatic shut-down, so you don’t have to worry if you accidentally leave it on.

Barrel size: 1 inch | Heat settings: Up to 410 degrees | Barrel material: Ceramic infused with volcanic lava

Best Budget

Chopstick Styler Professional Curling Wand

What We Love

  • This wand produces small, tight curls that can last up to five days.

What We Don’t Love

  • There is only one heat setting.

If you’re looking for tight, perm-like curls, this Chopstick Styler will give you everything you’re hoping for. Thanks to its extra-skinny, long barrel, you’ll get ringlets that can last for up to five days. “This is my absolute favorite wand curler,” says Nikia Londy, founder and CEO of Intriguing Hair. “This is the perfect curler for long hair and smaller ringlets. Many wands can’t produce small curls like this.”

On top of that, the ceramic barrel can heat up in under 30 seconds, which means it’s ideal if you need to do quick touch-ups. It’s also extremely lightweight, works on both long and short hair, and comes with a protective hand glove. Plus, Londy notes, “I love the fact that you can always tell which side to hold, because of the difference in color and size between the two sides. As a hair extension specialist, I have mistakenly touched the other side of some wand curler brands because most use the same color on both sides.” 

It’s worth noting that this curler only has one heat setting (392 degrees), so be sure you’re using a good heat protectant.

Barrel size: â…œ inches | Heat settings: 392 degrees | Barrel material: Ceramic

Best Splurge

Dyson Airwrap

What We Love

  • This internet-famous tool curls hair using minimal heat.

What We Don’t Love

  • If you have fine hair, these curls can fall out quickly.

One of the many reasons the Dyson Airwrap is so popular is because it uses very little heat on hair. Instead, the styler uses the Coanda Effect: An aerodynamic phenomenon where the tool creates a spinning vortex of air. Simply put, the Airwrap uses low-heat air to wrap hair around the barrel (hence the name ‘Airwrap’). Aside from protecting hair from heat damage, the newest version of the Airwrap comes with reengineered attachments that offer faster and easier styling.

Along with the beloved curling barrels (which are 1.2 inches and 1.6 inches), it also comes with a smoothing hair dryer, soft smoothing brush, firm smoothing brush, and round volumizing brush, making the tool five-in-one. Plus, hairstylist and colorist Ali Sherry notes, “It has multiple options for length, and it's easier on hair that can't handle extra heat damage.” (We will mention that if you have fine hair, we suggest spraying it with hairspray before and after curling it to really hold the style.)

Barrel size: 1.2, 1.6 inches | Heat settings: N/A | Barrel material: Thermoplastic

Best Drugstore

FoxyBae Single Barrel Curling Iron

What We Love

  • This wand has 16 different temperature settings.

What We Don’t Love

  • It takes about two full minutes to heat up, which is longer than other curlers.

This top-rated pick is an overall fan favorite because it produces bouncy, shiny curls, no matter what hair type you have. This is because it’s made from a high-quality rose gold titanium material that releases negative ions that work to tame frizz and keep moisture in hair. Thanks to this barrel type, curls are guaranteed to be glossy and defined.

On top of that, this wand has 16 different heat settings, which means you can adjust it to your liking. For loose waves, try curling hair at a lower temperature. On the flip side, if you want long-lasting, voluminous curls, turn up to heat to a higher temperature. Aside from the variety of different temperature options, this handy tool also has other cool features like an automatic shut-off, as well as a 7-foot-long 360-degree swivel cord that allows you to style with ease. The only downside is it takes a bit longer to heat up, so this might not be a great pick if you’re in a rush.

Barrel size: 1 inch | Heat settings: Up to 450 degrees | Barrel material: Titanium

Best for Thick Hair

T3 Switch Kit Curl Trio

What We Love

This wand comes with three attachments that allow you to achieve different curl styles.

What We Don’t Love

Because the barrels are pretty long, it’s not ideal for short hair.

The T3 Switch Kit Curl Trio has three attachments that can be used interchangeably when attached to the product’s base—including two straight barrels (½ inch and 1 ¼ inches) and a 1 ½-inch clip barrel. Each can be used to achieve different kinds of curls, including undone, tousled, and loose waves. 

