Popsugar January 9, 2024



Experts Say the “Kitty Cut" Will Be Everywhere This Year


Last year was no stranger to animal-themed haircuts, and there was something for everyone. Fans of shaggy styles could opt for the wolfette or cub cuts, anyone who wanted to experiment with tons of layers went for the butterfly cut, and if you wanted an out-of-the-box look, well, the jellyfish cut was your answer. We know we just started a brand-new year, but if you thought we left the animal haircuts in 2023, think again. The latest style shaping up to take over this season is called the "kitty" cut, and after seeing how chic it is, we're not "meow-d" about it. (Get it?)

Bob haircuts have been a popular pick over the last year, and this new style is sticking to the trend. It's short, it's shaggy, and it's set to take over your social media feed this coming season. Ahead, experts break down everything to know about the popular new haircut, like who it looks best on, how to ask your stylist for the cut, and how to maintain the style at home. Keep reading to learn everything there is to know about the kitty cut.

What Is the Kitty Cut?

"The kitty cut is a long, layered bob that is above the collar bone and below the shoulder," Raven Hurtado, a stylist at Maxine Salon, tells POPSUGAR. "It's a conservative version of the wolf cut." It typically features curtain bangs or face-framing pieces, and it uses layering in a more subtle, polished way to frame the face and give the hair dimension, movement, and added texture.

"The kitty cut can be tailored to all hair types, textures, and lengths," says Sarah Potempa, celebrity hairstylist and founder of The Beachwaver Co. "[Since] the most common length for this cut lays just above the collarbones, [it] creates a great opportunity if you want to chop off some length for a refresh."

When asking for this cut at the salon, celebrity hairstylist Graham Nation suggests requesting it by name. "Ask for the kitty cut," he says. "Plus, always bring pictures of your inspiration with you." Potempa says it also helps to make sure the person in your reference photo has a similar hair texture, color, and face shape to get the best idea of how to style the look. "When communicating with your stylist, ask for a collarbone-length cut with long textured layers and a 'face frame,' or curtain bangs."

As for the upkeep, Hurtado says she recommends visiting the salon every six to 10 weeks to keep up with the layers and curtain bangs. "Since the layers are on the longer side, the whole haircut can potentially grow out to be one length if you don't keep up with [it]," she says.

How to Style the Kitty Cut at Home

Overall, daily styling is easy. "This look can be tailored to yourhair type and texture, which means it doesn't require much styling daily," Potempa says. The cut looks great air-dried, and if you decide to go that route, Hurtado recommends starting out by applying a texturizing cream on damp hair. Next, "take sections about an inch or smaller, twirl and scrunch [them] up so when the hair dries, there's movement and a beach-like [wave]," she says.

If you aren't going the air-dry route, Nation says you should always start out by using a volume product at the roots, like the SexyHair Big Root Pump Plus ($23), which will add lift. From there, Potempa says she likes to use a hot brush like the Beachwaver Blow Brush ($189), which will help dry and style your hair at the same time.

Kitty-Cut Inspiration

Before booking your salon appointment, keep scrolling to take a look at some of our favorite iterations of the trend you can bring with you for inspiration.

Side-Part Kitty Cut

One thing we love about the kitty cut trend is that it can be worn with either a side part or a middle part and looks chic both ways.

Kitty Cut With Face Framing Layers

The kitty cut typically features face-framing layers, which will put emphasis on your face and give the hair lots of bounce and movement.

Kitty Cut on Curly Hair

If you have naturally textured or curly hair and you're looking for a way to add volume, the kitty cut will do just that.

Kitty Cut With Money Pieces

All hair colors look good with this trend, but we especially love the cut with money piece highlights because they help to accentuate your facial features in tandem with the face-framing layers.

Kitty Cut With Curtain Bangs

If face-framing layers aren't your thing, the style tends to feature curtain bangs. We particularly love the wispier versions.