Elle February 2, 2024



The jellyfish hairstyle is currently causing extreme division on social media


The ' jellyfish cut ', which we renamed the jellyfish haircut , is currently trending on TikTok. Now that platform brings us major trends all the time, but opinions are strongly divided about this look .

The jellyfish hairstyle splits TikTok into two camps

We'll tell you right away what the jellyfish haircut is – people with long hair cut their top locks short and create quite a bit of volume so that a kind of mushroom appears on top of longer locks. You understand – this cut is not for everyone. However, the look has already amassed more than 34 million views on TikTok , but not necessarily because it is so popular. This coupe also has a lot of haters.

Raven Hurtado, hairstylist at Maxine Salon in Chicago, shared with American Glamour : 'This look is trending because it is a gender-neutral style that is also edgy , artistic and creative . It's like having long and short hair at the same time. This dynamic, hybrid combination of a bob and a mullet is perfect if you want to experiment with color or show your personality through your hair.' Did we already mention that this coupe can also have the craziest colors?

Still, the look has been labeled " ugly " by many TikTok users . For example, in the comments under jellyfish hairstyle videos we read: ' I'm all for doing what you want but there is a difference between something being quirky and just plain ugly .'

We won't keep you in suspense any longer – watch the TikTok videos below to find out what the trending hairstyle looks like.