In terms of thick hair, this tool works overtime to penetrate hair follicles from the inside out and create long-lasting curls. Plus, it has nine different heat settings that can get up to 410 degrees. “Thick hair can take a lot of heat, and you often need a higher heat setting to curl thick hair efficiently,” says celebrity hairstylist and founder of Voel Hair, Kim Gueldner. “Finding a curling wand that offers adjustable heating is great for finding the best temperature for your hair.”

Gueldner also notes that this product allows you to change your look without purchasing three different wands. So, on top of being great for thick hair, it’s also ideal for anyone who wants to cut down on the number of hair tools they have. If you have shorter hair, you may want to go with something else though as the barrels are long and difficult to maneuver on short strands. 

Barrel sizes: ½-inch straight barrel, 1 ½-inch clip barrel, 1 ¼-inch barrel | Heat settings: Up to 410 degrees | Barrel material: Ceramic

Best for Fine Hair

Gisou Curling Tool

What We Love

  • This curling wand has 10 temperature settings.

What We Don’t Love

  • This wand does not have a built-in safety stand, so be sure to keep an eye on it while you’re using it.

As someone with naturally straight, fine hair, my hair is too thin to achieve ultra-voluminous, bouncy waves, meaning I usually have to stick to wands with a smaller barrel size. But some of these smaller barrels have given me tight, ringlet-like curls that end up frizzy and dull. The Gisou Curling Tool has a 1-inch barrel that works well with my fine hair, giving me the full, bouncy curls that I’ve always hoped for. Plus, I’ve noticed that my hair keeps the curl longer. 

What’s notable about this curler is that it has 10 temperature settings that allow me to use it at a low heat when I want loose curls and a high heat when I need them to stay. (I will note that I use hairspray before and after I style my hair to ensure the curls last.) Plus, it has an easy-to-read digital screen and comes with a travel case and heat mat. Not to mention, the baby pink hue of the wand is so aesthetically pleasing. The one thing it’s lacking is a built-in safety stand, so keep an eye on it while using to ensure it doesn’t singe the surface it’s on.

Barrel size: 1 inch | Heat settings: Up to 450 degrees | Barrel material: Ceramic

Best for Long Hair

ghd Tapered Curling Wand

What We Love

  • This wand’s temperature is preset to 365 degrees, which is optimal for styling hair without causing extreme heat damage.

What We Don’t Love

  • This wand shuts off after 30 minutes.

The ghd Creative Curl Taper Curling Wand has an innovative ceramic-coated tapered barrel with a 1-inch base and 0.9-inch oval tip, which can create a range of different hairstyles—from tight curls to loose, beachy waves. Plus, the ceramic material helps to create shiny, glossy results. On top of that, this product has what the brand calls an "ultra-zone technology," which helps to create consistent, homogeneous heat throughout the entire wand.

It also has a preset temperature of 365 degrees, meaning you can style hair without the fear of frying it. Plus, the handy cool tip on the top makes styling easier. To add more volume to long hair, wrap alternate sections of your hair toward and away from your face so the curls can bounce off each other. If you want defined, uniform waves, curl all sections of your hair in the same direction. Be sure to work quickly, though, because the wand automatically shuts off after 30 minutes. 

Barrel size: 1 inch | Heat settings: Up to 365 degrees | Barrel material: Ceramic

Runner Up, Best for Long Hair

Mint Tools Professional Series Curling Wand 1 inch

What We Love

  • This barrel is extra-long, making it ideal for long hair.

What We Don't Love

  • The heat is not adjustable. 

Jamie Pressman, a master hairstylist at Ginger and Blondie Salon in North Haven, CT, recommends this pick to folks with really long hair. “I always recommend Mint Tools to my clients because I love the long barrels that these wands come with,” she explains. “They are perfect for long hair.” Mint Tool wands heat up to 430 degrees, making them perfect for those with a thick, coarse hair type. 

Pressman notes that these wands are made for professional use in the salon, so they are built to last. While we love the length of this barrel, which is 6.5 inches, we don’t love that it only comes with one heat setting. If you have really fine hair, you might not want to use this curling iron, as it heats to 430 degrees and you can’t lower the temperature. 

Barrel size: 1 inch | Heat settings: Up to 430 degrees | Barrel material: Ionic, ceramic, and tourmaline barrel

Best for Short Hair

Conair Infiniti PRO Curling Wand

What We Love

  • This wand produces long-lasting curls.

What We Don’t Love

  • This wand is not ideal for thick hair.

This top-rated Conair curling wand heats up in 30 seconds, has five temperature settings that are suitable for all hair types, and curls hair without kinks. What’s particularly notable about this wand is that it has a conical tapered barrel from 1 inch to 1 ½ inches, which makes it great for short hair because it adds volume in all the right places (aka at the top of the head). 

Plus, it creates long-lasting curls that can last for up to five days. (To get the most out of your curls, we suggest using hairspray after you style your hair.) On top of that, this product is made with a tourmaline ceramic technology that helps to eliminate static, reduce frizz, and protect hair from extreme heat damage so strands will be shiny, glossy, and silky.

Barrel size: 1 inch | Heat settings: Up to 400 degrees | Barrel material: Tourmaline ceramic

Best for Frizz

BaBylissPro Curling Wand

What We Love

  • This wand has an 8-foot 360-degree swivel cord.

What We Don’t Love

  • The on/off button can get stuck.

This lightweight curling wand leaves hair shiny and ultra-glossy, thanks to the titanium barrel, and because it has five temperature settings—285, 320, 355, 395, and 430 degrees—you can use the heat that’s best for your hair type. (If you have thin hair, use a lower heat setting; if you have thick hair, use a higher heat setting.)

This product also caters to different hair textures since this specific model is made with three different barrel size options; ¾ inch, 1 inch, and 1 ¼ inches. If you want to address thin frizzy hair, opt for the model with the smallest barrel. If your hair is thick and frizzy, we suggest trying the largest barrel. 

On top of that, this wand evenly distributes heat throughout, so each strand is perfectly curled. For best results, spray hair with a heat protectant before using this tool. If your hair is very frizzy, we suggest coating your strands in a light hair oil after you’re done styling. This will make curls even more glossy. This tool is a very good investment for the price, too, as it will last you for years. Overtime, though, the on/off button can get jammed making it a bit annoying to turn it on.

Barrel size: ¾ inch | Heat settings: Up to 430 degrees | Barrel material: Titanium

Best for Natural Hair

HerStyler Baby Curls Mini Curling Iron

What We Love

  • This wand helps to tame frizz and enhance shine.

What We Don’t Love

  • This wand only has one temperature setting.

This fan-favorite product is super thin, meaning it can easily curl any loose strands without disrupting your other natural curls. Plus, it has a negative ion technology that makes curls shiny and defined. On top of that, it is made of ceramic, which helps to reduce overall heat damage and prevent cuticles from splitting (read: no more frizz).

It’s also easy to use, ultra-lightweight, and has a 360-degree rotating swivel cord. What we really love about this wand is that it creates small, tight ringlets that last for hours. If these curls are too tight compared to your natural hair, just run your fingers through them once they cool down. This will ensure they blend in with the rest.

Barrel size: ½ inch | Heat settings: 400 degrees | Barrel material: Ceramic

Best for Beach Waves

Hot Tools Gold Tapered Curling Iron

What We Love

  • This product features a unique gold styling surface that ensures an even amount of heat is distributed throughout the wand.

What We Don’t Love

  • This wand’s surface can collect product build-up if it is not wiped down often.

Want to achieve loose, undone waves? This Hot Tools curling wand will give you all that and more, thanks to the 1 ¼-inch tapered barrel that creates voluminous, bouncy waves. The barrel itself features a unique styling surface that is made with gold, which allows for even heat distribution throughout the wand. This material also helps to enhance shine and decrease frizz. Plus, it has an extra-long cool tip, so you don’t have to worry about burning your fingertips while you’re styling your hair.

Not to mention, this product is lightweight, compact, and simple to operate. It has a range of different heat settings (from 280 degrees to 450 degrees), which gives you the ability to customize the temperature to your liking. This tool also heats up quickly and has an 8-foot professional swivel cord, so you can style your hair no matter where you are. While the gold barrel adds to the allure, it attracts build up, so you’ll need to clean it often to keep it in tip-top shape. 

Barrel size: 1 ¼ inches | Heat settings: Up to 450 degrees | Barrel material: Ceramic

Best With Dual-Rotation

TYMO Hair Curling Wand

What We Love

  • This wand features a custom-blend nano titanium barrel that helps to reduce breakage and heat damage.

What We Don’t Love

  • This wand doesn’t show which temperature you're using it at.

If you ask us, the easiest way to curl your hair is by having a wand do it for you. This smart rotating curling iron utilizes dual-rotation technology to create bouncy waves in minutes. To use it, take the section of hair you want to curl and put it in the small part of the clamp. Then, turn the wand in the direction you want the curl to go, press the button, and watch as it curls your hair for you! 

It is made with a custom-blend nano titanium barrel that helps to reduce breakage, tame frizz, and create glossy curls. On top of that, it heats up to 350 degrees in 60 seconds, meaning you can curl your hair quickly and effectively. It also has a 60-minute automatic shut-off capability that ensures the tool doesn’t get too hot. Plus, it comes with a travel bag, a heat-resistant glove, and two hair clips. 

We will note that the wand doesn’t show you what temperature you’re using it at. Instead, one of five LED lights will shine depending on what setting you have it at. (These five lights are at the base of the wand, above the On/Off button.) It would be more intuitive for the wand to display the temperature, but regardless, it’s still one of our favorites.

Barrel size: 1 ¼ inches | Heat settings: Up to 430 degrees | Barrel material: Nano titanium

Most Versatile

Amika The Chameleon 5-Barrel Interchangeable Curling Kit

What We Love

  • This wand comes with five barrels that can be used to achieve different looks.

What We Don’t Love

  • It automatically shuts off after a short time.

A hair tool that offers versatility is essential for anyone who likes to change up their look. Luckily, the Amika Chameleon 5 Barrel Interchangeable Curling Kit can do just that. Complete with five different wands that can easily clip into one base, this kit has everything you need to experiment with a variety of curl styles ranging from tight to loose. These interchangeable wands feature different barrel sizes as well as two tapered options. Not to mention, each of the titanium barrels heats up quickly and creates long-lasting, shiny curls. 

Aside from the diverse heads, this tool also has other great features, like an easy-to-read digital display that shows you the temperature you’re using it at, as well as cool tips on the top of each barrel. Plus, it has a 9-foot 360-degree swivel cord that allows you to use this anytime, anywhere. The safety features are also impressive: It automatically shuts off, but it does so quickly, so you may have to repeatedly turn it back on. As for the cherry on top: This product comes with a custom carrying case and a protective glove. 

Barrel size: N/A | Heat settings: Up to 450 degrees | Barrel material: Titanium

Best for Waves

ghd Classic Wave Oval Curling Wand

What We Love

  • It allows you to easily create waves in your hair without much fuss. 

What We Don't Love

  • You most likely can’t make curls with this wand—its oval shape is designed for waves. 

Have you ever tried to nail the loose waves look with your round curling iron, only to find that you’ve ended up with Shirley Temple curls? Thankfully, that won’t happen with the ghd Classic Wave Oval Curling Wand. Dana Fountain, owner of Pin Me Up and a beauty content creator in Chicago, says “The ghd Classic Wave is meant for waves more than curls, and many people try to achieve waves with all sorts of curling wands and irons."

This pick is great for all hair textures, but Fountain specifically loves it for thick, medium/long hair that typically would take a long time to curl. “It’s great for quick, everyday styling and restyling,” she explains. This iron sets a beautiful S-shape wave in the hair, and also has a cool tip (unlike a lot of curling wands, where you burn your hands and wrists super easy when wrapping your hair around the barrel). “I like that the ghd Classic Wave heats up really quickly, has a safety stand so it doesn’t melt your countertop, and powers off automatically after 30 minutes,” says Fountain.

Barrel size: 1.5 inch | Heat settings: 365 degrees | Barrel material: Ceramic-coated

Best 2-in-1

Hot Tools Pro Artist 24K Gold 2 in 1 Curling Wand

What We Love

  • You get two barrel sizes for the price of one curling iron.

What We Don't Love

  • It might leave you with a dent in your curls. 

You’d be amazed by how much the size of a curling barrel can change the look of your curls. With the Hot Tools Pro Artist 24K Gold 2-in-1 Curling Wand, you don’t have to torment yourself over which size curling wand to purchase—this pick allows you to benefit from both. Raven Hurtado, a hairstylist at Maxine Salon in Chicago, recommends this wand to her clients because it’s a 2-in-1 that you can change from 1-inch for tight curls, or twist to change it to a 1.5-inch for a loose curl. “This is great for all hair types, from thin to thick,” says Hurtado. 

This wand gets up to 430 degrees and will lock your curls in place for all-day styling. Some users do notice that, because of the interchangeable barrel, the seam on the barrel might cause a crease in the curl. It’s just something to watch out for and avoid, if possible.

Barrel size: 1 inch or 1.5 inch | Heat settings: Up to 430 degrees | Barrel material: 24K gold barrel

Best for Dry Hair

Bio Ionic OnePass Oval Wand OnePass Oval Wand

What We Love

  • This pick is great for dry hair because of the special moisturizing technology. 

What We Don't Love

  • Because it’s oval-shaped, it won’t create tight curls.

This is another fabulous, oval-shaped curling wand that will give you the gorgeous waves of your dreams. Hurtado recommends this pick to folks with dry hair. “The Bio Ionic OnePass Oval Wand is good for hair that suffers from dryness because the tool has moisturizing heat and nano ionic MX technology to hydrate and condition hair for healthy styles,” explains Hurtado. “The wand leaves the hair smooth and frizz-free.” 

We love that this pick has different heat settings and can reach up to 430 degrees. We also like that the sides of the wand have thin silicone strips that allow your hair to gently grip the sides of the barrel without creasing or damaging your strands. Obviously, because this is not a round-shaped curling wand, you won’t get curly hair when using this. You can expect to create loose waves with this option.

Barrel size: 1.25 inch | Heat settings: Up to 430 degrees | Barrel material: Ceramic mineral complex

Best for Beginners

Bed Head Rough Volume Digital Hair Curling Wand


  • What We Love
  • It creates long-lasting curls and is beginner-friendly, too. 

What We Don't Love

  • The wand isn’t very long, which might not be ideal for folks with long hair. 

There are a bunch of reasons that Hurtado recommends this wand to her clients. “I recommend this item because it’s not too expensive, it heats up quickly, comes with a glove to prevent burning your hand while wrapping the hair around the barrel, and you can also adjust the temperature,” she says. “The wand is beginner-friendly—I recommend this product for beginners who are starting out.” 

This wand is pretty easy to use and creates beachy, tousled waves without much effort. It creates loose waves that stay in place all day, and also adds a smoothing and shine factor to your strands as well. One issue we found with this wand is that it’s a little bit on the shorter side, so if you have really long hair, you might not be able to curl your hair all the way up to your roots.

Barrel size: 1.25 inch | Heat settings: Up to 430 degrees | Barrel material: Shine Master Plated Technology

Best for Travel

Mane Let’s Bounce 1” Curling Wand

What We Love

  • It can handle AC voltage outlets from all over the world.

What We Don't Love

  • It doesn't include a glove to protect your fingers.

If you’re the type of gal who can’t go anywhere without her curling iron, the Mane Let’s Bounce 1” Curling Wand is the one for you. First of all, this wand is pretty slim and will easily fit into any carry-on or roller suitcase without taking up too much room. Secondly, we love that it can handle AC voltage outlets from all over the world—meaning, you don’t have to worry about whether this curling wand will work or not during your next trip to Europe. One more note: It doesn’t come with a protective glove, so you need to make sure you are extra careful when using this option. 

Barrel size: 1 inch | Heat settings: Up to 410 degrees | Barrel material: Ceramic

Best 3-in-1

Paul Mitchell 3-in-1 Interchangeable Curling Wand

What We Love

  • This one tool can create so many different types of curls. 

What We Dont Love

  • It doesn’t come with a protective glove. 

The 3-in-1 option makes this wand super versatile. “Interchangeable barrels give different styling options, depending on your needs,” explains Pressman. “This wand comes with a small, medium, and larger barrel option in different shapes so you can create a variety of looks.”

We love that this wand can work for all hair types and textures, and appreciate that you can choose the different heat settings as well. One of the downsides with this pick is that it doesn’t come with a protective glove. You’ll need to be extra careful when curling your hair with this wand, and you might find that this one requires a bit of a learning curve to nail down. 

Barrel size: 1.25, 1, 0.75 inches | Heat settings: Up to 410 degrees | Barrel material: Express Ion Complex technology

What to Keep in Mind

  • Barrel Size: Curling wands offer a variety of different barrel sizes, usually ranging from skinny barrels to fatter barrels. “A bigger barrel gives you a looser, wavy look and a smaller barrel gives you more of a full curly look, so it's just up to personal preference,” says Gueldner. “Although, even if you only have a small barrel, you can still achieve a looser look by holding the curl for less time and brushing it out.”
  • Temperature Settings: To avoid damaging your hair, it’s best to select a curling wand that offers adjustable temperature settings. Having a range of different temperature options is ideal because this will allow you to customize the heat based on your hair type’s specific needs. It’s important to note that if you have fine hair, you should keep the wand’s temperature around 300 degrees. On the flip side, if you have thick hair, you might have to kick the heat up to around 350 to 450 degrees to ensure your curls stay.
  • Barrel Material: Curling wands are made with a few different barrel materials, with the most common being ceramic and titanium. These two materials are catered towards different hair types. “Ceramic plates heat up rather quickly and the heat gets evenly distributed throughout the wand, which is important because this prevents the temperature from peaking uncontrollably (which can cause your hair damage),” says celebrity makeup and hair stylist Emilio Uribe. “Additionally, ceramic plates have a smooth surface, which gives your hair more of a uniform curl or wave.” That being said, you should use a wand with a ceramic barrel material if you want to tame frizz and/or reduce heat damage. Alternatively, if you have thick hair, you will need a wand that can safely operate at high temperatures, while still protecting your hair’s integrity. This is when you would opt for a wand with a titanium barrel. This material heats up fast and helps hair retain moisture.

Your Questions, Answered

How do you use a curling wand?

First things first, you should use a curling wand when your hair is dry. To avoid heat damage, you should also spray your hair with a heat protectant before you begin styling it. From there, take a section of your hair and wrap it around the wand. “Wrapping the hair away from the face will give you a classic natural wave and wrapping it towards your face will provide you with more of a glam look,” explains Gueldner. “You can hold for a shorter or longer amount of time, depending on the curl you want to achieve.” 

Depending on how you dry your hair, you can use your wand to achieve different looks. “If you air dry your hair, you can later use a wand to smooth out some pieces and turn them into a casual look,” says Sherry. “If you freshly blow-dried your hair, you can use the wand in large sections, just to add a slight wave and extra shine. You can also freshen up day two or three hair by adding textured waves/curls for a tousled look.”

How can you minimize heat damage?

As with any hot tool, be sure to use heat protection spray before styling. “Whether it’s damp, clean, or day two hair, a light spray is good for all hair types,” notes Sherry. Heat-protectant products help to keep strands shielded from hot styling tools since too much heat exposure can cause hair to become dry, frizzy, and brittle. “Afterward, I like to comb hair out with a light oil or hair cream for extra moisture and shine,” adds Sherry. “Also, make sure to use the appropriate temperature for your hair type.” Stick around 300 degrees if you have thin hair, and go no higher than 400 degrees if you have thick hair to minimize heat damage.

How and when should you clean a curling wand?

As a general rule of thumb, you should be cleaning your curling wand about once a month. Although, this is subject to change depending on how often you use your wand as well as how many hair products you put in your hair prior to curling it. For example, if you are using your wand more than three times a week and you coat your hair with heat protectant sprays, hairspray, leave-in conditioner, or hair oils before styling it, you will want to clean your wand more frequently because these hair products can build on the barrel. 

To clean your curling wand, make sure it is unplugged and completely cooled off. Then, combine two tablespoons of baking powder with a few splashes of hydrogen peroxide. This will create a moist paste. From there, coat your wand in the paste for about 30 minutes to an hour. (Be sure not to get this paste on any buttons or electrical elements.) Once the time is up, wipe the paste off of your curling wand with your fingers. (It will be dry.) If there is any leftover residue on your wand, use a damp paper towel to wipe it off.

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